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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

Pick a number. This is important, but I (Probably) won't say how!

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 206~

Welp. Sif got BAMed twice from the big meanie brains, then tore right through the big Pillar. She even managed to nab all the Fragments before Phoning back to Home-Tree, in good condition! She's a smart one, she is.

Last, but Sif's favourite, was to the East... With the gigantic blue orbs. She flew around calmly on her little Ship, beating up wave after wave of the things. She whacked the Pillar a bunch of times after the Protection ripped... Then she Phoned back at dawn, with the Pillar barely hanging on. Odd.

Turns out, she was grabbing her Buffs. For... Obvious reasons. I had forgotten what came next, silly me. She sharpened her yoyo too. Then it was out at dawn, to knock the last Pillar down... And then She collected the blue fragments, as everything began to shake again... Including my head...

Uggg... Remembering is still hard, even though I was expecting it this time. I hid up on the Leaves, to watch in... Relative safety. Sif Re-sharpened her yoyo for good measure, before running into her Tunnel. Then things got weird, again.

Sif was dashing back and forth in the tunnel, barely visible through the open trapdoors. The Thing was as confusing as ever, chasing after her with a lot of roaring and death flying everywhere. And I took a closer look... And got more confused still.

See, last time, I only saw Sif fighting the Thing. Sure, Sif in different situations... But still her. This time? No. She was there, sure... But there were others.

There was a man, with a flaming spear and a nasty look in his eye. I... Don't think he was very nice. His Thing fought extra-hard.

There was a woman, scarlet hair flowing behind her as she fought. She seemed cool, in her own way.

There was a cloak, with a little blue flame floating above it. They seemed sad... But determined to see this through.

There was a hooded figure, with glowing green eyes. Seemed familiar, yet not... And oddly huggable.

There were so many, I could list them for days... Each fighting their own battle, each with their own story. None of them had Buns following them, except Sif... I swear I saw myself down there, following a different version of her. That was... Unusual.

Anywho! Enough of that. I stared at those battles for longer than even possible, due to the weirdness of everything. Time got a little funny too. But back to the important part... My version of Sif.

The fight was almost exactly like last time, actually... Lots of running back and forth, lots of yoyoing, and a BAM just before she managed to knock out all of the Eyes. She did pop the two on it's hands out... It was just the one on the head, barely refusing to cooperate. Thing only seemed to open as it fired of the mega laser...

By then, is was getting late in the day. So Sif got to grumbling to herself, looking over her plans... And thinking hard. She wanted to knock this thing down, and she wanted to do it NOW.

... And she also made a little tablety thing out of the Fragments. Something tells me the next fight won't be far off.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 207~

... I feel... Weak.

See, Sif got her Buffs and everything... Just like I thought she would... Sharpened her yoyo too... And then used the tablety thing. The shaking started... And things got weird, fast.

There were 4 Sifs. And one me.

The first Sif ran off to the Tunnel right away... Nothing unusual there. The second Sif grabbed some more Potions first... Then ran out. The thirs Sif... Swapped her Armour to the other beetles... Potions... Then out... And the last Sif Only grabbed the Potions... And noone else reacted to this.

I... I think they only saw the last Sif? Maybe? I swear I saw some glance at the other Sifs... I don't even know anymore... I crawled up to the leaves, feeling woozy... And the four Sifs went to the same spot, all itching to get started...

The Thing appeared, and the chaos resumed as per the norm. Actually made my head hurt less... Made the abundance of Sifs make sense. Strange, watching hundreds of Sifs made more sense than 4... But I could still tell which 4 to watch. Somehow.

The first... dodged better. Went to Kayla more often. She fought pretty well, only getting hit rarely, and usually by the rows of Spheres the hands shot out.

Then she knocked all the eyes out, and the... Thing got madder. It had gotten easier to watch that, too... Seemed creepy lookin. I liked the bright purple one better... But back to it being angry. The Eyes took over attacking as they flew around... Thinner beams, just as nasty. Spheres were in clumps, not lines... Made them easier to dodge, actually. And the main body seemed to shoot out little bolts more often... Or Sif just didn't have the tunnel to protect her.

