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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 174~

Night came, and Sif had turned around at the Dungeon after plopping a Teleporter down, trying to Wire up the Ice and Dungeon Huts together as well. One big fancy network!

Turns out, she went through that Wire reeeaaal quick, so she didn't quite make it. But she ran into 2 Mimics while doing all that, which gave her enough coins for another Pile! Yay~

After the celebratory testing of the new setup, it was time for Nathan's Oddfish of the day... In the Underground Ice caves. Sif decided not having the Ice Shaft directly under the Hut was a pain... So it was digging time!

Quite a bit later, And probably half way down to the Hot Place, Sif finally found a Pond she liked. A quick bit of fishin, Oddfish caught, and it was back to digging. Might as well finish, right?

Both unfortunately and conveniently, Sif got BAMed by something falling into the Mineshaft with her, just before dawn. Gave her a chance to hand over the Fishie! Then it was a detour for the new day's Oddfish, and she went back to finish the Shaft. Didn't take long with her nice and fancy Hallowed PickaxeAxe.

Then, all that done, it was time... For the Dungeon! The Trip is nice and easy now, with the new Teleporter~ Down the shaft she went, to get a good look for where to set up her camp.

Turns out, the nasties are even tougher there now! 2 BAMs before she even cleared out all the Spikes and Platforms around her chosen spot, and Sif decided that yet another Teleporter would help speed things up. A quick trip down a shaft does not measure up to an instant poof!

It's already getting dark... Sif is back at Home-Tree, buying what she will need~



Whoops, forgot to upload this morning. One moment!

In recompense, a slight spoiler: I appear to be right on schedule `;)


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 175~

She Wired up most of the way down pretty quickly, and setup the Teleporter temporarily on a ledge just above where the Shaft let into the budding Arena. She likes having space to fight, hehe~

Then came the digging out of all the Bricks. They are so inconvenient, getting in the way like that. She got BAMed now and then, but the Teleporter proved handy!

The main thing that got her was when a big guy in armour showed up. He naaasty! Called a Paladin, apparently. Squished Sif in half a second, with spectral flying Hammers! She will keep an eye out for more of them, from now on...

That was how the rest of the day went. Trying to dig out Bricks, smacking down any Skeleton that dared attack her, running with a yelp whenever one came by with nasty magic, and the occasional BAM. She already has the main central block mined out... Should be fun to see her fight when it's done~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 176~

Yay, her lil Arena is now complete! She keeps making changes to her little platform in the middle though... She is weirdly fuss about that kinda thing.

After fighting a few waves of Skeles from her new perch, she got careless around one with a Rocket Launcher (No, I do not know how a Skele got one from the dungeon), and she got BAMed back. It was almost dawn, so she went to catch Nathan the Oddfish... And none came! She was most displeased.

After catching the NEXT day's Oddfish, it was back to the Dungeon for us. More fighting, more tweaking... And less Ghosty-thingies.

See, along with all the new Skeles, these wispy things kept popping out. Sif seemed to need them for somethin, so she hunted them down quickly. But since she set up her platform in the lil gap between the Dungeon Bricks... No more Ghosties. Uh oh.

I can hear her grumbling as she thinks up her plan... For now, dropping down to the Bricked area seems to work. But she is thinking up something better~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 177~

As Sif planned on how to change things up, she continued fighting all the nasties that came her way. Added lil rooms to her now fancy platform, and set up a Bed and the Teleporter in there.

Not much else to say, really. I hid in the corner of the Platform, listening to the screams of the Skeles, mixing with the screams of the Sif. All in all, not very soothing to listen to. She got BAMed a few more times, but the improved setup helped her cope with that.

I hope she thinks of something soon... I can see her eye twitching from the Platform not working as planned.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 178~

She concluded she needed something to do with the Crimson in the little gap. Dunno how that would work, or why, but hey. Let the mad lady do her thing.

So, the first step was that it had to be natural Crimson. This meant placing something for the Crimson to infect, then letting that happen... Or MAKING that happen. So, Sif came up with another plan, to make this plan work!

