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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 127~

The Moon came out, invisible because it was covered in shadow tonight. I got that creeping feeling again... And Sif stopped in the middle of her 4th golem, Phoning back to Home-Tree.

She went outside, and the Twins descended. Things went better this time, a lot more dodging on Sif's part, and her yoyo chipped away at them a bit faster. One of the Eyes even... Cracked, the surface looking like it was about to peel away, just as Sif had to BAM back inside, the fight over.

Next task of the night was to use the Frozen thingies from the Golems, taking up her stash of Adamantite up to the forges as she gleefully worked on them. The resulting Armour was pretty neat, it felt like ice, but was stronger... Also made Sif's yoyo glow with this strange blue Fire, which was handy. Makes fighting in the dark easier!

That done, she went up to the Island above Home-Tree, and fought with the Harpies that swarmed around up there. The still unfinished Meteorite statue loomed next to her, but thankfully she wasn't close enough to attract any of those Head thingies.

After a while, and many a Harpy, something new appeared: a big white thingy! I later found out that is was called a Wyvern, but either way, still pretty and cranky.

It took a swipe as Sif, and she jumped right over it. Yoyo to the back. Swipe, jump, smack. These things are pretty tough as well, if not as bad as the Golems... But at least the golems move slowly.

It eventually poofed into a bunch of clouds, and some floating blue balls were left behind. Sif scooped them up, and waited for the next one, giving it the same treatment.

A short trip down to Home-Tree, and Sif fused the Icy Feather with the Blue Stuff to make even prettier Wings. Apparently these ones are much better. Then it was back up to the basin, to do some fishin.

BAMed shortly after getting the right fish, and Sif handed it over as she recovered. Then back up once again, Crate Potion in hand as she kept a wary eye out for any more Wyverns.



Is it weird that that's exactly (and literally, I mean exactly) how I pictured it? The Home-Tree, I mean.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 128~

No more Wyverns appeared last night, but a ton of Harpies sure did. BAMed once in the middle, and back to fishin for crates.

Sorting her loot at sunrise, a quick trip for Nathan's Oddfish, and Sif took a moment to relax, looking over her Map. She spotted an unusual spot where it looked like a meteorite crash zone, so it was back out for us!

Turns out, Frozen Armour with her new yoyo plus her fancy Titanium Drill, equals Meteor Heads not standing a chance. The entire Meteorite, and not a single retreat was needed.

That took most of the day, so Sif is now headed underground, Crate Potions in tow. She seems to want to look for whoever it was again... Muttering something about a Full Moon, even though that is still, like, three days away...



@DaPielord @Loffy09 @Mortlock if you haven't been paying atention look at the previous page and read what i said to DoctorMcderp
Whilst I appreciate he thought, I am pretty sure that plan has failed. Plus, comments died down a lot post-grind (and 1.3 hype), so I am not as concerned if people comment here anymore `:happy:

Well, as long as it doesn't get ridiculous. Back and forth discussion should still move over to the separate thread.

Soul Snacher

Eye of Cthulhu
Whilst I appreciate he thought, I am pretty sure that plan has failed. Plus, comments died down a lot post-grind (and 1.3 hype), so I am not as concerned if people comment here anymore `:happy:

Well, as long as it doesn't get ridiculous. Back and forth discussion should still move over to the separate thread.
Just trying to help.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 129~

A lot of fishing, a lot of crates, and a bored Bun.

Sif got BAMed near dawn, went down to use one more Crate Potion, and then checked the next Oddfish of the day. I spent my time thinking... Thinking about those in Home-Tree.

I only got to see Maxwell's story. Not Sif's, not Nathan's, not Frederick's... Just Maxwell's. Maxwell had me, and we had Pengy, for a time. The others? They arrived one by one... Alone.

Maybe that is why they accepted Maxwell's disappearance. Maybe... Maybe this is the first time they have spent so long with someone else. Or worse... It isn't. And that someone else disappeared too.

