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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 116~

Still more moving of Snow, and smoothing of slopes. Sif finally seemed satisfied as the night started to fade, and returned to Home-Tree to hand Nathan his Odd Fish.

Another quick detour after dawn for a second Fish, and it was back down the Main Shaft. She whistled down the the long expanse...

And crunched as she hit the ground hard, BAM back to the Bed to recover. Oops. She had put the Horseshoe Balloon to the side in her reshaping spree, to make room for the Gizmo Pack... And seemingly forgot to switch back.

Round 2 went much smoother, Horseshoe working it's magic as she landed safely. Many a Track was laid, and she got to the Icy Shaft just before she got BAMed again.


Oh no.


She just got her Buffs out again... And the Fossil Armour.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 117~


Okay, I don't know why she did it, but she was only moving them to the Safe. I am hoping, begging that I'm just paranoid from my nightmares.

She went back to laying down Track, and got BAMed again right before she reached the Edge.

It still looks the same, just like my nightmares... And this time I'm sure I'm awake. After getting back, she ran the Track aaall the way to the end, and still had a bit left over, so I can confirm it looks identical. That's... Unnerving.

After a stopover at Home-Tree and a Fishie, it was quick hurtle down to the West most Shaft again, so Sif could top up that end with her last bit of Track. Didn't manage to reach the Edge, but it's now longer.

She checked her Healing Potions, and is rummaging around in the Chests again... I hope her next plan is relaxing.



... : Day ???

... Oh goody. Another nightmare. This one was... Worse though.

At the Ice Hut, Sif opened up her Safe, and donned her Fossil Armour once more. She poured her Buffs into her pockets, and went on down to hop on the Subway Express.

I sighed, and curled up the the greatly convenient Cart. Yup, at the Edge. Yup, out came a Dolly. And down it went... Fwoosh, up in a puff of smoke.

*It* came.

Sif began to slowly trundle off to the West, Javelins flying as she chugged down Buffs. The Hungry little mouths couldn't reach, Sif had a much better time aiming, and most of the Lasers missed completely. Apparently, *It* was too stupid to aim properly...

Or it had had enough.

Either way, That is how it went. Zooming along, Javelins stabbing into *it*, a Health Potion to top up when needed. And she was going fine. More than fine. It could barely even touch her, screaming loudly.

By the time we reached the Central Shaft, *it* was getting faster. I felt the need to look up, to Home-Tree... And I felt sad. I don't know why... Or, well... I didn't...

Bored, I peeked over the brim of the Cart, and stared *it* in the eye. And what I saw haunts me...

The eyes weren't angry. They weren't hungry. They were scared. They remained firmly locked onto the Cart, a faint sheen of tears visible. How.... Why would *it* cry? And then I looked closer.

It's eyes were brown.

It was only the faintest of rings, the pupils were so big. But it was there. A calm, welcoming brown. Like the Dirt of my burrows, from long ago. The brown of Home-Tree, which has guarded us well.

The same brown as Maxwell's eyes.

I hid back into the Cart, heart pounding. No. Impossible. Sif wouldn't do that. *It* wouldn't be attacking us, even if she had...

But wait. *It* wasn't angry. It was scared, and sad. Like it had no control... Like me, when the moon turns red.

Anyway, back to the fight. No BAMs occurred not even one. Something about them in the other Nightmares had seemed... Off. Like they shouldn't happen. Sif's reflection in the Mirror had always... Flickered, warped. Into a different being, one with a crueler smile... No way she would look at something so Horrifying.

As Sif hurtled closer and closer to that other Edge, she began to fidget, trying to aim past the Hungry mouths that kept popping off. Her Potions were also no longer keeping up, *It* had grown strong from it's wounds, eyes growing clouded as that sadness no longer kept *it* back.

Sif toughed through it though, and just threw more Javelins.

And it was enough.

