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Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
Hi, fellows. So, here's a general collection of my art of various forms. I'll be taking requests, things you can and can't request will be detailed throughout the thread.

Terraria Sprites:
Nova set.png
This, my dears, is the Nova set.
Just a sword based off of the Broken Hero Sword.
Sun egg.png
Somebody somewhere requested this.
Just a sword I made a while back inspired by Doom.

Non-Terrarian pixel arts:
Dudemans clone.png
A bunch of faces. These are the things you can request.
New Baron.png
A guy named Baron. He's cool.
A certain god done in the two-pixel thick outline style I have grown to love.
A friend's OC I did for fun a bit back.

Literature stuff!
I'm too lazy to drag anything over here just yet, but I'll put stuff like short stories and things in here. I take requests for such things as Terraria lore, maybe short stories, and poems if I feel up to it.

Worldbuilding things!
I'll put various world/OC information in here, just in case anyone wants to check out the various projects I work on. I don't take requests, but if you're working on worldbuilding for whatever reason, be it a story, an RP, whatever, feel free to seek some advice from me on the matter. I'll do my best to help you out.

Ahem, well, that's that. I might become more open to requests for things if this thread gets decent amounts of attention.

Some notable threads by me that feature my work, by the way!:

The last two are fairly old, but if you're interested in literature, they might be worth a looksee.
Nice stuff man. I really like the 2 pixel thick style you've got. If you don't mind, I'd like to make a request.
Could I get a pic of Derpo in your 2 pixel thick outline style?
Derpo New.png

General Derpo (no legs).png
I've never actually drawn his legs, so you don't have to do a full body picture, from the torso up would suffice. On the other hand, if you want to attempt to give him some legs, that'd be awesome!
For a pose, either one of the poses I've provided, crossed arms or sword over shoulder. Whichever is easier or more fun for you to make.
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