There is so much I don't know about there people, even the ones who have been here so long. I don't even know where anyone came from, Maxwell included... and I take the peace Sif has brought for granted.

I mean, think about it... All those scary things have to come from somewhere. What if Tatiana had to run from Pixies every day? Of if Dias had to hide in a hole, as Goblins tried to claw their way in? I can never ask them... I can't speak hooman after all.

Oh, welp, something is happening again, Sif finally moved away from fishing... It's just Skeletons building up. Meh.

Hey, I recognize one of those! It's the friendly one! Sif lit up at the sight of him, and is clearing the way over.

I wonder why she has been looking for him... We have seen him before, after all.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 130~

Sif wandered around the cave most of last night... And most of today, too. She kept her eyes glued to that Skeleton, waiting for something.

Not much else to say, really. Sif did her waiting, I took a nap. When I woke up, she had somehow nudged the Skeleton Merchant up to a higher part of the cave. Seems she ran out of ideas there though, and was slightly stuck, just passing the time.

Only other thing of note is Sif bought a cool Glove from him, which she is eyeing of eagerly... I sense another combo-ifying on the horizon~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 131~


Turns out, there is a neat little Lantern that the Skeleton sells... But only during the night of a Full Moon! And considering how long Sif was looking for him again... I can see why she just waited it out~

I always wondered how the Merchants had so much stuff on them. The Travelers, the Skeles, Frederick... I always assumed it was like Sif's pockets, mysteriously holding tons of loot.


They actually have an even fancier system, which connects to a hidden storehouse. To save looking through the entire thing, they can only get to certain parts. Plus, sometimes they don't even have the right stuff, and need to wait for more. Cool!

Enough on that though. Sparkly Lantern following after her, she finally put that creepy Heart away. I had actually forgotten it was even there, I am so used to it. The glow the Lantern makes is so much nicer, though~

Once she was back at Home-Tree, Sif did as I suspected: right after she got home, it was up to Tinkering, fiddling around until she finished her new gadget: A bag! To just hold her Counterweight, Glove and String in. Handy...?

She also bought some new Planter Boxes from Tatiana, for the Fireblossoms. Those are the last ones, so each will look extra-pretty now! She couldn't swap them yet though, since she has to wait for sunset to do it right.

We greeted the dawn as Sif sorted her loot, and it was out for an Oddfish as per usual. Then, Sif took out her pile of Meteorite... It was time to finish that bad boy.

A rather rude Wyvern interrupted rather quickly, BAMing Sif back down to the base, and accidentally making her mess up that layer in her panic. This will be interesting, now~

2 More Wyverns, both defeated much more cautiously, and Sif has made a good chunk of progress. It looks rather... Menacing, actually.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 132~

Another BAM from a Wyvern as Sif works on the Statue, followed by her taking revenge on the next one to try and take her on. Bow before her Yoyo-ing prowess!

More Meteorite was laid down, and dawn came. A Traveler visited Home-Tree, with nothing interesting. Sif fought FOUR more wyverns, victorious over each... She is getting a lot of those glowy blue balls now, I wonder if she even needs any more.

The status continued shaping up, proving both as scary and cool looking as I expected! As the sun is setting, Sif went down to her Herb garden, swapping out the Fireblossom Planter Boxes as she stared up at her work, high above...

Looks awesome, now that it is done!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 133~

The adventures up on the Island over, Sif went out to the Jungle to grab Nathan his next Oddfish... And stopped by to gather up some Mahogany while she was at it.

Turns out, a lot of the Jungle's surface got replaced by Crimson, which really annoyed Sif. How rude of it, spreading everywhere! Not that the Jungle is much better though... Soon after getting past the Crimson, it was dive-bombing from above, by a bunch of really mean Turtles!

Back from her unfortunate BAM, Sif chopped down a few more trees, then returned to Home-Tree properly... And fought off a Wraith that was attacking Nathan!

