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3DS Frost Moon & More Coming Soon to Terraria on 3DS!!!

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by 505Games, Apr 25, 2016.

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  1. 505Games

    505Games Publisher/Developer Staff Member 505 Games

    Good Day, Terrarians!

    We are pleased to reveal that we have submitted the second update for Terraria on 3DS to Nintendo for certification! That process typically takes a couple of weeks, and there will be another announcement once we’ve passed and are able to project a release date.

    In the meantime, we wanted to share a list of some of the additions and fixes that you can expect from this update to whet your appetite. On top of the fixes, we are excited that this update adds the intense Frost Moon event as well as some new quality of life functions like doubling your save game slots and giving your characters more inventory space. A more full list is below, and we cannot wait to see how you all enjoy all of these improvements!

    FM 3DS 1.PNG FM 3DS 3.PNG FM 3DS 2.PNG

    Dark top screen.PNG dungeon top.PNG

    larger dungeons 2.png

    Remove Buff Lower Screen.PNG Save Slots bottom.PNG

    Once this goes live, we will be back in the lab, hard at work on the next round of updates – so keep your feedback coming, as it is beyond valuable to guide development!


    UPDATE ON TIMING FROM 505 GAMES (5/10/16):



    • Frost Moon content added.
    • Save slots expanded from three to six.
    • 10 more inventory slots.
    • Auto equip removed.
    • "A" to interact now works relative to cursor position in Manual Aim.
    • Stack speed improved.
    • Quick stack ignores all hotbar items.
    • Buffs can now be cancelled on the Equip screen.
    • Save games refactored so the issue of long save times no longer occurs
    • Addressed a number of crashing-related issues
    • Items in the Trash stay there when you leave the UI screen, making it harder to accidentally trash a wanted item.
    • Players can sell items with no value to shops so you clean inventory quickly.
    • Dungeon Worldgen re-worked to provide properly expansive Dungeons
    • Spawn rates in dungeons rebalanced to fit a more authenitic threatening experience
    • Rules for surface fishing reworked, so you can fish much smaller ponds
    • Bosses now de-spawn 100% if you die – mirroring the PC version and adding challenge
    • Precision screen UI tweaked to add fishing items to left hand pane – tap to toggle
    • Player no longer glows like it’s wearing the Miner’s Helmet by default. Ore glow also toned down. It’s going to get dark out there guys...

    Other Bugs Fixed with this Update:
    • Items becoming invisible when hung on wall
    • Can’t use any item for 10 seconds after using Godly Tempest Staff
    • Bug Catching Net accuracy (can only catch at feet)
    • Lihzahrd temple has no traps
    • Biome Spread too slow
    • Skeletron Prime’s arms each drop potions/hearts
    • Ice Golems not appearing
    • Crystal Shards are very rare
    • Crafting Adamantite/Titanium/Chloro Bars causes unusual slowdown
    • Imp fireballs explode into Goblin gore on destruction
    • Grasshoppers can't be killed
    • Dungeon biome constantly changing to Underground; ruins spawns
    • Flesh Grinder/Meat Grinder naming issues, sprite issue
    • Living Wood/Leaf Wand have some oddities in calculating wood total
    • Holding in Smart Cursor Hammer for backwalls always hammers the first block
    • Building near NPCs frustrating due to interaction conflicts
    • Unusual Recipes Unlocked at worldgen
    • Underworld Biome has way too many Imps spawning. UW spawns overall should be toned down.
    • When going down on a slope in a minecart and using items, the item is pointed the wrong direction.
    • There is "player disabled pvp" spam anytime someone leaves or joins a game.
    • Lots of problems with music and crossfade.
    • Game thinks the player is in a cave when they are in the dungeon.
    • The dungeon being shrunk is causing balance issues.
    • The center of the world needs to be completely flat, so that the player can build there.
    • Some items can only be made from Iron when they should also be made from Lead.
    • Items the player throws go up and slightly to the right, no matter which way they face.
    • Keep finding Magic Mirrors and Bug Nets in chests where they shouldn't be.
    • Reduced corruption sizes are causing problems getting items.
    • Floating Islands treasure chest loot is not distributed correctly.
    • Meteor Hamaxe is 35 bars. Should be 20.
    • Game was not switching into Meteor Zones when near a meteor.
    • Meteorite spawns do not give enough materials.
    • Enemy caster AI is broken.
    • Mana crystals need to be 3 fallen stars, not 5.
    • A large majority of the time when you are fishing, the bobber is shaking and you click but nothing will be caught.
    • You cannot see the fish you have caught on the line when you reel it in.
    • Fishing zones are being picked up incorrectly (i.e. Underground Fish everywhere bug)
    • Bug Nets don't catch critters most of the time.
    • Remove damage from all vanity pets.
    • Autodig should not target a block you are grappled to.
    • Using a grappling hook does not reset jump accessories.
    • Monsters continue to spawn in player towns.
    • Zombies repeatedly jump facing backwards at doors instead of banging on them.
    • Duke Fishron trophy does not spawn
    • Text error for the Valentine Ring tooltip
    • Can't catch surface fish. Game seems to not classify 'surface' areas correctly for fishing
    • Tempest Staff, multiple issues
    • Discount card not working as intended
    • The use time for the bucket is WAY too short.
    • 'Take all' from chests misbehaving
    • Eye of Cthulhu has the wrong boss music.
    • Dryad isn't reporting the rate of Crimson spread
    • Zombies should be able to open doors during a blood moon
    • Unable to create biomes.
    • Sometimes buckets won't collect or dispense water
    • Player stuck in "jump/fall" animation when standing on a sloped tile.
    • Flippers spawn rate is far too low