She grabbed a statue from the Dome, went to the Crimson Desert at the Dungeon, and wired it to a Button. She then stepped on it, and suddenly Abigail was there!

Sif kept pushing the button, more people kept appearing. Sometimes, people already here just got poofed back! Weird. She kept going, until Cornelia came. And when sif went to buy something from her... She still didn't have it in stock. Welp. New plan!

After sending everyone home, including a rather wounded Tatiana from all the nasties that had come by, Sif did some Wiring to the West. And then... It was finally into the Temple!

Remember how the Leezurds were scary when they snuck out before? Well, they got less scary when Sif got stronger... But more scary when there's a mob of them! So, it balanced out to mean OHGOD THEY ARE CHASING US!

As a result, Sif hasn't gotten very far.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 179~

The night was spent with me feeling a strong sense of Deja Vu. Mean enemies trying to tear us apart, nasty traps that Sif dismantles for their wire, lots of BAMing from the mixture of the two... Ah, the good old days.

She slowly wormed her way deeper into the Temple with each trip, getting BAMed back roughly once per layer of rooms. Getting back was fast, without any traps or Leezurd buildup to worry about... But progress was slow, when both were being mean at the same time!

We eventually got deep enough that we could see a small glow at the end of the last set of rooms. She crept her way along, aaalmost to the last, biggest room... And then we felt a shudder.

Rushing back to the surface, we greeted the day... And everything was still dark. Well, that's new! The feeling kinda reminded me of the Red Moon, except this time it was a Black Sun. Either way, Sif bolted back to Home-Tree, to try and deal with this! Oh, and she also bought some Red Goop from Cornelia, for some reason.

And I gotta say... I never want that to happen again.

All manner of terrifying things came out from the dark places, so many that I don't even remember them all. I hid up in the Leaves of Home-Tree, everyone stayed in their rooms... And Sif fought bravely, getting BAMed again and again as she desperately healed up her wounds whenever she could.

The first thing I noticed was that Sif could handle some things well, others not so well. I didn't get a good look at the easy ones, because of the emmediate application of lethal Yoyo, but hey. I did get to see the eviller ones though.

Like those reapers, extra-strong wraiths with pointy things. They could get to Sif, but her yoyo couldn't get to them! So unfair. There was also the weird Eye Zombies, which could get her from ages away, and their lasers burned! And then there was this weird guy, rarely came out. Head was full of pointies, and they would shoot out! He hurt a looot, the meanie.

And last but not least was the biggest, ugliest butterfly I have ever seen. It kept charging through walls, and would pop out eggs for other ones as well! It also was too fast to dodge well, so Sif had to BAM from the first one, resting as she hid.

More BAMs followed, more evils came and rampaged at Home-Tree, and Sif looked more and more worn out. Then the next Uggerfly came, and the battle took to the skies! Much dodging took place from both of them, and sif ran back and forth frantically, trying not to land on anything mean.

With a splurch, Sif defeated her Uggerfly, and scooped up what looked like one of those floaty Eyes, except as a Yoyo. Weird. Sif seemed incredibly happy though, if only for a second. Then it was back to whimpering and getting BAMed, as she tried the new Yoyo out.

The only other thing I noticed causing Sif trouble is occasionally someone hid in the crowd, and surprised Sif with an extra hard stabbing. That caused a few BAMs, to add to the already ridiculous count. She started not landing in the cleared out area so much after that, and just jumped back and forth from Home-Tree.

The Sun is setting, and the meanies are leaving... And all I hear is crying from back inside Home-Tree.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 180~

Oh. This... This wasn't good.

During all of that chaos of the Black Sun, too many of the enemies kept going into Home-Tree... And most of the people inside didn't stand a chance.

