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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

Pick a number. This is important, but I (Probably) won't say how!

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A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 91~

No sign of the odd Traveler again yet. Maxwell doesn't seem to mind, but I hope he comes back soon. Whatever they had talked about, it had cheered him up a ton.

I shivered a bit more today. The trees have lost their leaves, the cold time is coming again. This makes me worry, since I don't know how Maxwell will fare when I fall asleep during that time. Even worse, what if HE falls asleep, and the... Things do not?

No. That won't happen. I will simply stay awake this cold time, somehow. I need to.

Anyway, in other news... The lil bun kits can leave the warren now! They scamper around in the grass, rolling around in it. all the adult buns, except me due to other concerns, stayed with them the entire day, to make sure they didn't wander off. In a few days, I should be able to bring them to Maxwell...

And I plan on teaching each and every one of them Maxwell's most ticklish spots~



So. Waaaay back, as I started the Bunny Diary, I needed to know a few things about IRL bunnies. Specifically, life span. I have a set period of time in mind, and I wanted to make sure bunnies could even live that long.

To save you the trouble of guessing: Bunnies can live 6-8 YEARS. I thought it was shorter than that. So, no dementia for this bun.

But, on a more important note... As I was investigating, I found out something terrible. Bunnies have weak hearts. Like, REALLY weak hearts. There are tales of them dying from heart attacks, because the dog next door barked too loud.

So, yeah. Bunnies do not handle excitement well. It can literally kill them.

This one included...


A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 95~

I have never felt so helpless. Maxwell seems to understand what happened, and he helped dig a mini-warren, just for me. He might not be able to hide, but he will make sure I am safe. I can never go back, not after that.

This morning, all I did was shiver, and try to calm my thumping heart. I only went to Maxwell in the afternoon, and he pet me, after cleaning my fur. I kept guard for him as usual, and as I watched over him, I cried.



Yay death
[DOUBLEPOST=1442011082,1442011052][/DOUBLEPOST]Guessing the litter died
Maybe cave in since bunnikin needs a new warren


Ok, what happened. WHAT did he do?

this story is only getting better ! keep it up!

And if you for some reason stop writing i will kill you


A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 96~

The new warren was colder than the old one. I could hear the bodies clearer as well. But I was safe there, and I managed to sleep.

That night... My heart hurts just remembering it, a deep ache in my middle as I begin to panic, thinking that it may happen again. Calm down... Calm down and remember, so I can be ready next time.

The moon. That is what started it all. Normally, the moon brings me comfort, as it does to all buns. Something about it draws our gaze, and relaxes us. I don't get to look at it often, due to hiding at night. Now I know there is more than one reason to stay inside.

That night, one of the lil buns had trouble sleeping. She had always been scared of the noise, and didn't know where it came from. After a crash nearby, presumably from one of the bodies tripping over, she went outside... And I heard a little growl, and a squeak.

The adult bunnies looked at each other, and slowly crept up to the entrance to see what was wrong. I went as well, to make sure the crash wasn't Maxwell instead. And there she was, breathing fast, eyes glued to the sky as if frozen there.

And we looked up, and saw that the moon was red.

Everything after that is hazy. The adults screamed in voices bunnies were never made to utter. The lil bun did not move an inch. And the adults... Changed. Our teeth grew longer, sharper. And our eyes fogged over, as we stared at the lil bun. Something in me told me not to move, and it was hard to obey it. The others moved forward though, and surrounded her...

*sniffle* I wish she had screamed. But no, she just stared up at the sky, and that was all.

Once they were done, the front of the bunnies was stained in red. The entirety of their heads glistened in the moonlight. And they stared at me, so I ran, instincts telling me that they new I was... Different. As I left, I saw them go back into the Warren... That time, I heard screams. At least they had a chance to fight back.

The entire night, there was a hunger in me. To rip. To tear. Not even to eat, but just to hunt. Even Maxwell seemed like an appealing target, which frightens me even now.

Next time. Next time, I will have no reason to leave my Mini Warren. Next time... I will hold back better, and help any lil buns I see.



Someone guessed warren cave in, but nobody guessed blood moon horrors? Aww~

So. Lamentation was set in a Corrupt world, so from the first chapter I decided this would have a Crimson world. Change things up a bit. It hadn't really mattered so far, so I slightly forgot.

Due to one particular comment on this thread, I was reminded about Bunnies and their reactions to Blood Moons. And I knew there had to be something absolutely horrifying. But how horrifying can a Corrupted Bunny be? Oh, oops, I was doing Crimson. The version with blood and guts everywhere. That I can use~ `:naughty:

So, there you have it. My recent head-cannon on how Crimtane Bunnies get their... Glossy sheen. You will never want to play in a Crimson world again `:p
So, 16 people have voted now, going good. A third all-voter, even the Less option! `:cry:

Glad to see you are all following the Bunny Diary so closely. I hope I have been including enough Adorableness, and Plot Twists for the lot of you `:passionate:


This is just awesome - and sad, but awesome nevertheless.
Sweet, more praise! It fuels my writing~ `:passionate:

Oh god... Oh god... Not the Bunnykins. No! Please! Don't hurt them! ;-;
Well, you DID ask for more tragedy, so I happily added some `:D

After seeing how the hero was so heartless in Lamentations I feel scared for bunnykins
The Hero has yet to appear, as Maxwell ain't the one. So... Only time can tell... `;)
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