    We would like to personally thank the community for helping us root out the most troublesome issues in the game. We really do appreciate your support, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts once again on this latest update as we push forward into future additions to the game!
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  2. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    Great stuff there - REALLY digging the expanded/improved Dungeon gen - and really hopeful these fixes will cover a lot of the issues raised by the Community (and internally) since launch. Kudos! (Also, my family thanks you for fixing the extended saving time issues!)

    Everyone, make sure you keep sharing your concerns and issues in the 3DS Known Issues Thread - both before and especially after the update is available! :)
  3. Lowrider

    Lowrider Official Terrarian

    Oh yeah!

    More stuff on my pocket, less save time and more!

    Bring It!
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  4. Berserkerkitten

    Berserkerkitten Terrarian

    Hmm... I wonder if the update will bring some of the missing items such as the optic staff.
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  5. Destroyer44

    Destroyer44 Terrarian

    How long is ''a couple weeks'' in reality?
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  6. Jaymeson

    Jaymeson Spazmatism

    On my friends behalf I would like to say thanks, he is actually looking over my shoulder and reading the list
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  7. Termina Moon

    Termina Moon Terrarian

    This is awesome! Now, how about bigger worlds and online multiplayer? :)
  8. Doylee

    Doylee Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Wow! That is some awesome stuff guys! Inventory Slot improvement is especially going to motivate me to play more now.

    Destroyer44 likes this.
  9. Destroyer44

    Destroyer44 Terrarian

    Im hoping the update to be out within 2 weeks, but that chance is very low i guess :{
    Still, I really appreciate all of you, it's mind blowing how much effort there goes in this game, It's probably the most supportive community ive ever seen, Keep it up guys!!!
  10. Kooledud

    Kooledud Terrarian

    a couple of weeks means 2. So i think so.
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 26, 2016, Original Post Date: Apr 26, 2016 ---
  11. Valkyrie Valhalla

    Valkyrie Valhalla Dungeon Spirit

    Oh hey, even though I don't even play mobile much; it's still pretty sweet seeing them getting improvements.
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  12. Destroyer44

    Destroyer44 Terrarian

    IKR Im having a hard time breathing ahhhhhhhh, ok wut
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 26, 2016 ---
    yay, you should get into the 3ds version, it feels amazing, the controls are such an amazing part of it, Cuz we got dat auto target
  13. Kooledud

    Kooledud Terrarian

    The one think is that they're going to get rid of the glow. That means torches wouldn't be useless anymore :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 26, 2016, Original Post Date: Apr 26, 2016 ---
    and more player slots? HECK YAH!
  14. Destroyer44

    Destroyer44 Terrarian

    I am still using my trusty Wisp in a bottle.
  15. Kooledud

    Kooledud Terrarian

    what's that? Never heard about that item.
  16. Destroyer44

    Destroyer44 Terrarian

  17. Kooledud

    Kooledud Terrarian

  18. Destroyer44

    Destroyer44 Terrarian

    i use it non stop, its in my hotbar every time i play
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  19. Kooledud

    Kooledud Terrarian

    cool lol
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  20. GoldenTerrabyte

    GoldenTerrabyte Official Terrarian

    Sounds cool! I need to hurry and get my 3DS fixed!
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