We lost Gus, the Merchant that wasn't here for very long. We lost Grover, the weird old man. We lost Dias, who rarely ever got to blow anything up. We lost Tatiana, who would protect us all, and hug me when I needed someone there. We lost Rapheal, the quiet Painter who would keep to his room a lot. We lost Rodney, the other creepy Old Man, and his hat remained behind... We lost Bronson, who flirted a lot. We lost Meliyah, who kept everyone relaxed and prettified. We lost a lot of people...

And most importantly, we lost Abigail. She was one of the first to come to Home-Tree, after Nathan. She kept everyone going, and healed us when we were injured. She would help Sif during invasions, providing emergency first aid. And now she is gone, and couldn't help save the others.

Sif handed out some spare Healing Potions to those that remained, and helped move the fallen out, to where they could be put to rest. And we all learned... Sif can't protect against everything. Not yet. She was very quiet, as she patched up her own wounds. I looked around, and saw what the remaining people were doing.

Nathan was hiding in a corner, now the longest standing member of Home-Tree. Ahinadab was in bad shape, but barely holding on as he helped hand out Potions. Dalek had hidden under a table, and was luckily missed by most of the nasties. Selene, Fantasy, Hireal, Redbeard and Cornelia all lived high enough up in Home-Tree that they didn't get hurt much... Garret managed to make it through somehow, and Mushroom dude was safe in his secluded little hut.

We lost a lot... Bot not everyone. Sif took most of the night to set Home-Tree back on order, even if it was a lot emptier. Then most of the people went to sleep, to rest after all that.

Once everything was fine, Sif went back to the Dungeon, and set up some Stone Walls in the Camp. She then took out her Red Goop, and turned it all into Crimson Walls! Weird, but hey. She then fought some of the Skeles, frowned, and went back to Home-Tree.

By then, dawn had come, and people had started filing in, just like Garret had. First time was weird, and creepy. Second was unsettling. This many at once, all so similar to the ones that are gone, but still different? I am no longer as comfortable with Home-Tree as I was. Or with Garret, for that matter. That is just... Off.

Anywho, Sif went to the new Dryad, bought some grassy Walls, and left. I'm not sure if I will try and remember these new people's names... I'm too freaked out by them.

Sif swapped out the Stone Walls for the Planty ones, Gooped them red, and tried again. Still wasn't making the Ghosties pop out. She was rather irked by this, but seemed to accept that she was stuck with the Dungeon shaped as it was.

Another Oddfish for Nathan, and it was to the Temple this time. Boy, I really hope Nathan is fine... He may be weird, but he deserves better than that. Better than being chomped my some nasty, then replaced the next day by someone with the same face. Well... Assuming this is the original Fish Boy. I'm... Not sure I want to think too hard on that. Especially when some of the Zombies look like Maxwell...

Sif has made it through the entire Temple now, and has placed Torches all the way through the big room at the end. It has this weird stone thingy, with a glowing doodad. Seems important.

We are now back at Home-Tree, with Sif buying a ton of Wire. I'm sticking close to her... At least I will see the weird happenings coming that way.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 181~

The remainder of yesterday was spent wiring the last part of the Eastern Teleporters, the connection between the Dome and the Dungeon, so you don't have to stop at the Ice Hut.

Then the Moon rose Red, and Sif went out to the Ocean as per usual. She really likes getting those Pirate Maps, for some reason. So the night went peacefully, with much Yoyoing to be had.

As the dawn came, Sif took her singular Map from the effort and put it to good use. So, there was much of the Piratey grunting and wailing as they did battle. Some of the Tree-Dwellers camped out in the leaves to watch, as it can be slightly entertaining to see her dart around everywhere.

She got out a spare Map she had in storage once she was done, and it began again. She is rather good at fighting off the Pirates now, and she can reach the Ship from inside the Safe Tunnel using her new Yoyo. So, she has gotten pretty quick at driving them off!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 182~

sif took a quick break to grab Nathan's Oddfish, then used her last Map to fight some more Pirates. That went about as expected, so I went down to poke around in the Dome. Sif has quite the collection of stuff, now~

Next up, came the Temple's Teleporter. Apparently, Sif decided weaving through the maze of rooms took too long, so she busted out some Blue Wire and got to work.

