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tModLoader Frontiers

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Masi0819, Apr 2, 2019.


Should we release a closed beta build for each Frontier when it’s done?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Wait till more Frontiers are done and release a big beta build for testing.

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  4. Wait till the whole mod is done lol...

  1. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    Welcome to the Frontiers mod. This mod is all about progressing through time and evolving along with it. There are 7 Frontiers that each symbolize an era from real life. Each Frontier has at least one boss and must be defeated to progress to the next Frontier, making progression as smooth and as moderated as possible. This mod has tons of content for you to find, build and craft. Things like Magic Boots, Gravity Defying Mounts, Warp Lines and more! Frontiers has tons of content planned and a ton in the making so stay tuned.

    Progressing through time, our small world unfolds...
    Uncovering the hidden secrets, the prophecy foretold...
    The mystic glow, from the depths far below...
    One fateful blow, charging from the snow...

    Last Updated: (7/14/19, 2:08PM)
    • 179 items.
    • 4 bosses.
    • 6 armor sets.
    • 1 new biome: The “Primeval Forest”, a dense jungle filled with prehistoric creatures.
    • 19 new enemies.
    • 3 new ores.
    • 2 new debuffs.
    • 1 new town NPC.

    The Team:
    Masi0819: Creator, Spriter, Developer, musician and conceptualizer.
    Ajricewiz: Spriter.
    A normal guy: Spriter.
    Manzello: Animator
    Maker of Scratchock Live™️: Helper.
    Philbill44: Spriter and Misc. Helper.

    1st Frontier:
    1st Sprites.png

    Ivory Blade, Ivory Spear, Ivory Pickaxe, Ivory Armor and more are all part of the Ivory set.
    Driftwood Armor, Driftwood and Driftwood poker are part of a misc. set in the First Frontier, the Driftwood set.
    Brumal Pickaxe, Gelid Cutlass, Icen Axe, Verglas Armor, Aurora Shard, Rime Bar and Borean Staff are all part of the Rime set.

    Cro-magnon, Magnon Charger and Magnon Witch are couple new enemies in the First Frontier.
    The Frostwork Sultan is one of the 2 bosses in the First Frontier, he uses an ice hex to freeze the player and then uses razor sharp icicles to kill the player.

    2nd Frontier:

    2nd Sprites.png

    Andiluvian Sword, Andiluvian Pickaxe, Andiluvian Armor, Dinosaur Scale and Bone Rattler are all part of the Andiluvian set.
    Rusim Sword, Rusim Pickaxe, Rusim Armor, Acrim Bar and Corroded Flake are all part of the Rusim set.
    The Frontiers:

    This mod is broken down into 7 Frontiers, each with their own theme and respective bosses.
    Each Frontier has roughly two “sets”. Sets are a broad selection of items made from similar components with similar names and styles. For example, the two main sets in the first Frontier are the Tribal Set and the Rime set.

    The 1st Frontier: This Frontier is aimed at personifying the Ice-age/Cro-magnon era. New tribal snow huts are spread across the vanilla snow biome. Made from new tribal walls and furniture these new huts will breath ancient life into the snow biome. These huts are owned and built by a tribe of Cro-magnons who do not seem friendly. New ancient animals can also found like a Wooly Mammoth, Sabertooth Tiger or even some ancient mystical creatures like the Zendrae. You may even encounter a few Cro-magnons while adventuring in the snow biome. A Frosted Medallion is rarely dropped by a Cro-magnon or can be crafted to summon the Alpha-magnon, a large Cro-magnon with giant throwing spears, he keeps his distance from the player blocking out the sun with his spears. Once he is low he gets closer and uses physical attacks like bull rush and ground pound. This is 1 of 2 bosses in the first Frontier. The other boss is the Frostwork Sultan a frozen king who has long since been tasked with protecting the snowy drifts. He is summoned by breaking the Frostwork Everspring hidden in the snow biome in a sacred chamber, the Zendrae, the keepers of the Everspring are summoned and 5 must be killed to weaken the Frostwork protecting the snow biome. Frostwork Sultan is a flying boss with 2 main attacks, an ice beam that inflicts the Hoarfrost debuff and small Zendrae like minions that chase the player. After the Frostwork Sultan is defeated the next Frontier begins.