See, after the Eyes began flying around... The only bit Sif could hurt was below her. And that was a problem. So she had to fly out, on her ship... Made her an easier target. Got her BAMed... And I felt ill.

As all that happened, there was Sif number two. She, uh... Didn't do well. Seemed distracted... And confused. A lot like me, at the time... She didn't even get one Eye out. So, um... Moving on. That BAM made me queasy, too...

Sif the third was the one with the different armour. Seems like that was a bad idea, because she quickly swapped back... Mid battle. Hehe... That was actually kinda funny to watch.

She went to Kayla for healing more often than the first Sif... Something about Potions not doing well. She tried not to go too often though... The Thing would swipe through Home-Tree each time, and hurt everyone. Millard... He got hurt bad. On all four times...

She got all the Eyes out... And then began to fly in circles. Big ones. Interesting tactic, but I think she has used it before... I can't remember clearly anymore... Not even about my own past...

Ahem. She... Was fighting well, really. Came close to BAMing a few times... But made it to Kayla. The Thing got less... Blurry as the fight went on. Less... Layering. Fewer Sifs. Fewer others, too... Must be from all of them BAMing earlier in the fight, the Sifs included...

The Thing began to grow tired, and Sif grew more and more confident... Too much so, even. The Thing was only a few whacks off... But so was Sif. And... The Thing won. BAM, and it was down to one. Well, one main one, anyway...

That was when I started feeling really... Ick. Like I was... Less. Had parts missing... Still had four paws.... So I dunno why I felt so woozy. Head hurt like crazy too... Like I had four times the memories. But that would be silly...

The last Sif went a lot like the third... Except she was calmer. More patient with her dodging, and weaving... And more careful about visiting Kayla.

Just before the Third had BAMed, this Sif had cut it a bit close with a run to Home-Tree, trying to get healed up... Barely made it, otherwise she might have BAMed too... And then it was back out, to continue yoyoing. Then there were only a few layers left... Well, compared to before, that is. I guess there were still a lot...

Another close run to Kayla, just as the Thing was looking tired... unlike the Third Sif. And unlike the third Sif... She didn't get hit.

It was over rather suddenly, actually. The other layers just... Stopped. Everything fell back into place, and it was only one Sif again, one Home-Tree... And I passed out. I kinda remember seeing a version of the Thing crumbling apart... But I hurt too much. I needed rest...

... I should probably look around. See what Sif did after that.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 208~

Seems I slept through a lot of sorting! And building! Huh. Head still hurts... And I'm still tired... But I'll make do.

So, even the Thing dropped a baggy. And this baggy held a yoyo. Lucky Sif! It also held some shiny metal, which she turned all into Bars... And not many, really. I... I hope she doesn't fight that thing too many times.

Out of the Bars she did have, she only made one thing... New Wings! Seems the armour was too many, and nothing else was worth it. So, burny wings it was. They go up reeeaaally quick. Of course, she had them and the yoyo both re-configured by Dalek... Only cost her a few of her best coins. She has plenty, after so many pirates.

Some of the people in Home-Tree moved around. I dunno if they are... Different, or if I'm just losing my mind. Possibly both. I have lost track of them by now... All I know is we still have the same Nathan, and same Dalek. Sif's two favourites! But not mine... I miss them still...

In the middle of all that fighting, Sif had forgotten the daily Oddfish. How rude! She caught one late last night though, and handed it over. Still going with that... Lucky Nathan, hehe. Also did one this morning, too.

She also topped up her Potion stack, now that she knew how many fragments she needed. She probably plans on getting more... Sigh... No rest for my head.

The rest of her time? Wiring. See, those 4 pillars were getting really annoying to run to each time... So she decided more Teleporters were required. In my mini-coma, she managed to set up the mid-West one, and half the far west one... She got the wire colours the wrong way around though, for them not to interfere with the other teleporters. So, she still needs to fix that.

