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FORE-RRARIA! Hitting the Links with Terraria Golf


The Golf Club is on a Weapon Rack which seems to imply.....
It can be used as a weapon!
Maybe there'll be a new class: Melee, Ranger, Summoner... Golfer!
Love the idea looking forward to playing it!
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Hey so this is unrelated but I figure the best chance of a dev seeing this would be here-
In 1.4 the Health and Mana displays have been overhauled and are customizable, but in all gameplay I've seen so far, the old numerical display is gone, with only the bar or hearts showing.
PLEASE tell me there's an option to re-enable them? I like knowing my exact health and mana values without needing to hover my mouse over them.


The more spoilers I see the more hyped I get and the more I doubt it will run on my pc :'( *sobs*
Terraria can generally run on potatos, while the new graphics updates will make it harder, if I could run 1.1 on an old school laptop back in 2011, you can run 1.4 on a school computer in 2020
I can barely run 1.3 on my computer as is.
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