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French translation mistakes and bugs


Here is a list of what I found (more are coming) :

Actual : Œilde Cthulhu (Eye of Cthulhu)
New : Œil de Cthulhu (a space is missing)

Actual : Squelette de serpent (Bone Serpent)
New : Serpent squelette ou Serpent squelettique

Actual : Cible factice (Target Dummy)
New : Mannequin d'Entrainement

: "22": "Terraria : Red dev Redemtpion"
New : "22": "Terraria : Red dev Redemption"

Actual : "ScutlixRider": "Tireur de Scutlix"
New : Chevaucheur Scutlix or Tireur Scutlix (Because the Scutlix is the mount)

Actual : Gardien de donjon (Dungeon Guardian)
New : Gardien du donjon

"du" is more suitable than "de" because there is only one Dungeon.

: Imitation (Mimic)
New : Mimic

Actual : Pinky (Pinky)
New : Rosie

This is sometimes Rosie sometimes Pinky.

Actual : "223": "Activé",
New : "223": "Suppression rapide avec Maj. gauche : activée",

Actual : Minerai en étain (Tin Ore)
New : Minerai d'étain (Because others ores are translated like this)

Actual : Technicien gobelin (Gobelin Tech)
New : Technologie gobelin(e) or Tech. Gobelin(e)

Actual : Collier de dent de requin (Shark Tooth Necklace)
New : Collier dent de requin

Actual : Guide pur planter des cordes de fibre (Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage)
New : Guide pour planter des cordes de fibre

Actual : Selle en gelée (Slimy Saddle)
New : Selle Gluante

Actual : Bouclier en cuivre (Cobalt Shield)
New : Bouclier en cobalt

EldMelter: "Fondue d'elfe", --> Carboniseur elfe

"GraveMarker": "Symbole de tombe", --> Ouvrage funéraire

"CrossGraveMarker": "Croix de tombe", --> Ouvrage funéraire en croix

BlackLens: "Lentilles noires", --> Lentille noire

TinCan: "Boîte en étain", --> Boîte de conserve

FlockoBanner: "Bannière de Flocon", --> Bannière de Flocko

"OrangeSquirrelCage": "Écureuil orange en cage", --> Écureuil roux en cage

"Turret": "Tourette", --> Tourelle (Guys please, it's not a syndrom)

"PumpkinPie": "Tarte au potiron", --> Tarte à la citrouille/Tarte aux citrouilles

"AnglerFish": "Pêcheur", --> Baudroie (Pêcheur means fisherman)

"HallowedRepeater": "Arbalète sacré", --> Arbalète sacrée
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I don't speak French, but a few comments about the reports here:
Actual : Lapin de carmitane (Crimson Bunny)
New : Lapin carmin
Actual : Poisson doré de carmitane (Crimson Goldfish)
New : Poisson doré carmin
  • The crimson bunny and goldfish are actually called "Crimtane Bunny" and "Crimtane Goldfish" in English, with Crimtane being a fantasy counterpart to "Corrupt". It seems like that's what the translations were getting at.
Actual : Manchot cruel (Crimson Penguin)
New : Manchot carmin
  • The crimson pengiun is called "Vicious Pengiun" in English, not Crimson Pengiun. Dunno why, but it seems this was translated fine.
Actual : Momie Claire (Light Mummy)
New : Momie Lumineuse
Because the other monsters from the Hallow are call like that.
  • The Light Mummy and other illuminant creatures have different names for a reason; "Illuminant" implies it produces light, while "Light" implies that it contains the essence of light. Whether this is upheld in the current translations, I don't know.


Why did the developers called the crimson monsters with a different name, this isn't logic at all.


I'm guessing "crimtane" was made to be an alternative to "corrupt" to stop confusion between the color and the element. (e.g. an area afflicted by the crimson is "a crimtane area"). I don't why Vicious Penguins aren't Crimtane Penguins, but that's the developers' choice, and not a translation issue.


