FORE-RRARIA! Hitting the Links with Terraria Golf



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Be sure to stop by the Pro Shop (or you know, build one) to chat up the new Golfer NPC! This friendly chap is an expert on all things Golf and is your best (well... only, really) source for Golf and Golf Accessories. From Clubs to Balls and more, he has it all!

Only one problem, really - he hasn't been heard from in quite some time. The Guide overheard him muttering something about "working on his sand trap game" - maybe that means something to you? Welp, let us know if you find him, will you?
I wonder if i'm the first to catch this Reference!? I call "Name is Parody of Shooter McGavin, Antagonist of the old Adam Sandler Movie, Happy Gilmore"! :D

Also, curiosity: Can we make a Golf Course that involves getting in a Minecart onto Tracks, goin full speed and swatting a Golf Ball with a Golf Club into one of WoF's Mouths while he's trying to chase ya down, for a Hole in One? :p

Also, I tried to Multi-Quote & the rest of the Multi Quotes aside from the first one got eaten... too lazy to re-hunt them down... ~:mad:
when u enter "golf mode" enemies stop spawning? cause otherwise playing a golf game with the friends can become dangerous
i hope is something like a invasion or the eternian cristal, in that once u started it natural enemies stop spawning for a while
( in journey mode u can stop spawn , but im thinking of normal game worlds)

Even if you don't golf, that mowed grass looks cool.

i remember that having mowed grass around the city grant hapinnes and even a small buff ( smell of cut grass) or some like that? ( it was mentioned in on of the first spoilers )
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I do wonder if golf balls will be able to activate pressure plates or it landing a ball in the hole will be able to activate things wired to it.

Should be fun, also, i was only slightly off about my joking estimate of there being over 156 varieties of golf balls.
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