That was it, really. I haven't been up long, and am still tired... Maaaybe another nap... Sif left me the Carrot, so I could nibble away. How nice~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 209~

... Now I am getting worried.

Lots of Carrot nibbles, and I slept through most of the last day as well... AND I'M STILL SLEEPY. The headache isn't going away, either... Not quickly, at least.

Apparently I slept through a red Moon last night, that is how tired I was. They got to the Nurse, because the doors were accidentally left open... Which meant no first aid for anyone else. Welp. Sif was off re-doing her wiring, then to the Ocean to try and get more Maps. She didn't get any.

I got a glimpse of her fighting today, by the way. That new yoyo is coooool! Hits harder than the old one, and has green thingies fly out of it. Sif likes it too~

And then, it was to the East to set up more Teleporters. She got distracted at the Glitter-Fart pond... Too close to the Ice and Snow. She gets the wrong fish half the time. Solution? Dig it out, and fix it herself!

... So, yeah. You can guess what she is doing right now. And now that I think about it... That snow should have melted by now. It never thawed, and proper winter should be coming soon... Odd.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 210~

Moooore digging. And more sleepin for me. I have managed to control it to smaller naps, so I can keep track through the day... But daaang, I'm tired... Might be because winter is coming, and I skipped out last time...

But seriously, all that happened today was digging out snow, fighting anything silly enough to come close, and then a trip to Home-Tree to get an Oddfish, and her Dirt supply. Now she is filling it alll back in...

Well, She should be done soon. Then... More fighting, maybe?



So! Time to be open about that mysterious poll... And what everything meant. Seeing as the results have been acted upon, and all that. First, a summary, then an in-depth of what the options would have meant:

S - The number had to do with a chapter. Specifically, number x 30... So, 90, 120, 150, 210, 240. Any of these numbers seem vaaaguely familiar? Because they should! Anywho, the reason they were so important... I was asking as to when the story should end, roughly. And, as a result... How!

3 - The Failure - It's in the name: I was going to end the story at the first fight against mister Wall of Flesh. Sif would fight it, then die... And so would have the lil Bun. The Wall has no mercy, after all. Instead, I turned my failed attempt into a nightmare, and... Tweaked things so the fight never *actually* happened. Shortly before this, is when I opened the Poll.

4 - The Success - Again, self explanatory: Defeating the Wall of Flesh. Either there would be an accident, and Bun wouldn't make it... Or the realization of Maxwell dying would drive the bun mad. Either way, no more diary for you. Orrr, I could have ended it with the Maxwell-wall crying as it crumbled... Hmm, hehe. Also, hadn't even PLAYED up to there when I opened the poll... So the other numbers are guesswork. I had to close the poll there, due to options not being... Available anymore.

5 - The Impact - To sum up, the bun went into denial. Both with and without this ending. The difference? Bun's reaction when the denial wears off. Hint: Too much deathweed. I have built this story on bunny trauma, and it shall end with bunny trauma.

7 - The Fulfillment - So, uh... I timed that perfectly. I made a blind guess at when I would reach the Moon Lord. Chapter 206 is close to 210, right? It wasn't even deliberate! This was the happiest ending, actually: End the story with Sif defeating Mr. Ugly himself. Everyone is happy! But nooo, you went for something else...

8 - The Bonus Round - Endgame. I didn't expect big ugly to drop the Terrarian first try, so that was the goal... Whoops. I still had stuff to clean up anyway though, so here it is. The last few chapters, until I end this story for good. And the end will be a grand one, muhahaha~

So there you have it! Hehe, I hope you chose wisely~


IT IS DONE! Ahem. The playthrough has officially ended, and the final chapters are about to be written. HYPE!

Amusingly, this is with 1.3.1 coming out, like, tomorrow... Oh well~ `:p Glad I don't have to decide on including the new content or not!