"Grass Wall" was translated "Mur en verre" which means GLASS Wall, Mur d'herbe ou Mur en herbe is more suitable.
Dark Blue Solution was translated "Solution bleu foncé". It should be "Solution bleu foncée"
Steampunk Work Bench was translated "Établi steampuk". It should be "Établi steampunk"
Wisp in a Bottle was translated "Volute en bouteille" which doesn't means anything. A better translation is "Feu Follet en bouteille"
Pumpking Trophy was translated "Trophée de citrouille" which means Pumpkin Trophy. The correct translation is "Trophée du Potiroi"
Elf Melter was translated "Fondue d'elfe". A better translation is "Carboniseur Elf"
"DD2SkeletonBanner" was translated "Bannière de squelette du vieux". It should be "Bannière de Squelette de l'Ancien"
  • Some banners from DD2 are translated with no capital letter at the beginning of the monster's name.
Purple Counterweight was translated "Contrepoids en citrouille" which means Pumpkin Counterweight. The correct translation is "Contrepoids violet"
The Possessed Banner was translated "La bannière du Possédé" which means the banner of the Possessed. It should be "Bannière du Possédé"
Skeletron Prime Mask was translated "Trophée du Grand Squeletron" which means Skeletron Prime Trophy. It should be "Masque du Grand Squeletron"
Super Healing Potion was translated "Super potion de soin"
Super Mana Potion was translated "Potion de mana forte"
  • They should use the same adjective for both.
"Greater Mana Potion" is incorrectly named "Forte potion de soin mana". It should be "Forte potion de mana".
"Mug" was translated "Tasse". Due to its use in the game, it should be "Chope".
"Loom" was translated "Métier". I think it's more comprehensible to translate it to "Métier à tisser".
"Deathweed Planter Box" was translated "Pot d'algue". It should be "Pot de mortherbe".
"Phaseblade" was translated "Sabre laser". It should be "Lame laser or Épée-laser" because "Phasesaber" is already translated "Sabre laser".
"Lesser Mana Potion" was translated "Potion mana faible". It should be "Faible potion de mana".
"Iron Bow" was translated "Arc de fer". It should be "Arc en fer".
"Music Box (Underground Hallow)" was translated "Boîte à musique (sacré souterrain)". It should be "Boîte à musique (Souterrain sacré)"
"Blue Horseshoe Balloon" was translated "Ballon fer à cheval bleu" while "Green Balloon Horseshoe" was translated "Ballon et fer à cheval verts". The first translation is more suitable than the second one.
"Temple Key" was translated "Clé de temple". It should be "Clé du Temple"
"Pixie Dye" was translated "Poussière de Fée" which means Pixie Dust. It should be "Teinture de Fée"
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There are some erros that are still not written here

- The Icy Merman ennemy is uncorrectly named "Oeil de démon" when pointing it, displaying it with the kill counter or pointing the banner buff. However the banner itself has the correct name. Everything should be called "Triton de glace" or "Triton Glacial".
- The pirate banner related to the ennemy called "Moussaillon" (I guess that's the Pirate Deckhand) is uncorrectly named "Pirate de Moussaillon". It should be nammed "Bannière de Moussaillon".
- There is an oddity in super and greater mana potions names. Those have a wrong syntax in french and they have duplicate names. The correct ones should be
"Super mana potion" → "Super potion de mana"
"Greater mana potion" → "Grande potion de mana"
-A shorter and better info for putting accessories or armor pieces into vanity slots can be "N'octroie aucune stat" or "Ne procure aucune stat" instead of "Aucune stat ne sera obtenue" when hovering the icons with the cursor.
- The ancient name for the "Dark caster" ennemy was better before : "Magicien noir" is more accurate than "Incarnateur du mal"
- "Hive Pack" should be renamed "Pack de ruche" instead of "Ruche Pack" ("Pack Ruche" is also acceptable)
- "Extractinator" should be renammed "Extracteur" instead of "Extractinateur".
- 1 second timer should be renamed "Chrono d'une seconde" or "Chrono d'1 seconde". Use "d'" instead of "de" (unless the same text is used for all timers but their numbers, in this case forget what I said) All timers can be renamed into "Chronomètre" instead of "Chrono"
- "Succès" should be renamed in "Accomplissement" to describe the "Achievements"
- Beware that most modifiers can be accorded with the gender of the weapon or accessory (like "Divin", "Irréel", "Menaçant" or "Pointu") but there are some exceptions like "Légendaire", "Mythique", "Agile" or "Démoniaque".
- Pickaxe Axe and picksaw have the same name, I would rename the 2nd one "Tronçopioche" (Pickaxe + chainsaw) to translate the "Picksaw" and separate both tools.
- Everything related to the "Psycho" ennemy should be translated into "Psychopathe" and not "Taré".
- The french translation for "Sand gun" is "Pistolet à sable". "Sableuse" is not correct.
- Shadowbeam staff does not include "rayon" in the translation whereas "beam" stands for "rayon".
- True Night's Edge and True Excalibur have the same adjective in english but not in french. Ether choose "Vraie" ou "Véritable". For me the 2nd is better.
- Poison staff and venom staff should have matching names. Ether use "Sceptre à poison" + "Sceptre à venin" or "Sceptre de poison" + "Sceptre de venin".
- A space is missing on modifiers that change damages : it shows "+15% de dégats" a space is missing between the number and the %.
- For the terra blade, "Terra lame" is better than "Lame terra"
- The Phanstasm can still be translated "Phantasme" (add an e). "Spectre" is wrong.
- A very big mistake to finish that part is the "Clear" weaver which is translated by "Effacer"... This must be corrected and replaced by "Clair" or "Beau temps". "Effacer" means erase or delete.

