FORE-RRARIA! Hitting the Links with Terraria Golf


Yeesh, how is it that in all these amazing spoilers posts there are always people complaining ?
This minigame seems so gimmicky and yet so fun, I can't wait to test it! (and play the amazing golf maps that will pop out)
I agree. This seems like a fun minigame. I can't wait to test it either! `:D


Duke Fishron
That'd be relatively simple to design, some sort of dodging device (minecart circle?) + traps activated by thrown/hit golf balls.

Note: I said to design, not to implement.
considering how much damage fireworks do, if you hooked up a system where sinking golf balls fires fireworks, you could potentially actually beat the moonlord by golf.


Isn't it 4 days left? For me it's evening of May 12. =p

now it is for me too 4dayss!!!! hope be in time
(the launch day must be 0, i miscalculated that one :confused:

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Official Terrarian
Being able to name the hole (like signs), so the message in chat can use that name, so other players can see which hole you completed.
From what I have seen I think that when you get the ball in the hole it can give a signal almost like a switch (unless it was a sensor that opened the wall). With that you could wire up an Announcement Box.
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