    The 2nd Frontier: After defeating the Frostwork Sultan the forces of icy evil are lifted from the snow biome and the rest of the world. The new "Primeval Forest" biome that was previously dormant on the surface will begin to spawn new creatures as ancient life is seeping back into the planet. This biome is medium sized and looks like a dense forest with big trees and vines. Similar to the jungle but denser and eclectic, with bigger trees and foliage. It has new items, music, and new enemies like Meganeura and dinosaurs. This biome is aimed at personifying the Mesozoic era. The boss for this Frontier, Rex can be fought by using a Weathered Egg during the day in the Primeval Forest. Rex is a huge dinosaur that charges the player and has a deafening roar. Rex drops many useful items and rarely drops a powerful sword called the Neolithic Edge. After he is fought the next Frontier will begin soon.

    The 3rd Frontier: A day or two after Rex dies a meteor will strike in the Primeval Forest biome as Rex’s astral presence is destroyed. The crater is much larger than a vanilla meteorite destroying ⅔ of the Primeval Forest. Most of the crater is made of Bolide a foreign substance with unknown abilities. There are small pockets of new ores like Sidrealite and Lucidium that the player can forge and use to make armors and weapons. The crater will have new enemies like Striklets and the Etherial mini-bosses, music, and more. Serifica is the 3rd Frontier boss who is summoned by using an “Infernal Crystal” in the crater. She has a fire attack and an attack that rains mini-meteors. Once defeated, she drops a pickaxe which allows the player to mine the core of the meteor(Previously un-mineable). This activates a strange rune and begins the 4th frontier.

    4th Frontier: The rune that opened at the end of the 3rd frontier will change the world, new enemies will spawn throughout most biomes and new secrets can be discovered. The meteorite will cool down, become dormant and won't damage the player when touched. Secret rune lairs hidden in caves and can now be broken into and fought through to gather fragments of ancient material for new magic weapons and summons. These fragments can be crafted to summon Mystican. Mystican has a large orb that she hides in, once shattered she in unleashed and uses ancient celestial spells to kill the player. Once Mystican is defeated a portal can be activated in the main rune lair. A piece of "Ancient Tech" comes through beginning the 5th Frontier.

    5th Frontier: The Ancient Tech gathered from the rune portal will start dropping from enemies around the map. Once the player has accumulated some they can research it with a new research station. This Frontier is filled with new weapons and contraptions that can be automated. The player has lots to craft and build in this frontier, things like quarries that automatically mine for you, ore scanners and warp lines are all things in this frontier. Irridia can be summoned by using a “radiating circuit”. Irridia is a large radioactive golem held together by radioactive liquid. Throughout the fight, Irradia emits radiation which damages the player. This introduces a new debuff, Radiation Poisoning. If the player comes in contact with too much radiation for too long, they can permanently decrease max HP. Once Irradia is destroyed, she explodes sending nuclear fragments across the map. These emit strong radiation and must be approached properly. The player can mine these fragments and get unstable isotopes like uranium and this begins the 6th Frontier.

    6th Frontier: A nuclear frontier. The player has access to nuclear power and weaponry through crafting at a new station called the nuclear workbench. Most technological devices require energy and nuclear energy provides a new solution to power demands. Nuclear beams and bombs are weaponry all available to fight the enemies in this frontier (progression-wise this is post moon lord in vanilla). A small runic temple which was previously dormant in the depths will gain ancient power as Celeum a celestial god awakens. The temple is activated by defeating the Runic event. Godlike entities invade the planet in search of this ancient temple during the event. Celeum can be awakened by inserting a Astral Iota into the Runic altar placed in the temple. After Celeum is defeated he goes supernova and creates a massive explosion. This explosion lifts the astral haze from the planet and satellites from previous civilizations crash down and can be salvaged.

    Final Frontier: The parts acquired from the crashed space devices can be used to craft satellites and long-range weaponry. Thrusters, tanks, and fins can be researched and built to form a rocket. (Using dimensions) The player can travel to neighboring planets in the Terrarium system. Two small planets but with new enemies, ores, weapons and more. “Something didn’t feel right on my voyage back from that planet, I felt… Like I disturbed something…" “I felt guilty, but didn’t know why or for what…” “And then the fiery inferno grew stronger like never before, all life once green now grey and ashen”

    The rest is yours to uncover…

    We have a Discord server! Join up and see behind the scenes on the mod, get exclusive content and talk with the community! Early joiners(first 50) get the "From the Beginning" Role with exclusive access to the server, as well as being able to beta test the mod before it's official and main release.