More to come later...
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- "Succès" should be renamed in "Accomplissement" to describe the "Achievements"
"Succès" is the translation of "Achievements" on steam where they are used.

- For the terra blade, "Terra lame" is better than "Lame terra"
I think that "Lame terra" is more adequat than "Terra lame" because the adjective is after the noun.

- Beware that most modifiers can be accorded with the gender of the weapon or accessory (like "Divin", "Irréel", "Menaçant" or "Pointu") but there are some exceptions like "Légendaire", "Mythique", "Agile" or "Démoniaque".
I don't think they're gonna add an exception for each languages about Feminine and plural.
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Those two are mostly suggestions from me to look better. If "Achievement" is used like that on Steam, then it's better to stick to "Succès". However for the adjectives it depends... For exemple you can say "A big apple" for "Une grosse pomme" (the order of the words remains the same) but for "A white book" saying "Un blanc livre" is wrong and the words must be reverted : "Un livre blanc" is better. Well it's up to the translator to choose.
I don't think they're gonna add an exception for each languages about Feminine and plural.
You are mostly right for this one, treating each case can be very very complicated.

Here are some other errors I figured out :

In the menu
- Event progress bar : Every option choice should be written in feminine because a bar is feminine.

- All options choices should be placed after the options names and not before. Exemble : Placement preview On/Off. In french the words "Avec"/"Sans" are placed before the options names, which looks bad. Corrections must be done with the options Placement preview, Tile grid, Gamepd instructions, Blood and Gore. I suggest to separate all the names and choices by a ":" symbol.

- "Frame skip" should be translated into "Saut d'images" and not "Passer des images".

- The texts and the value for "Ambiance : value" overlap. They must be adjusted properly.

- Border color : Ether use "Couleur de la bordure" or "Couleur de la bordure du curseur". "Couleur de bordure" is uncomplete.

- Lock on priority : clearest line. I would say "Cible la plus accessible" or "Cible la moins obstruée" by a direct line.

- "Keybindings" : It sould be translated into "Contrôles clavier" and not "Raccourcis clavier" (which means keyboard shortcuts). All the key names are still in english (like mouse3, space, etc.), they must be translated (Souris3, espace, etc.).

- In the plyer list, the HP and MP remain "HP" and "MP" whereas they should be "PV" and "PM" (or "Mana")


- Dungeon heist achievement : replace "de" by "du" (the first one) in the sentance : "Volez une clé aux habitants mort-vivants de donjon, et déverrouillez l'un de leurs précieux coffres dorés."

- "Head in the Clouds" achievement : Translate by "La tête dans les nuages". "Tête en l'air" means "Head in the air" (and represents a dumb person in french too).

- Photosynthesis achievement : If chlorophyte is masculine stick to "du" in the sentence. Else replace it by "de la". I personnaly think it's feminine.

- Lihzarzdian Idol achievement : replace "un" by "le" in the sentence "Éliminez un Golem..." Golem is the important boss from the temple and not an ordinary ennemy.