As Abigail rushed over for some much needed first aid, Sif put the rest of her stuff away, and noticed she hadn't gotten much Mahogany from that trip. Oops! Other things seemed to be on her mind though, because we went out to the East instead.

Nabbing an Oddfish on the way, Sif set herself up at the Crimson Desert that is the Dungeon's front yard, Yoyo blazing icy blue fire as it smacked various nasties in the face. A Traveler arrived back at Home-Tree, and was ignored... Until Sif got BAMed by a wandering Mummy that is, as she had forgotten to set her phone to the Bed.

A speedy trip back, and and it was back to fighting at the Dungeon, Bed properly set. Not sure I should take a nap here... That Dungeon is still creepy, even though I know everything that's in there.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 134~

A quick pop to town was the only disruption in the mowing down of many a Mummy. She finally remembered to hand over the Oddfish to Nathan, waited for dawn, then went to grab the next one.

The interesting thing about this time was that Nathan's rewards matched rather well: First came a Bucket that produced infinite Water, which would be handy in that Hot Place. And Next came a Sponge, which could absorb an infinite amount of Water! Cool~

Back to the mass mowing of monsters though. I decided to nap anyway, Sif can take 'em.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 135~

I was ever so slightly mistaken: Sif could mostly take them.

She got BAMed back to the Bed several times, and I was thankfully ignored in my little warm spot at the foot of the Bed. More yoyo-ing ensued.

Just as she had gotten a second Banner woven for those Mummies, one of them dropped an odd lookin tube, a Megaphone apparently. She also got a few Blindfolds, which somehow irked and pleased her as well.

Oh did I forget to mention that earlier? Sif likes to knit. Whenever she has a small moment to rest between fighting monsters, she knits up a Banner of what she fought. Helps her remember her previous fights with those guys, and which bits are more sensitive. We have a loooot of Blue Jiggleh Banners as a result.

Having looted what she wanted, Sif Phoned back to Home-Tree, and fetched Nathan his fishie of the day. She then went to Dalek, and began handing over Coin after Coin to get him to make her Armarok better (Fancy yoyo of blueness). It took a while.

Then it was off to the Crimson, apparently. Sif went out to the East, and tried to fight some nasties on there.... But apparently couldn't reach deep enough underground to draw out the really mean things, so she went back and tried to the West instead.

Passing through what used to be part of the Jungle, Sif didn't last long before a Turtle from nearby BAMed her all the way back. Darn those dive bombing shellies!

A small bit of renovating in the Dome to calm down, and it was back out to the West once again! She actually made it to the Bed this time, and is just setting the phone to it now.

I wander what she is looking all over the place for... Hmm.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 136~

After a few moments of exploration, Sif found a good spot to patrol just next to the Temple, where lots of the Crimson nasties came out to try and get her.

The only thing she did wrong was she got bored, and decided to continue exploring. She found yet another Spider Cave, and decided to go in... Which was a bad idea, as scrambling to get out meant an unexpected BAM from some passing monsters.

She seems to be going for a specific pair of enemies, I have noticed. There are these Gross floaty things, and these other things that spat yellow goop at Sif. The yellow goop seemed to soften up her Armour, which isn't good! Thankfully it was only temporary.

Another BAM, and Sif saw a funky looking huge Chest. No way that was there before! She took a deep breath, and dove right in...

So, taking a moment to rest after that BAM, she was slightly abashed at how badly that fight went. Dawn had come, and a new day means new successes! Or something.

A failed attempt to Reforge her Ice Wings to be harder failed miserably, and Sif nabbed Nathan the daily Fish. Back to the Jung... er, ex-Jungle Hut, and it was back down.

Sif eventually ran across another of those odd hugs chests, and hummed thoughtfully... She is a slow learner, it seems. That, or she has stubbornness issues.