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 211~

So, in the middle of her filling in of the gigantic chasm she had dug out, it started to rain. Or, started to snow, out there in the ice.

Sif ignored this completely of course, as it was light enough to not be an issue... Brought some company though. Including RAINBOW JIGGLEHS! I, I don't think I saw those before. Which is surprising, because Sif has been fighting around these places for a long time now. Eh, either way, RAINBOWS!

Ahem. She managed to finish filling in the area with dirt, which seemed to fix the issue with the snow-glitter-fart crossover at the pond. It still crosses over, just further east now. She left a tunnel through the place she had dug, and smoothed it out... Looks odd, with snow on one side, and dirt on the other.

Then, it was time to wire up the last teleporter. She had actually changed the setup back in the Dome at some point, I must have missed it during one of my naps. It has 2 Teleporters now, one fore the old destinations, one for the Pillar spots. Something about overloading the wires...

That didn't take long though. Sif is now just... Wandering around. She has taken a ride along the Subway in the Hot Place, for no apparent reason. Odd...



I was wondering what you will write next?
Good question! I haven't quite figured it out yet, and that stupid outside world keeps getting in the way of stuff... So there will be a hiatus at least.

After the hiatus, all I know is it won't be Terraria related. I have milked my Terrarian creativity a bit too long, methinks. So I will likely be reduced to lurking status here, until Otherworld.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 212~

Welcome back to Sif's nostalgia tour, with your half awake bun!

So, yeah. Sif just continued wandering around, with me fading in and out of naps along the way. She went to the Jungle, then to the Desert... And started digging a new shaft, probably to clean up the Crimson that keeps stubbornly spreading in there. Really annoying.

After cleaning that up, and restocking on her green goop, it was back to wandering. No stopping the Sif! The last place she wandered to was the Pillar Field to the Far East, before she decided to go back to the Jungle. I... Kinda remember her liking the Jungle stuff a lot. Maybe.

Yaaaawn... I hope nothing exciting happens while I nap. That would be mean...



Eye of Cthulhu
Good question! I haven't quite figured it out yet, and that stupid outside world keeps getting in the way of stuff... So there will be a hiatus at least.

After the hiatus, all I know is it won't be Terraria related. I have milked my Terrarian creativity a bit too long, methinks. So I will likely be reduced to lurking status here, until Otherworld.
I really hate the outside world. Honestly, it keeps getting in the way of my terraria playthroughs!


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 213~

Well, I woke up to a whole lot of teeth. Which promptly got smooshed by Sif. Didn't help the panic, though! Ow, my heart...

Turns out, Sif decided to try breaking open a Pink Bulb, while she was in the Jungle an all. Wasn't much of a challenge any more... But some warning would have been nice! Also, turns out, panic doesn't wake me up long. There goes that idea...

Sif had been digging out all the Silt she could get her hands on while she explored the Jungle. Odd priority, that. She got most of a pile out of it, too. So, at dawn, it was back to Home-Tree!

And to the Extractor. I napped HARD. Hehe.

So, turns out, an entire day of Silt-hunting through the Jungle, then extracting it all, only got her 2 Rubies. Which is obviously what she was after, the crazy she is. She has now abandoned that plan. And used a Black Sun Tablet instead, before heading out to the Ocean.

Fun fact: I can sleep through one of those, too. Sif kicked butt with her new yoyo, and got 3 Maps out of it. Not as good as a shower of Jiggleh death, but oh well.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 214~

... Speaking of showers of Jiggleh death, last night had them raining from the sky. Been a long time since that last happened.

Sif stuck around at the Ocean, and got to hunting. The swarm of Jigglehs, followed by the mega Jiggleh, got her 3 more Maps! Woo~ The big one kinda just... Popped this time. Sif beats things up good now.

Trip to Home-Tree, Oddfish, and sorting. Then it was another Black Sun Tablet, and out to the Ocean. Seems she has a need, a need for Piratey slaughter! She really must want that Card I have heard so much about. Heh.

