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Fortnite logo over Terraria logo


I fused the Terraria logo and the Fortnite logo together as practice for making texture packs

the night time/corruption version of the logo is unchanged, but I might change that later if I feel like it


  • Fortnite Logo.zip
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Gasmisenfeik really
(I could play with you)
Stop hating on fortnite and go actually play it
If we were hating on fortnight (which no said they were), that's fine because we're allowed to have an opinion on a game we may or may not like. I myself have played it and I don't like it at all and that's ok, but if you like it, that's also ok.

also don't hate in this guy for making this
No one said they hate MintyFrog either.

he's probably better at coding then all of you
The only coding done here was by the game itself, reading the texture pack MintyFrog made and applying it. This isn't difficult, and requires no coding knowledge.
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error 404: my will to figure this out not found

all joking aside, looks ok, I wont be using it, but its ok.
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