The main difference was, this time we had an audience... One of those Skele Merchants! He even agreed to help out, throwing Sif a Bone for her troubles.

The fight oddly reminded me of those Turtles. Lots of harmless hopping around down below, the WHOOSH! Hurtling upwards at completely unfeasible speeds, to try and crash down upon Sif's noggin.

More than one Potion was drunk, and Sif was scampering to and fro like mad to void the Chest of Death. However, with the courageous help of the Skele, the Chest eventually cracked open, revealing... A set of rotting Knuckles. Lovely.

Sif seemed happy though, as she went back to her normal patrol~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 137~

Lotsa more yoyoing at everything that moved, and the dawn eventually came. Yup, the entire night just fighting on the underground Jungle/Crimson border. Sif still hadn't found what she had required, but decided a breather was a good idea anyway.

Back at Home-Tree, Sif put her stuff away, nabbed Nathan an Oddfish, and went back to the Jungle with a grim determination. Set to the ex-Jungle Hut, she went down to meet her foes.

And came right back up! Apparently one of those Gross thingies finally dropped what Sif needed, a bottle of Vitamins. Odd thing to be carrying, but hey. It was the last thing she needed... As I found out.

She grabbed a bunch of things from the Chests, some Bottled Water, and the Ick-goop from the spitters, and it was into major crafting time!

First thing Sif made was Flasks out of the Ick. Apparently it will work on them just as good, so hey, why not? Seems to coat the Yoyo just fine.

Next up, came the great fusamajiging. A few things had already been put together, from what Sif had found on the way... A creepy box that emitted a Mantra, made from the Megaphone and the Nazar-thingy. A goopy Bandage, from the Bezoars the Hornets coughed up, and Bandages from the Werewolves. An oddly detailed Plan, from a neatly Folded Map and a Clock. And the Blindfold, from those Mummies.

Having already done all that, next came the Vitamins from the Crimson, and the Armour Polish from the Armoured Skeles in the Dungeon. She merged them into this cool looking brace, which I assume would aim to keep her healthy.

But then came the reeeaaally weird bit... She put all of those things up on the table, and began reading from a little book that was stored there. I... I'm not sure I can describe what happened. There was flashing lights, music from above, and... The smell of Nathan's hat, of all things.

And then it was done. Lying on the table was a small Charm, with a symbol on it called an Ankh. Which Sif promptly slapped on her Obsidian Shield, merging those together as well! I swear the Shield got bigger when she did that...

A quick attempt at reforging this impossible piece of defensive equipment, and Sif walked away from Dalek grumbling about rigged odds. That was one heck of a way to end the day!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 138~

It seems Sif's hunting days were not over quite yet! Off to the East she went, hurtling along in the Minecart until she went up to the Dungeon Hut, setting her Phone before going all the way out to the Ocean.

Then, she just paddles her feet in the water, calmly yoyo-ing anything in the face when it got near. Zombie, Jellyfish, Shark, she didn't care. Yoyo to da face. She's classy like that.

She packed things up once one of the Crabs dropped an old Map, as that is apparently what she had been waiting for. A round of Home-Tree to put stuff away, a check of her Potions, and she sat down to wait.

Dawn came, and she took out the Map, apparently making sure that nobody was on their way... And she lit it on fire. It looked important, what with the giant red cross marking something on it. This apparently made someone very angry, as a loud roar could be heard off to the East. Silly Sif~

She calmly went to the Pond, and caught Nathan his Oddfish of the day. Everything was peaceful as the sun rose... Apart from the growing dust cloud on the Eastern Horizon. I got a comfy spot up on Home-Tree's branches, should be fun to watch~

A great horde of oddly dressed humans charged at Home-Tree from the distance, throwing themselves at Sif with murder in their eyes. She calmly hid in a little tunnel outside, and threw her yoyo around the corner as they bumbled around, slightly confused.

Not much changed for the first few dozen to go down, and then a huuuuge Ship came out of nowhere! And it was flying! And had big Cannons! And looked awesome!

