Flying downwards


If you use Soaring Insignia plus Celestial Starboard, you can travel horizontally at 84mph, and travel upwards at about twice that, both with excellent acceleration.
As for downwards movement... You have to use Slime Mount, Portal Gun, or flipped gravity if you want to go faster than the 51mph you can get from falling. It's pretty frustrating.
This issue is still present even pre Moon Lord, really it becomes apparent once you have Soaring Insignia and a decent pair of hover wings like Betsy's.
So it'd be nice to be able to fly downwards.

By the way, a different but still wing-related issue: Wings in the social slot will replace the appearance of the actual wings, but there's no way to make social wings disappear when not in use since it's impossible to disable visibility for social accessories.
I think that if visibility is disabled on the functional wings, such that they vanish when not in use, that behaviour should copy to the social wings as well.


Some new functionality added to wings (maybe not all of them) and/or Soaring Insignia where you hold down to fall faster would be really nice. You can already pretend to fall faster by drinking a Featherfall Potion and holding down while in the air so maybe this would be really easy to implement.

Or maybe a potion? Heavy Potion: Increases falling speed. Crafting recipe: some herbs and... a boulder?
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