- Robbing the grave achievement : Replace "dificile" by "puissant".

- Big Booty achievement : Replace "de" by "du" before "dungeon".

- Jeepers Creepers achievement : Replace "Tombez sur une grotte d'araignées" by "Pénétrez dans une grotte d'araignées".

- Funky town achievement : Rearrange the sentence : "Trouvez un champ de champignons luisants à la surface ou construisez-y un champ de champignons luisants."

- "Into orbit" achievement : Translate by "En orbite" instead of "Sur orbite".

- Mecha mayhem achievement : A more correct sentence can be "Combattez simultanément les Jumeaux, Le Destructeur et le Grand Skeletron et remportez la victoire.".

- "Rainbows and Unicorns" achievement : I would stick to "Licornes et Arcs-en-Ciel". "Tout le monde, il est beau" is weird.

- Slayer of worlds achievement : Replace "monstres finaux" by "boss". Some people may misundertand this with the lunar events ennemies.


- Radar word miss : it detects "Aucun ennemi à proximité" but "1+ à proximité". The word "ennemi-s" is missing when it detects ennemies nearby.

- Ennemy kill counts for banners : instead of "Player a vaincu number x ennemy !", you can use "Player a vaincu le numberième ennemy !"

More to come later...
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- All options choices should be placed after the options names and not before. Exemble : Placement preview On/Off. In french the words "Avec"/"Sans" are placed before the options names, which looks bad. Corrections must be done with the options Placement preview, Tile grid, Gamepd instructions, Blood and Gore. I suggest to separate all the names and choices by a ":" symbol.
-They can also change "Avec/Sans" to "Activé(e)/Désactivé(e)".


One last thing to point : The wall creepers. The statue is wrongly nammed "Bannière de grimpeur de murs". Whereas it should be "Statue de grimpeuse de murs". Since wall creepers are spiders which are feminine in french, everything related to them should be feminine too (replace grimpeur by grimpeuse).

- The fantasm dragon (when fighting the lunatic cultist) should be renammed "Dragon phantasmes" instead of "Dragon spectre"

The translations for (almost) every plant is wrong. Here are the right ones

"Blinkroot" → "Racine clignotante" (Root means "racine", the english for "herbe" is "grass" or "herb", "clignotherbe" is wrong because it's a root)
"Daybloom" → "Fleur du jour"
"Deathweed" → "Herbe morte"
"Fireblossom" → "Fleur de feu"
"Moonglow" → "Lueur lunaire"
"Shiverthorn" → "Tremblépine" This one is correct
"Waterleaf" → "Feuille d'eau"

(be sure to correct the seeds names too)

- The lihzard power cell tooltip is completely wrong and must be fixed. Replace it by "Utilisée à l'autel Lihzahrd". Beware it's written "autel" and not "hotel".

- Magma stone tooltip : "Les attaques au corps à corps brûlent les ennemis"
- Fire Gauntlet tooltip : "Les attaques au corps à corps brûlent les ennemis. + 10 % de vitesse, de dégâts et de recul pour les attaques au corps à corps."
- Shield of Cthulhu tooltip : "Pressez deux fois une direction" instead of "Touchez".
- Power Glove tooltip : "Augmente le recul au corps à corps" instead of "en".
- Mechanical Glove tooltip (big mistake here) : "+ 12 % de dégâts et de vitesse au corps à corps" instead of "vitesse de déplacement" (movement speed)

Crafting the title music box allowed me to find a bunch of mistakes :
- Both overworld music boxes are nammed "alt", making them impossible to distinct. Rename the non-alt "Surface forestière (jour)" and the other "Surface forestière ALT (jour)"
- Music box (hallow) : translate by "Boite à musique sacrée" instead of "le sacré". (the name is even better without parenthesis for this one)
- Music box (underground corruption) : translate by "(Corruption souterraine)" instead of "(Souterrain de la corruption)".
- Music box (underground hallow) : reverse the words : "(Souterrain sacré)" is better than "(Sacré souterrain)".
- Music box (Title) : the name is incorrect. Use "(Titre)" instead of "(Tuile)" (which means "tile").
- Music box (goblin invasion) : grammar error. Goblin is not an adjective but a name. It should remain "Gobelin" and not be accorded. Translate by : "Boite à musique (invation de gobelins)".

