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PC [Free] A bunch of pets.


I just checked my inventory and it's gone. I probably gave it away already and forgot to take it off the list.
Sorry about that.


Skeletron Prime
Same, only over double the hours here. :p

I've got my money pooled in my house, so they don't have a thousand platinum each. That'd be silly. :p

Err, no offense but I don't want illegimate items, inclusing insane amounts of money. Doesn't seem you got that money fairly, unless you happen to have 10.000+ game hours. And even if someone did spend 10.000 hours to get that amount, no one would throw away their hard earned platinum like that.
I'd rather give them to a legitimate player, sorry. :)


Good god, man. This topic is four years old. :eek:
Sorry, I'm not into trading anymore. Anything I don't want anymore I just sell, so to keep a fraction of my sanity. (The hoard is strong within this one.)
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