With a great, sickening, squelchy tearing sound, *It* collapsed into little chunks, leaving a little cube of Crimson Bricks. And an eye landed on top, shining clear for one moment... Relieved.

I shivered then, and I shivered now remembering it. Sif chugged a Potion, and went to the cube to crack it open. There was a Baggy inside, which she scooped up before using her Cell to go back home.

I scampered off immediately, trying to find Maxwell. I need to know he is safe. Sif just watched for a second, before turning away quickly as if hurt. No. It's impossible.

I didn't find a Maxwell... Just an odd burn mark somewhere on the floor. Must have been one of Dias's Bombs... Must have. Sif sorted through the Baggie's contents, as the sun rose higher... Bringing something new.

A weird Mushroom person moved in, called himself Pordini. I didn't care, still don't. He moved off to the little Hut in the Mushroom Ledges, alone.

Sif pulled up all her old Crates she had never opened, and went on a spree with them. She made an Oricalcum Anvil, coated a Hellforge in Adamantite, and made a new Drill, Helmet and Chestplate out of Titanium. She was muttering the names of the metals with a small smile, I had no Maxwell to tell me instead... Still don't.

Sif is getting ready with her new gear, about to go to the Minecart Express... I am shivering on yop of that scorch mark. This must still be a nightmare, somehow. One long one, instead of lots of little ones. Yes, that's it.


I think I see Maxwell approaching!

Oh good... Maybe it wasn't a Nightmare~



So the guide burned to death. Huh. The reaction is probably going to be as bad when it's not Maxwell... or is it?
@DoctorMcDerp. If you havn't been paying attention they said to move discussions and commets to the thread in the Oddball Alley.
I did indeed, but things kinda died down once the grinding dragged out. I wanted to make the pages be easier for new readers, which is why I went for the separate thread. Joining the Social Group will be required to access the Discussion Thread, but it is largely made up of BD readers right now, so that shouldn't be too bad.

Also, in other news... I am almost through the chapter backlog! I actually didn't write for a whole month...!

So, besides me being tired from work, good news: The grind sections are officially over, for now. Also, the half-year anniversary of BD is coming up. Yeah. An entire 6 months of Bunnikins, one post every day. Enjoy the chaos to come!


A day for Adventure, I suppose...: Day 119...

... This can't be happening.

It was him, but it wasn't. He had the eyes. He had the hair. And at first, he had the smile.

He was called Garret. And he did not recognize me.

Sif had to calm Garret down when I bounced into him, as he screamed, and pulled out Maxwell's Bow. Only difference was he had Flamey Arrows, show off.

I looked down, and remembered how much a look like one of those... The Dye should have worn off by now, right? Hmm. It feels so odd, thinking back on it now.

This... Garret calmed down quickly, and I sat there confused. It was him, but wasn't. He even had the same odd way of knowing everything, and being nice whenever someone asked a question. But it wasn't him. But it was.

I don't know how this happened... But we don't have Maxwell anymore. We have something close, but not quite. I just sat on the Burn, numb.

Titiana came over, and pet me softly. Nobody said anything, except when Garret said hi. I saw Nathan dart off for his room, crying... Why was he only crying when he looked at me? I don't get it. Garret eventually felt the mood, and quietly sat down to relax in the torchlight.

Sif went to the Shaft, and looked back at Home-Tree. To me. I stayed put, for now. Too tired to leave...

And then I woke up.

Not from the nightmare, sadly. I never knew you could sleep in a dream.

No, I fell asleep in Titiana's arms. And I woke up to a wounded Sif, talking with Garret about Altars, and Cobalt, Oricalcum and Adamantite. It was the middle of the day, I had slept deeply. Abigail was next to Titiana on one side, Nathan on the other.... They must have watched me as I slept.

But I'm just a Bun. No reason to watch me...

They didn't even watch Maxwell.

They didn't stop Sif, not even after the odd nightmares I had. I'm certain now the others fealt what I saw, they always acted spooked after one.