She... Didn't do as well this time. Got BAMed twice, because she was getting cocky with her attacks. Got another 5 Maps though... So I think she has enough, for now.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 215~

Yup, Pirates.

Of her pile of 11 Maps, she went through 3, and started on the fourth. Would have been more, if she wasn't a stupid-head.

See, as she was waiting for each batch of Pirates, of which there must be an entire island of at this point, she got to digging at the right side of the Tunnel area. She wants it nice and smooth, after all.

Also, since Sif was at Home-Tree... I noticed something odd. Some of the Chests were missing their stuff. And... the Tree-Dwellers seemed busy planning something. Buh?

Guess I will see what happens, I suppose.



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 216~

Woo. So exciting.

So, Sif went through more Pirates, about the same amount as yesterday. She also finished smoothing out that hill next to the Tunnel. And that was all from her.

In between my bouts of unconsciousness, I found something peculiar... I think the Tree-Dwellers are planning a statue. Hmm... This could be interesting! I might not be able to see it though... The sleepiness is getting stronger...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 217~

Woo, it is finally over!

Ahem, The first Pirate wave of last night finally coughed up that Card Sif had been trying to get. Made people less stingy, for some reason. She combinified it with her Ring, which turned it red... Neat!

After clearing away the rest of the Pirates with ease, she went and got Nathan another oddfish... And realized she had forgotten one yesterday. Oops! Well, she has been moooostly good with that, right? Then she went to Dalek with her upgraded Ring. Didn't take long.

After the ceremonial selling of loot, and sorting of stuffs, Sif decided to climb on top of Home-Tree. The painter guy went up as well, and took some sketches of her... Both in her lazy clothes, and in her Armour. Been so long since I saw her without point armour... Maybe she will get some rest soon, as well.

Sketches done, the armour went back on, and it was down to the Dome with some of the Tree-Dwellers to chat about stuff. Sif bought some cans of Paint, and was murmuring with them about material choices. Turns out, there will be a statue! Hah, called it~ They wanted it to be a surprise... But that doesn't work when Sif will need to gather the materials for them. Oops.

So, today was peaceful. Lots of napping by me, lots of planning by Sif and the Tree-Dwellers. Hmmm... Wonder how big this statue will be...



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 218~

Oh, the irony... But more on that later.

Last night, the Tree-Dwellers wanted to get a head start on this Statue of theirs. Or, statues. There will be two, apparently. Cool, I suppose.

First came the platform for them to built on though. Sif helped get them started, as she was mind-blowingly better at building, hehe. The platform goes aaalllll the way across over the Tunnel of Doom. Sif used a bit of her fancy tricks so it wouldn't need any support... Still don't know how she does that. But hey, I have been to islands floating in the sky. Not surprised by it anymore.

Sif dragged out the rest of the materials they would need, and realized that they would need much more than that.... She hmmmed, and looked over her Map as Selene started doing some stuff with wires. Iiiinteresting~

And then dawn came.... With a free helping of Pirates. One of the few times we get a free show, and it is after Sof has everything she needs... And when people are trying to build something fancy. So rude!

Sif had defeated them moments later, then it was back to helping the Tree-Dwellers. The platform is now done, and they have started on one of the statues... Looks like Sif in armour. Eh, I think she was prettier without~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 219~

I stayed at Home-Tree last night, sleepin on Cornela's lap. She's cool... Makes neat things...

Sif didn't get up to much excitement. Finished setting up things so the Tree-Dwellers could build, and went of to grab more materials so they could actually do it. And processing them, of course... Fast worker she is, and all.

Then... She sat down next to Cornelia, and pet me as well. Strange... Rare for Sif to just sit and relax... It was nice.

She looked worried about me... Someone mentioned something about hibernation, and I nodded... Probably that, after all... She gave me an extra hug anyway.

Yaaawn... Hehe... I wonder if I will see the Statue get finished...

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