- The DPS meter must be translated into "Compteur de DPS" instead of "Jauge de DGS". You can still use "DPS" which would translate "Damage Per Second" into "Dégats Par Seconde" which is perfect. With a "G" I don't know what it means.
- Butcher's chainsaw tooltip : The sentence must be arranged. A correction can be : "Les ennemis touchés émettent des étincelles".
- "Bones Lee" is not translated. According to the context I will translate by "Squelette ninja".
- "Worm hook" is incorrectly translated by "ver en bois" which gives "wooden worm" in french. A correct translation can be "Ver grappin".
- "Shark tooth necklass" is already translated correctly, unlike what skywire says. The current name can remain : "Collier de dents de requin". Be sure to add a "s" to "dent" to mark the plurial.
- Mana crystal tooltip error : It says "+ 20 points de santé max définitifs" but it increases max mana and not max health (which is done by life crystals). Replace "santé" by "mana" in the tooltip.

- I think there's an error in a title message in windowed mode : "Terraria : Red dev redemtpion". I think the "tp" letters are in the wrong order and it sould be "redemption".

- Skeletron Prime mask is miscalled "Trophée du Grand Squeletron". It should be named "Masque du Grand Squeletron"
- The vanity slots (when empty) are not translated correctly. I would say "Casque de style", "Chemise de style" ans "Pantalon de style".
- Elf Copter has not the same name for everything related to it. Some names are written "Hélico elf" and others are "Elf Coptère". I would say "Hélico elf" for everything.

(more to come later...)
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Breastplate is translated "Buste d'armure" which means "Armor Bust". The word "Plastron" is more suitable.


Potions review and stuffs

- Squid banner : the names don't match in the banner and in the tooltip. Use "calamar" for everything.

- Venom flask, not obvious, but the tooltip can be : "Les attaques au corps à corps enveniment les ennemis." instead of "infligent Venin".
- Flipper potion tooltip : "Permet de nager aisément dans les liquides" instead of "avec aise".
- Wormhole potion tooltip : "Vous téléporte auprès d'un membre de votre équipe.\nCliquez sur sa tête sur la carte en plein écran." (replace "leur" by "sa" and "du" by "en")
- Night owl potion : owl means "hibou" and not "oiseau".
- Spelunker potion + tooltip : "Montre les emplacements des trésors et des minerais" (put everything on plurial)
- Ammo reservation potion + tooltip : (I guess you wanted a shorter name) Full names are "Potion de préservation de munitions" and "Donne 20% de chance de ne pas utiliser de munitions"
- Stink potion + tooltip + buff : (avoid "puanteur" which may be bad in that game which has correct langage for everything), you can use "Potion nauséabonde" and "Jetez-la sur quelqu'un pour lui donner une terrible odeur". Buff can be : "Mauvaise odeur"
- Strange brew + tooltip : "Infusion étrange" instead of "bizarre" (which is translated by "weird") and "Elle a une allure et une odeur terribles" for the tooltip. (replace everything in the tooltip by this, don't forget the "s".)
- Water walking potion : A more correct name can be "Potion de marche sur l'eau".
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Strix Midnight

This maybe personnal, but I really don't like the "translation" you made for Slimes.
I'd rather keep calling those mobs (and related items) "Slime" instead of "Gelée". Even if "Slime" is purely english, this word is commonly used. So, calling them "Gelée" is a bit weird to me.
Also, In other games, monsters like this are called Slime in French versions (in Minecraft for example).


"Pedguin's Hood" was translated "Capuche de manchot"
"Pedguin's Jacket" was translated "Veste de manchot"
"Pedguin's Trousers" was translated "Pantalon de manchot"

Shouldn't it be "de Pedguin" instead of "de manchot" because this is a reference to a real person such as the "Red's Helmet" which is translated "Casque de Red"

Le Novo

(English is not my native language, I try to write it correctly, do not hesitate to signal me a mistake :) )

Hello everyone, I am playing Terrraria again after a long pause. Improvements in french traduction are always welcome, but when I built a first house for NPC, I had the very unpleasant surprise to see that now, sentences below the screen that notifies the events are writed in the "inclusive" language. This issue could be not very familiar for english speakers, here is an exemple:

  • "Humphrey le/la marchand.e est arrivé.e !"
which means "Humphrey the merchant has arrived". But with a crappy and lazy spelling. Why not simply consider that Humphrey is a masculine name, and conjugate the verb and determinant in the proper way ? There were no issues about this before this update, I think its an initiative from the team in charge of traduction, who confuses professionnal involvment and political propaganda.