A bit of the way in, She realized she couldn't quite reach through where she was trying to Wire, so she dismantled it all and started again. Some Leezurds got to Sif though, so she had to BAM back. Wasn't an issue though, because she went back to Home-Tree anyway!

A quick Fishie, and it was back to Wiring. She made the Wires go down the Temple's steps this time... She is almost at the bottom, so time to see what will happen~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 183~

Well, Sif managed to trail the Wire all the way into the big Temple Room, and set up a Teleporter in there to boot. She tested it, and it worked like normal, so yay~

She didn't stick around though, as she grabbed her Goop-Zooka, loaded it with Green, and went out to the Jungle-Desert border... And saw some Crimson creepin back up. Bad Crimson, shoo!

So, that took a while, with Sif jumping around the Underground Desert to clean everything up. She goes through a lot of the goop, just cleaning up after the Desert... Good thing she gets more so easily.

That done, Sif did something odd... She took out all of her Silt, and fed it into the Extractinator! Because the machine is so slow, this took aaaages... But Sif got a lot of Coins out of it, and lots of shiny Gems too.

She then took the 19 Rubies she had collected from everything, and turned them all into Crowns. Yup, I bet you can guess what came next... Gooey Crowns. To the Ocean! Well, an Oddfish first... Then the Ocean!

The saddest part? Those 19 Crowns didn't even last that long. Sif started just after dawn, and it is barely sunset... And they are all done. Standing in the middle of a heap of Jiggleh carnage, Sif managed to get 2 super shiny Coins worth, made 9 Banners (9!) for the Blue Jigglehs, and got 8 Maps. Seems it worked well to me!

We Are now back at Home-Tree, sorting the stoof. Tomorrow's forecast: Cannonballs!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 184~

The Piratey action is now rather predictable, so I will just go with this: She got through 3 Maps, hehe.

I did some listening in as Sif was fighting, and it seems she is doing all this for a certain Card. I dunno how it can be so important, but oh well. She is the crazy lady, after all.

The other things of interest, was Sif filled in some caves underneath the Tunnel, popping through the Minecart Express. Apparently some Pirates would get lost somehow, so she wanted to speed things up a little.

Then it was back to the fight, then in the next pause she was irked that Pirates would sometimes make it into her Tunnel. So, it was time for a change... She began extending the Tunnel, so she had more room to run around with. Then back to fighting.

She is now preparing for the proper Tunnel overhaul... It seems those other 5 Maps will have to wait!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 185~

Sif spent the rest of the night digging out the old Tunnel, and clearing out a bit more room our of the Dirt. Seems it is time to upgrade the tunnel entirely!

After clearing everything out, she went upstairs, and made some thick Stone Slabs. Then it was back down, and laying out all of the fresh new blocks to reinforce the Tunnel... And putting all the Banners back up, of course.

THAT took most of the day, minus a small stop for fishing. We now have a long strip of cold, hard refined Stone next to Home-Tree... Not very pretty, but neither was the flattened Dirt. Looks more sturdy though, no Pirates getting in there!

On a side note, all of the Rooms in Home-Tree have been re-filled now... I think. There are so many, I forget if we are missing anyone!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 186~

Another night, another Red Moon. Geez those things are common lately. It was out to the Ocean for Sif, just as she had finished her new Tunnel.

After Yoyoing down many a Zombie, Clown, Eye, Shark and Jellyfish, Sif came home just before Dawn, and topped up her stack of the Red Goop. She probably won't use any more, but hey.

Going through her lootage, she had gotten 2 more Maps, and a spare Trough. A good haul, I suppose~ Then, it was right back to the Pirates, since the Tunnel was done!

It is now sunset, and she had gone through 2 more Maps. Also reconfigured the Tunnel a bit, moving the Trapdoors and adding Campfires. Still nothing exciting from the Pirates, so oh well.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 187~

The next Map coincided with a Full Moon, so Sif fought off some Werewolves as she waited. One of them dropped an odd lookin Charm... Cool, I suppose?