No... It's still a nightmare. Can't go blaming nightmare-people.

Sif had also apparently defeated something called a Mimic, and got a Necklace from it... To put in a Chest. Same old Sif... Now that *It* isn't around.

She is getting ready to go down the central Shaft now, something about not enough Metals. I'm not sure if I could go...

Eh, might as well right. Pretend this is reality until I wake up... A twisted, wrong reality.



A day for Adventure, I suppose...: Day 120...

Well, apparently Sif made all that Titanium Armour, and forgot to put it on. Silly right? She remembered Maxwll's Dolly, after all...

She had to Bam from a weird "Fungi Bulb". Cell no longer wiggs out, like when the Mirror flickered... Is it because of the upgrade, or *It* being gone?

As we fell, I found out some new things. First, Most of those creepy Crimson Altars got smashed, and new super-metals appeared all over because of it. Sif left one near the main Shaft, in case she needed it.

Second, the Crimson is now much bigger. Woo, somewhere for me to hide, if things go wrong... I would blend right in...

Third, there is this new Rainbow Place, they called it the Hallow. I'ma call it Glitter-Fart. My dream, I do what I want.

Fourth, lots of new meanies appear, really strong ones too.

Ehh, boring. Sif mined out the metals, and grumbled when she realized she needed Titanium... And was getting Adamantite. Apparently that's important, as her Legs wont match. Priorities. Fashion first, Maxwell second.

You know, I haven't even heard Maxwell's name since that happened. Not once. Garret fit right in, as if he had always been here. The only change is I get my hugs from Titiana, Meliyah and Nathan more now. Abigail would too, but she is often busy.

And no hugging Garret.

Anyway, the Shaft. Sif reached the bottom, and got another Dolly from a Demon passing by. Guess they are Garret Dollys, now... But I will always think of them as Maxwell Dollys.

She also saw a weird old man, but shrugged and Phoned out of there. Apparently she would come back for him.

Sif bought some Powdery stuff from Titiana, and went back down. She found the old guy again, and threw the stuff right in his face. He sneezed, and was suddenly clean, talkative, and just as cranky as before.


Sif wandered around the Hot Place for a while, using her Shadow Key to unlock Chests on the way. Nothing exciting in them, she seemed to be killing time...

She is still going now, as dutiful to her pockets as ever. Great.



A day for Adventure, I suppose...: Day 121...

She was still headed East, looting Chests she came across. She checked her Cell, for some reason looking at weather.

She fought the Demons and Imps. They fought back. BAM. Looks like that hurt. She tried to go out to grab Nathan a fish, but got back too late. Hooray for wasted time, I suppose.

I stayed at Home-Tree as Sif went out for the next day's fish, since the sun had risen and all. Garret wandered over shyly, still nervous about my red coat...

I was almost tempted to bite him, pretender he was. A little joke and all. Bu then I got thinking... What if it's just a coincidence? Or if this is a nightmare? Or a prank? Here is some poor guy, not even knowing why I hate him- Loathe him, really.

I begrudgingly accepted his petting, lost in thought. Sif came back, smiled at the sight, and traded the fish for an odd pair of Wings. Sif reacted... Oddly. Both pleased and blase at the same time. Apparently Wings are good, but the quality was bad?

She also went upstairs with her Regen Band and a Red Stone from one of those meanie Chest-Mimics. When she came down, the Charm she was wearing looked kinda pretty, I guess...

She grabbed some Crate Potions, and went back out to the Pond. I stayed inside, accepting pettings from Gerret some more. And I thought of something... If this is a nightmare, I can't sleep again, can I?

Well. Time to put it to the test... This lap is pretty warm, and I have nothing else to do... And I am kinda tired...



A day for Adventure, I suppose...: Day 122...

Well, I slept. There goes the nightmare option... And I doubt they would really go through this much effort for a prank. I-I... I guess this is reality. Huh.