    We are looking for a developer and music artists, please contact me through TCF or discord if you're interested.


    Update (7/14/19):

    Hello all! Today is a big day!
    Please welcome two new members to the team, A normal guy and Manzello! both working on spriting and animating respectively. As you can see they have been hard at work as proof of the amazing sprites above! I hope these sprites interest you! But something even bigger has arrived, the Frostwork Sultan. The king of the Snow Biome who can be summoned by smashing his altar in a sacred chamber. He is nearly complete development wise so expect a video soon...
    As for the future the team will be hard at work on the mod, but I've heard word of a trailer coming soon, so don't go far...

    Update (6/24/19):

    It's been awhile, a lot has changed so let's get started!
    First off we have two new members to the team! Gapbro and Ajricewiz. Both working hard on development and spriting respectively. Secondly the mod has begun development. Gapbro and I have been hard at work coding the mod and have 26 items done! Also, boss development and spritng has begun for both First Frontier bosses. This mod has come along way and it is amazing to see this team work together so well. In the coming weeks I will post screenshots showing off the sprites and items in game. It's been two and a half weeks and it may seem like this update wasn't massive. That's because the team is working very hard behind the scenes and I don't want to post a bunch of lame wip screenshots. The main point of today's update was to announce new members of the team and that development has begun! We are still looking for an extra sprite or coder, if you are interested submit some work in the comments! If you all want to see some screenshots let me know, I might be able to release some early...
    I am so excited to see this mod and this team grow, and can't wait for what's in store for us in the future.
    - Masi0819

    Update (6/06/19):
    I have been updating the forum a lot recently and it seems excessive and each update only adds a tiny bit to the overall post. So I have decided to step back and rather than constantly updating the forum, release a large forum revamp weeks down the road that will show off a much larger amount of new content. This will give the team a better chance to collect and grind away the mod in the shadows. See you all in a couple of weeks!

    Update (6/04/19):
    I have been hard at work spriting and planning stuff for this mod. The forum page has been updated and as you can see at the top there is a "Features/Roadmap" section. I added this to summarize the mod and show progress for those who quickly glance at the page and want a quick overview. The First Frontier is nearly planned and should be on track to begin development even before July! I added sprites to the First Frontier content preview that are much higher quality and placed better. The old sprite preview was poorly and quickly made, which was a mistake on my part. Of the 53 fully planned items, 24 are sprited. I hope you enjoy the new sprites and as always let me know what you think in the comments and see you next time...

    Update (5/30/19)Part II:
    After talking in many discords, forums and with other developers. Having the biome change with each boss seemed excessive and extremely hard to code. The original plan was to have the biome only transition three times but now the transitions will still happen just not contained in one biome that will be hard to code and mess up progression when played with other mods. Instead of the snow biome "melting" the Primeval Forest biome (which will be a new biome upon world generation and will remain untouched other than enemies that spawn etc..) the biome will become more active and transition into the 2nd Frontier. The meteor will not hit the snow biome it will hit part of the Primeval Forest just like a vanilla meteor but the crater will be bigger and have all the new ores and stuff. These are the only changes from the original plan, after the first three transitions the biome would've remained dormant anyways. The remaining 4 Frontiers come from small new changes to vanilla biomes and enemy drops. Boss spawn locations won't change either. I hope these moderate changes to the early game don't affect the community's enjoyment of the mod.
    - Masi0819

    Update (5/30/19):

    Please welcome our first coder/developer: CubedLight!
    The mod is coming along well and with our new coder, things will go even better. I have released the sneak peek a day early because I couldn’t wait, but please check it out! I can’t wait to show you what this mod is all about :)

    Update (5/19/19):

    I have updated the post heavily and added tons of information about the mod, check it out and let me know what you think! June 1st is fast approaching...

    Update (5/12/19):

    The Discord Server has been revamped and now the invite code works! Join up!
    I have been hard at work on the mod, prepare for a little sneak peek on June 1st!

    Update (4/23/19):

    I have further planned recipes and ingredients for the first frontier. In addition, I have created a couple of mobs in the biome. I have also begun spriting a couple of things.
    In the coming days, I will release the header that I have made.
    As always let me know if this mod sounds interesting, right now it isn't high on my priority but if lots of people are interested I can devote more time. :happy:
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019 at 7:31 PM
  2. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    Interesting idea.