The ensuing waves of Pirates went mostly as normal, slightly easier now that Sif had her Tunnel re-jiggered. The main different point about this time was something else though: One of them finally dropped something different!

It wasn't the Card I had heard about, but it was pretty. The moment Sif spotted a Captain drop an extra large, weird looking Coin, she plowed through the crowd to get to it, darting upstairs to the Tinkering Bench. Andddd... She smooshed the Coin onto her Gold Ring, and put it back on. Yay, Coin Ring, I guess?

Everything else was as predicted. 3 more Maps used up the next day, with a short stop for a Fishie. No other things of excitement there, and Sif decided to put her last Map back into storage, after using that many.

Daaang, I guess that Card thingie really is rare...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 188~

Sif sat down to go over her plan for the following few days, and decided to count her Shiny Coins. She has 12 now! Seems she has slowed her spending a bit, hehe.

Then, she took out all her Power Cells from the Chest, and all her Buffs too. New big meanie? New Big Meanie. In the Temple, to be exact, to we were there in... 3 Teleports. Jungle Hut, Marble Hut, In the Temple. Yay, magic!

Sif slotted the Thingy into the Other Thingy, and then a giant popped out! Just poof, suddenly ancient Golem. Must have been crammed into the Cell, or something. I dunno. Either way, Sif bolted, chugged Buffs, and got to wailing!

The fight was pretty cool. It tried to punch Sif a lot, and spat out fire. She dodged those pretty easily, and of course beat it up in the middle of it all. As cracks began to form on the head, it added lasers into the mix... Not very scary ones though.

After the head got hurt too bad, it lifted off completely! That was the only real change though, as Sif had to yoyo the body instead. Woo? She kept an eye on her Potions, beat it up good, and managed to eventually smash the hands apart just before the main body crumbled, Sif reaching for another Potion as she blinked in confusion. Oh, she had won~

She seemed rather surprised at the way the fight had gone, and scooped up her Baggy with a smug nod, opening it and riffling around. She didn't find what she was looking for, but was pleased nonetheless.

So, since all of her buffs were still active... She went again.

And again. And again... And again!

Yup, she just kept going through the night. Her Buffs finally wore out a bit before dawn, after Golem number 6. Yup, new big bad, and she goes through six on the same set of buffs. Heh. Well, she still had her full belly, and her Ickified Yoyo... But those last ages.

She stopped just after Dawn, at 8 Golems down. Then she opened another Baggy, and took out a Picksaw, which was odd. It was all jagged, but axe-ey, and old looking. It could mine the Bricks though, which is just what Sif did!

She scooped out all the little ledges around the big room, and smoothed out the floor. Then it was back to town, and selling a lot of the stuff she got doubles of from the Baggies. And she got a lot of junk to put away... And a few interesting things mixed in as well~

First, she had that Picksaw. Next, she had an odd Eye thingy from the Golem, which apparently could be handy... But not for her uses. Into the Chest. She got a lot of Potions, the bigger kind she has been using. She also got a Shiny Stone thingy... She kept that on her, but didn't wear it. Apparently it is rarely useful.

Next up came the more useful stuff (The picksaw only having one use). She had a bunch of Beetle Husks, which looked boring at first... Until she grafted them onto her Armour. Made it tougher, if less owie... And lil beetles came out, helping defend her! Odd, but neat~

The other main thing was she went up to Cornelia, her favorite provider of stuffs after Ms Wirey... Which is still Selene, thankfully. I like her. Anywho, Cornelia had now prepared spiffy Wings! They were much better than the Frozen ones. Looked odd, but fancy!

And last thing, which went into the Chests... Was a set of clothes. They were labeled Lazure, and looked awesome! Sif didn't want to wear them though, so they were for storage. They came with a Yoyo, which wasn't as good as the Eye... And a Platform thingy. It looked sweeeeeet... But the Steampunk Wings were faster by a smidge. No dice.

