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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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Heh heh, yeah.
Anyway, good chapter! The red dye make explain why bunny pets are colored... WAIT.


So, since Bunnykin's becoming red, what if he's a pet bunny? And what if the 'Hero" who comes on has the collector's edition? He'll have the carrot, and maybe, Fluffy Bunnykins will leave Maxwell!

I <3 being evil!


A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 162~

I saw the penguin again today, and! And! It brought some more with it!

I could spot the penguin I was looking for quickly, it still had the pink spot on it's belly. The spot was faint, but I saw it~ With a tumble, a bound and a squeak of glee I pounced him, and there was cuddling~

Following the expected distressed flailing, I climbed of, and we hung out. We went sliding down hills, I showed them the burrow entrance, and we followed Maxwell around. He kept chuckling at the sight, especially when I did another surprise pounce. They got used to it by the end of the day.

The pink spot is much more noticeable now. I am oddly proud.



Official Terrarian
Andrew closed his journal and stepped out into the forest. He was ready to do his duty and help the chosen one save the world. But the only thing there was a bunny. It was Fluffy Bunnikins, Maxwell's bunny! Andrew let him in and gave him some food. He noticed Fluffy Bunnikin's new red coat.
"Oh how nice!" Andrew exclaimed. He sent Bunnikins on his way and went back to his journal.
More bunny in more stories!


A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 163~

The penguin friend's pink spot faded over night, probably from all the wet snow... I will just have to replace it again~

But today, they showed me something amazing! They led me and Maxwell into one of the caves, and we went a little deeper in than usual. There was snow everywhere, even in here.

When we reached a big opening, I was left breathless. There was ice everywhere, glittering like crystals from the ceiling, forming a maze of spires on the other side of the room. And beneath us, there was only clear ice.

You could see through it clearly, the ice was that pure. It was like walking on air, and we had to be careful, as the ice creaked and cracked when we went too fast. And when we looked down, I swear I could see something under all the ice, like a mini house. I thought those only appeared deeper underground, but this one was just sitting in the middle of all the ice!

We all sat and stared at it for a while. Then, we had to go back, otherwise Maxwell wouldn't be getting any sleep. I hope we go back tomorrow.



A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 166~

We have made the beautiful ice cave part of the patrol now, and we try to keep to the edges so the ice does not break. That would be slightly awkward.

Another thing, this morning I left the warren slightly early, getting bored of waiting for the sun to rise. The moon was it's normal colour, so it was fine. But, I saw something slightly unexpected.

The zombies were chasing Maxwell, as I expected them to be, but there was something different: They were wearing thick blue coats, as if to keep warm. I don't think I have ever seen one complain of the cold, and I don't think they are smart enough to dress themselves. And Maxwell certainly didn't do it.

I sat near the warren, rather confused. Maybe, these weren't the same as that first night? Maybe... There are many more zombies, hiding around the place. I shivered when I thought of that, and I shivered just now. That is a lot of zombies, all of them wanting to hurt my Maxwell.

Ah, worrying won't help. He has survived so far, and he will survive longer still.

Anyway, I haven't managed to make the pink spot on Mah Pengy grow any larger, despite my very best efforts~ He doesn't flail around about it any more though, which I celebrated with a little dance. Maxwell chuckled, and petted me along the ears afterward. He is still quiet a lot, but he seems better than when we first met.

I am glad I found him that time.



A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 169~

I saw the first slime in a while today. It's surface was all covered in ice, and the body was clear like the water is. It could still move though, which was slightly freaky. It left us alone like the others, but I am still nervous.

I tried to convince Maxwell to go sledding down the hill with my and Mah Pengy today, but he politely refused. Something about being too big, and not being able to slide as well. I snuggled up to him instead, and went back to sledding.



A wonderful day of snuggles: Day 173~

Now, I have eaten some pretty weird flowers before, and some of them gave be some interesting side effects before. Maxwell helped me name them, so I thought I would go through what they did:

Daybloom is a little yellow flower, and when I munch it, I always feel much better. I get full of energy, and and bruises or cuts close faster. Plus, it tastes kinda sweet.

In the caves, I have eaten Blinkroot before. I see clearer afterwards, and according to Maxwell, my eyes glimmer in the night. He compared it to this creature called a "cat", but I have never seen one. I wonder if cats like bunnies.

I don't often go into big sandy places, but when I do, there is this shiney blue plant called Waterleaf. It makes me feel less thirsty, and I think it helps em swim better as well. I only tested this once, so I'm not sure if it's just my imagination.

I have heard of others, described by Maxwell. Deathweed, which the very name frightens me. Moonglow, which sounds amazing! And Fireblossom, which just sounds spicy. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like eating that one, hehe~

Maxwell is so smart, he knows so many things. Apparently, these herbs can be mixed with each other, to make special stuff. I have never seen him do it though.

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