I tried not to think too deeply on it as I crawled off of Garret's lap, and hopped on over to the door. The sun had set, and I had an odd feeling that bad things were about to happen... Sif didn't seem to notice, or care. Either one, she kept on fishing, three empty Crate Potions by her feet. She has been there the entire day, it seems.

Just as she packed her Rod away, I heard a screech from the other side of Home-Tree. Sounded like that creepy Eye, actually... And for good reason. Sif heard it too, and quickly swapped from the Angler stuff to her normal Armour and Yoyo.

From over the top of Home-Tree flew a gigantic pair of Eyes, one Red, one Green. They had this gross string connecting them, and Sif leapt at them screaming!

Splat. BAM. The Twin Eyes left triumphant, almost unharmed. Apparently her 2 parts of Titanium Armour were not enough. Maybe all 3 will help?

She groaned in Bed as Abigail helped her recover, and had a chat with Fantasy, the Pink One. She handed over a small pile of Coinage, and got... Bubbles? Big ones. Interesting...

She then went over to the East, and came across the Glitter-Fart, above ground this time. Hey, I may accept this isn't a dream anymore, but my name for it is still better.

Anywho, she set up next to a pond, built up a wall to fend off the beautiful things that wanted to eat her face off, and started fishing. She also glanced to the East, and began mumbling plans to renovate the Tundra Hut even more, as it was a lil' close to Glitter-Fart. Same old, same old.

A bit after dawn, Sif checked her Cell, and realized it was a Full Moon tonight. She rushed back to Home-Tree, even though she had enough Deathweed. Odd.

She put stuff away, then went down the Mineshaft until we were nice and deep... And just started going up and down, looking for something. Well, she found something all right... An odd old man.

He was humming rather merrily as he sat there, bound up in rope, and Sif wandered over to free him. Don't know how he appeared there when Sif had been there seconds before, but oh well. Said he was a Wizard, called Hireal. I felt oddly at peace with him, like a long lost brother. He smiled at me, and all was good for a moment... Hmm.

Sif looked at us oddly, and shrugged as she gave him directions to Home-Tree, and went back to looking. I sat near Hireal, admiring his mighty fine beard. T'was white as a baby-bun's behind, it was. Might be a distant relative, somehow.

Time passed slowly, Sif searched in an increasingly bored manner. Some other Buns came by, which was odd... They normally stick to the Surface. Oh well~

So, that was my day. Sif looking for something not to be found, me and a bunch of other Buns staring at the most glorious plume of white fur to ever be seen on a hooman. Maybe comparable to Greatbun, even.

Ahh, this is nice and peaceful~



Eye of Cthulhu
Well this is some exiting advances. It's an intresting perspecive to think that Mxwell didn't WANT to attack Sif and, of course, I'm looking forward to finding out the relation between bunnikins and the Wizard.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 123~

Well, bored now. As majestic as the beard of epicness may be, staring at it for hours grows tiring.

Sif just kept on wandering around the same one cave deep into the night, Hireal smiling down at the crowd of buns that adored him. Apparently, she was still looking for that someone else, and wasn't having any luck...

Just before dawn, one too many Skeletons got close to Sif, and she had to Phone back to Home-Tree, BAM. She sighed as Hireal followed after, Abigail rushing over with the medical supplies.

Next on the to do list was Nathan's fishie, apparently. She went down to the Minecart Express, and went over to Glitter-Fart to get fishin, all set up on a ledge just above the tracks.

It has been a while, and many a fish... But none of them the one Nathan wants. Odd...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 124~

Sif finally figured it out just after sunset, apparently the puddle she was fishing from was deep enough to get the underground fishies, even though she herself was higher and was aiming for surface fishies. Fishing is silly, just eat carrots.

Anyway, she dug her way up to the surface, and got to fishing up there. It was much prettier there, and much more dangerous. Blindingly beautiful rainbows, sparkling Pixies that fry your face clean off, Unicorns that spear you with their horns, you know.