The rest of the day was spent in the Temple, digging extra tunnels to make shortcuts throughout. Also made tunnels at the bottom, for easier in and out. Would have been handy before she wired up the Teleporter, huh! Hehe.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 189~

OH yeah, in the middle of all of yesterday's excitement, there was a new guy again! This one was covered in hard glowy bits. Must like armour, or something. Reminds me of Dalek, for some reason... Called Theo, I think? He pronounced it weird.

I looked at the remaining rooms, and was getting worried about if too many more people came... But I heard the Theo was probably the last arrival. Well, Last new arrival... Anywho. Interesting how we won't get any more. And how Sif built almost exactly enough rooms... Ahem.

Sif spent most of the night doing one thing: Jumping off of Floating Islands to test hwo far she could go with her new Wings. At least, I think that was why... Doesn't make sense any other way. They can go pretty far though!

And then dawn came, along with a bored Sif. So, she went back to Home-Tree, muttering about how it was time as she did her daily Oddfish... Um? Okay then?

Either way, the buffs came out, and Sif poofed over to the Dungeon. There were a creepy bunch of people in robes, we had passed them by before without bothering them. No need, after all. Sif decided not to be as gentle this time though, and tore through them with her Yoyo.

Turns out, a bigger and meaner Robe Guy was hanging around. He appeared, smashed a weird tablety thing, and laughed as he flew up into the air. Evil laugh is creeeeepy.

I sat over on top of the Dungeon, keeping an eye out for stray bits of magic as I watched. Sig jumped like a maniac as she smacked the guy, and the Robe Guy responded with a barrage of attacks. Fireballs, Iceballs, Lightningballs... Even EvilBalls! Huh. He's, uh... Creative, I'll give him that.

Oh, he did have one other attack. A gigantic magic circle that looked cool! Dunno what it did, since Sif would whack him shortly after he tried making one. I kept seeing three of him when that happened, too... Weird. Maybe too much magic in the air?

Anywho, a thoroughly buffed and well equipped Sif beat him up good, barely having to use her Potions as she calmly leapt to and fro. I almost got singed by a stray spell here and there, but I kept an eye out.

Then it was time to rummage through his empty robes, to pull out a large funky looking machine. The things you find, yay! She also got a Mask, which was for the Dome storage.

A quick swing by Home-Tree, and she was out again, this time to the Jungle Hut. She didn't go down though, she set the Phone to the Bed... Then went further West. And things got freaky.

See, halfway between the Jungle Hut and the Far West Hut, There was something new. Something big. Something veiny. And something maaaad! It was conveniently just outside the Pyramid that Sif found, so she could pop out of the Minecart Express right next to it. I'm not sure I want to keep going with her, though.

Back to the pulsating Tower though. It was Red, made me think of things burning, and made the sky go red too. And I don't know how, but the Moon came out in the middle of the day, and was HUUUGE! Well, I think it was the moon. The Tower was also wrapped in some kind of protection, kept it nice and healthy.

That was weird enough, but then these rocky things kept coming at us, and they looked all burny too! Sif got to yoyoing at anything that moved, running back and forth like a maniac... But not flying. I was confused by that. Was.

She quickly got swarmed by a bunch of floaty head things, reminded me of the Meteor ones except much, much meaner. She still had most of her Buffs going, too! She was back at the Jungle Hut anyway, resting from her BAM.

So, uh, all the things in the red area are mean. Mean enough to BAM Sif repeatedly! But there were 2 main things she hated. The floaty ones, which I quickly found out about... And the Crawltipedes, which Sif would scream about as she grappled at the ground after an over-abitious jump.

See, these big buggers would float through the air peacefully most of the time. If Sif jumped though? BURNING RAGE FILLED DEATH FROM ABOVE. Solution: Don't jump too much. Which goes directly against Sif's fighting style.

The sun is setting, and it has been 5 BAMs with no apparent change. Just as many nasties, just as effective protection to keep Sif from giving the Tower grief. Hmmm...

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