    I thought though first when you said technological advancement, etc. that it's like stone age --> ancient age/antiquity --> medieval --> premodern --> modern --> digital/future
    the ice age, then dinosaurs then alien or whatever sounds much more chaotic tech-wise... but terraria is kind of like that to begin with.

    but how would biomes change from one to another? like snow, then turning into forest then whatever? what would trigger these changes, what would happen with structures of previous frontiers, etc.
  3. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    The Biome would change by defeating the respective boss, and time will also play a factor. A day or two at most.
    The progression will go a little quicker than you might've thought. The 5th frontier is when technology starts becoming a key part, here are the 7 Frontiers in one word.
    1st Frozen
    2nd Forest/tribal
    3rd meteor
    4th mystical
    5th technological
    6th nuclear
    Final Space
  4. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    I'm still not quite sure how would they change. Like what about structures, etc.? And what about modifications the players do on the biome?
  5. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    So the first frontier which is in the snow biome would have the Tribal Huts with chests. When the tribal boss is defeated the biome will slowly melt over the next few days, this will be done by an "X" amount of snow tiles being converted into our new forest tiles. The huts will become run down once the biome is officially converted. That happens exactly 2 full days after defeating the mini-boss(this is only for the frozen frontier btw). Any modifications to the biome or huts won't matter, all snow tiles will be eventually made into forest tiles. player built structures that aren't part of the world gen are exempt. large trees grow over the next two days also. The structures generated below and aboveground stay the same, the tiles just change. That is different for the meteor though, only a small amount of pre-gened structures will remain after impact. Think normal meteor impact, but a lot bigger and more detailed.
  6. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    That sounds complex and difficult to code I guess, but my main concern is more that biomes that change, or things that affect the world changiing/destroying tiles beyond the players' control are rare, I guess and probably because such changes are usually not well received by the players.

    Would if affect the actual snow biome generated upon world generation? or some biome unique to this mod?
  7. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    This would be built into the snow biome similar to the glacier from tremor. Some existing snow biome would remain. So to answer your question. It would effect the world generated biome a little. I wanted this mod to be different and I see a changing, living breathing biome as something new. This biome will be roughly half of the existing snow biome, think of this biome as a canvas for each frontier. Snow, melts becomes forest, meteor hits. Only changes will happen in this biome!
  8. lokopolo5435

    lokopolo5435 Plantera

    Very interested, i hope to see more
    Masi0819 likes this.
  9. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    Thank you!
  10. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    Added tons of info about the mod, check it out!
  11. PhilBill44

    PhilBill44 Skeletron

    This looks like a pretty cool mod. I'll give it a download when it comes out:D
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
  12. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    Thank you! I have no idea when it’ll be out for download but I’m thinking early supporters like you will get a chance to test a beta!
    PhilBill44 likes this.
  13. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    We have a coder!
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  14. CubedLight

    CubedLight Terrarian

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a friend of Masi0819 IRL and I offered to help out with this mod. I don't want to over commit to this project as I have a lot of other things in my life keeping me busy and the reason I am doing this is solely out of my own curiosity and I am not getting paid, but I'm hoping to at least help this project get up and running. I definitely think that what he is proposing right now is a little over ambitious and will need to be scaled back some. I will be talking to him today about making some changes so expect an update soon.
    Masi0819 likes this.
  15. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    Hello Cubed! I will be providing an update on the mod plans at 4:30pm et. Don’t worry not a whole lot is changing!
  16. Extender40

    Extender40 Terrarian

    This looks like a really cool mod! Are there any support banners coming soon? Keep up the nice sprites!
    Masi0819 likes this.
  17. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    Thank you! It means a lot! I haven’t thought about support banners yet but I’ll work on some and release them in the coming weeks.
  18. Lazyshadow

    Lazyshadow Terrarian

    This sounds like a great mod! However, I fear that the textures might be sub par, such as the title.
    Masi0819 likes this.
  19. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    I’m working on a better title, and the title isn’t a great representation of the textures. Thank you for your feedback and I hope you can enjoy this mod one day!
  20. Masi0819

    Masi0819 Steampunker

    Sprites are here! Check out the new preview content now!
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