This detail may looks anecdotal, but it have its importance, since this language (which adds parts of female forms to neutral/masculine french forms, such as .e .le (e) (le) or le/la and other weird stuff) is absolutely not recognised by the French Academy (Académie Française) who's director (a women) even severly warned against its using. Those extensions are simply not french, considering the masculine writing is not discriminant (its the default neutral form) and is appropriated in a context where both male and female subjects are expressed:
  • Paul et Maria sont docteurs
meaning Paul and Maria are doctors, and docteurs do not takes a .e (e) /e -e _e or whatever stupid unix command in french, simply because it is already neutral that way, meaning that both persons are doctors.

However, some feminists lobbies in France actively pressures people by tinkering french with those ridiculous "terminations", because "muh males oppression, muh social justice" . Medias, marketing and corporate communication campains are especially flawed (from personnal experience, they can write anything if it can make $$$), and I'm sad to see that my favorite game lost a part of innocence and fantasy by imposing political correctness where it has never been necessary, and never asked by French community.

I don't really know if this kind of subject is appropriated in this section of the forum, but I'm now looking for the previous traduction of the game, in proper french. There is probably a file to move in a special place, or a text to edit manually, and simply leave childish politicals revendication out of the game to where it belongs : TV, opinion newspapers or trash.

Have a good mining.


Could "Eye-Patch" be translated "cache-œil" instead of "bandeau" in order to not confuse players because there is already an item translated as "bandeau" (Which looks more like a bandeau btw)

I don't really know if this kind of subject is appropriated in this section of the forum, but I'm now looking for the previous traduction of the game, in proper french. There is probably a file to move in a special place, or a text to edit manually, and simply leave childish politicals revendication out of the game to where it belongs : TV, opinion newspapers or trash.
Il existe plusieurs logiciels qui te permettent de modifier les textes en français se trouvant dans le Terraria.exe. Je ne me souviens plus de celui que j'utilise malheureusement et je n'ai pas accès à mon ordinateur pour le moment.

Cependant voilà un peu d'aide pour modifier ce que tu recherches :

town.js : Certains dialogues, dialogues et noms du barman et descriptions des poissons du pêcheur
projectile.js : Noms des projectiles, sbires, familiers, familiers lumineux et montures
npc.js : Noms des pnjs
game.js : Noms des buffs, infobulles des buffs et infobulles des armures
default.js : Traductions diverses, menu, infobulles et noms des succès
legacy.js : Traductions diverses, menu, dialogues, autres
item.js : Noms des modificateurs, noms des objets, infobulles des objets et infobulles communs

C'est ce que contient chacun des 6 fichiers français dans le code source du jeu.

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"Blood Feeder Banner" was mistranslated "Bannière de Sangsue", it should be renamed "Bannière de Buveur de sang"

"Bannière de méduse verte" should be renamed "Bannière de Méduse verte"

"Bannière d'Hélico elfe" should be renamed "Bannière d'Elfe Coptère" or " Elfe Coptère" should be "Hélico elfe"

"Bannière de Cellule étoilée" should be renamed "Bannière de Cellule d'étoile" or "Cellule d'étoile" should be renamed "Cellule étoilée"

"La bannière du Possédé" should be named "Bannière Du Possédé" or the enemy should be renamed "La Possédée" (Since it's a reference to a film and the monster in game looks like a woman) so the Banner could be named "Bannière de La Possédée"

"Bannière d'hoplite" should be renamed "Bannière d'Hoplite"

"Bannière de squelette du vieux" should be renamed "Bannière de Squelette de l'Ancien"

"Bannière de ver luisant d'Etheria" should be renamed "Bannière de Ver luisant d'Etheria"
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It's called "Cordon vert citron" but its ingredient is named "Teinture citron vert"

"Graines scarées" should be renamed "Graines sacrées"
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