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Frustrating Things


If 0.999999... is 1. Than is 1 also 1.111111...? Would this also mean that Infinity is Zero if we count hard enough? But no... It can't be. 0 = 1 is illegal and the concept of 0.999999... is 1 is false, because of rounding. But then... What is 1/3? Is 1/3 a nonexistent number? I might need to make another thread for this.
0.9999... being equal to 1 is true, it's just that the academic proofs are imcomplete-ish since you wouldn't expect elementary grade children to understand the intricacies of that. (until you learn calculus that is)
(Link to a video:

The "incomplete" method also never claims that 1 = 1.1111...
The answer to that in said method 10/9 which is indeed correct.
When people expect me to just understand imperial measurements.
I use the metric system, and even from that I hardly understand what the numbers mean in non-text form.
Vice versa for me. A lot of people who use the metric system love to get pissy with those who use the imperial system like me.
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Hmm what really ticks me off are people who think they're better than everyone else and/or are above rules, ESPECIALLY when they're the ones pointing out if you don't follow them.

And also when I die when I have a bunch of gold on me and I have to go ALL THE WAY back to where I was (I usually explore far from my base to get materials/anything else I need)
Pricing on games.

You're seriously telling me that $80 can get me one new game with no extra stuff, or an older game with a bunch of added stuff- oh wait, $80 is now the price for a 10-year old game by itself, and the newer game is on sale for half price- oh wait, now $80 can't buy any of this stuff?

Plus, some companies just can't seem to ever want to put games on sale. I can list games with yearly releases that don't turn down prices of their games, yet studios that don't put out many games but have a lot of stuff in them basically have them on sale a week after release?

Get some standards, industry.


Official Terrarian
Wait... what? o_O How have these conclusions been made? "0.999... = 1 => 1 = 1.111..." step is beyond all understanding.
Number properties have nothing to do with their ability to be represented as finite decimal fraction. In fact means of representing infinite periodic fractions exist: one of them is where infinitely repeating part of fraction is enclosed in parentheses like this: 0.(3); 0.0(142857) which stand for 1/3 and 1/70 respectively (other notations exist but I will use this one here as it is less likely to screw things up). If one decides to change base of numeral system to 3, they may end up with completely opposite conclusions as 0.5 (base 10) cannot be represented as finite fraction in base 3 system while 1/3 can be:
0.5₁₀ = 0.111111...₃ = 0.(1)₃
1/3₁₀ = 0.333333...₁₀ = 0.(3)₁₀ = 0.1₃
Rounding is an operation and is unrelated to all of this as well.
Oh god, looking back, I was so dumb. I apologize for my extreme stupidity, especially for the conclusion that "Than is 1 also 1.111111" - I even used Than instead of Then.
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