So, after several BAMs back to Home-Tree as she tried to find a way to fish their peacefully, she finally managed to construct a crude series of ledges to block the enemies out. And then she started fishing properly... And still took ages to get the right one, getting back to Home-Tree just before dawn.

She was most displeased at spending so long on one fish, but resigned herself to grumbling quietly.

She then got to opening the crates she had found in the meantime, and found she was still one Titanium Ore short of what she needed. Oops~ She made a note to go fishing for Crates a bit more.

Then it was out into the Rain that had started as she had fished, and across to the Tundra. The rain turned into snow, and she began reshaping the Hut some more, adding a second level to it for some reason.

As she came up for air at one point, she looked at her map curiously, mumbling something about a Traveler in the Mushroom Basin. Sounds uncomfortable, what with no easy way to get out of the water. She shrugged, assuming the others would take care of it, and went back to digging.

As she dug, some new things came: a angry looking cloud, which Sif idly bapped at with her Yoyo. An extra-pretty Jiggleh from the snowy part of Glitter-Fart, just to the West of us, which she hunted down when she saw it. And a big bugger Golem made of Ice.

Now, this Golem, it is a meanie. It runs straight for Sif, fires beams from it's eyes, and is HARD. Like, rock-hard. Took ages to bring down. Sif got an Icy thing out of it though, which was apparently good.

More digging, more snowing, and the sun is setting. I am back up in the hut, where it is more comfy, watching Sif through the Platforms on the floor.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 125~

Well, first Blood Moon since the change.

I don't feel any different... I hope that is just because of my Carrot consumption, not... anything else. Sif quickly caught the Oddfish of the day, before heading back to Home-Tree.

After exchanging it for some Coins, it was back to usual Blood Moon procedure: Sit outside with her yoyo, and smash Zombies in the face. Wraiths, creepy Armours and an occasional Clown joined in, but Sif didn't really care about those.

Mid way through the night, something odd fell out of one of the squishy Zombies... A trough. Sif went nuts, leaping for it in a yoyo-swingin frenzy, dragging it back to the Tree as she put it in her pocket. Ooookay, apparently she had really been wanting one of those.

Not much else to say about the night. A second Trough dropped, which made Sif surprisingly angry. I suppose she had been here for ages, and is only getting these things now... I remember her grumbling about them not appearing, even early on.

The sun rose, Sif tried getting Dalek to improve her Fishie Wings, failed, and decided to to work on the Dome a bit more, blasting away at the hunk of Dirt with her stash of Bombs.

She is done with those now, that took her most of the day... She is neatening up the edges, and I am admiring the setting sun. It doesn't feel the same though...

I remember sunsets being prettier.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 126~

... I cried again today.

It's... Beginning to sink in. Maxwell isn't... He isn't coming back. Gerret may be nice... But he wasn't the one who thanked me for protecting him during the day.

He didn't have to face those Zombies.

He didn't go on a quest, just to make me a silly coat.

He didn't meet Pengy...

He didn't have to fight Pengy, tears in his eyes.

Sif, Abigail, Nathan, all of them... I like having them around. Garret is actually pretty cool as well, in his own way...

But when I look at the sunset, I will always remember the Stump, now gone.

I will remember the sound of Maxwell snoring... Now gone.

And I can never... Never get those back.

I hid out by the Pond as those thoughts went through me, Sif was busy with re-fitting the extension to the Dome, even though there was already plenty of room... She took a while, and so did I.

I cam back just as the sun rose, and Sif was checking her now almost gone stash of Mahogany. She made a note to go out to the Jungle, but got distracted when she noticed it was Raining again. She grabbed Nathan a Fish, then dashed out.

I went out with her to the Icy Hut, me sitting there in a daze as Sif hunted down 2 more Ice Golems, getting a pretty Feather from one. I shivered, and not from the cold...

I miss Maxwell... But I guess there is no getting him back, is there?

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