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Switch Friend codes!

Unit One

Staff member
Just tellme whenever your ready to play
Yea i will be happy to
In like 3 1/2 hrs
also, sorry if i missed it
I was busy

i can help
I will try to join but you know...
@sarahh @Koda.yay? @The meme lord @Someone that needs help
Hi folks. Please don’t use this thread as a place to chit chat about playing together. There were 5 pages of chatting in this thread that I removed. People coming to this thread will want to see Switch Friend Codes, not pages and pages of you guys organizing your group play. :D

I think it’s great that you can meet up and play together, and I don’t want to hinder that, but please take the organizing and chatting of it to a different spot - on your profiles or in a private convo would work.


My code is 0486 2501 2816.
I need someone to give me item because I lost my data.
I hope somebody will help me.


I mean I play terraria a little bit so if anyone wants to invite me we can play a terreria world together :) my sw is 6468 7081 5223
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