Sif clambered out of the hole when she saw it, jumping up to swipe at it with her Yoyo. It did not go well for her, BAMing back inside from several Cannonballs right to her forehead. Oops.

Stumbling back out once Abigail finished her treatment, Sif kept to the high leaves of Home-Tree, sending her yoyo out cautiously to bat at the Ship as she growled. Apparently the Cannonballs explode though... She still got BAMed again.

Third try at the Ship, and Sif scooped up a pretty Golden Ring on the way past, dropped by one of the little guys. And then it was back to bashing at the Ship's Cannons, slowly chipping away at them.

The Ship emitted a mighty creak as it split apart, showering down on the Pirates below as they tried to swarm up at Sif. She clambered down Home-Tree triumphant, and cleared the rabble out... Just as another Ship came. Welp.

Back up she went, and many an underling fell as she fought the Ship. The little guys stopped coming mid way, scare off by Sif's ferocity... Some kept coming out of the Ship though, which hung around.

She eventually shattered the second Ship, and let out a sigh of releif as she began cleaning up around Home-Tree. She waved as Frederick walked on past, apparently the Pirates had tried to carry him off, since he wouldn't let go of his Gold, hehe.

Next came one of the Pirate Captains, called himself Redbeard. He was impressed by Sif's defense of Home-Tree (abduction aside...) and felt like it was time to settle down somewhere a little more stable. He also brought Pordini back... Apparently they took the Truffle too, as he looked tasty. Not that I can blame them~

Sif has also taken out a bunch of plants from the Chests, ones she just stuffed in there randomly whenever she plucked them. Maybe they are for decoration?



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 139~

Well, that is kinda decoration...

She went over to Ahinadab, who was in the middle of a long yawn as he read a book. Something about kamahameha, or something close. He seemed startled at the interruption either way.

He smiled as Sif offered him the simply massive pile of Plants, keeping one of each color for herself. In return, Ahinadab pulled out a looot of bottles of Dye, and handed them over in exchange. Then it was back down to the Dome, to sort it all.

Turn out, when prepared professionally, and not using a Bow to stir the mixture, the Dyes actually come off! And can even be reused! Makes me wonder if my fur is permanent now... Or... Still... Hmm. Lets stop thinking about that.

After ages of experimenting with all her new and pretty colours, Sif put most of them away, and kept out 9 bottles. There was a set of Blue stuff, which reminded me of those Mushrooms underground. She coated her Lantern, Minecart and Hook with those.

For the stuff she uses often, she took out a cool Red Burny Dye, and a Blue Burny Dye. She put the Blue on her Armour, and the Red on her Wing, Shield and Healy Charm. She looks... A little scarier, I suppose. Not by much though.

Making a note to herself to get more of those plants, Sif took out her store of Bubbles, and went out to the East. A long hurtle along the Minecart Express Later, and we were at the Dungeon again, setting the Phone as she headed past to the Ocean.

Now, see, this was actually a neat trick. Sif wanted to continue the Minecart Express all the way to the Edge, but mining the Sand would have flooded the place, and gotten rid of that surprisingly handy ocean. Solution?


All along the Ocean floor.

She plucked every bit of Coral, every Starfish. And then she lined the ocean with Bubbles. It took the remainder of the night, but it was done... Aside from a little interruption from a King Jiggleh. Sif beat it up quickly, and got an odd Windup Worm from it.

That done, it was down through the sand, and hollowing out the area below the ocean. That took a while too, but not as long as the big Desert to the East of Home-Tree.

A quick layer of Dirt to protect the newly-extended Minecart Express, and the refilling started. Twas a glorious sight, watching her sneakily make use of the Bubbles to keep the water exactly where she left it. No spillage, no blocking her in, nothin.

Finally done, it was back to Home-Tree... The sun is setting, and I think I know where we are going tonight!

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