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  1. Defure

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    The purpose of this thread is simply to share funny gaming stories and screenshots as the title would suggest, it doesn't matter if it's your own or someone else's, but please do specify which one it is.
    Also, please inform if it includes spoilers and if it does or is really long put it in a spoiler. (Made by clicking on the insert thing next to the one where you can save or delete what you have typed and click spoiler.)
    And of course I'll include one myself (and it's mine)
    So I was basically at the end where you're supposed to escape the vault area and I managed to escape, but the script that made it so you take damage over time for some reason stayed (oh wait, there's no script for that, yet one was active, this story actually happened), even into the end cutscene and killed me during it. (where you can't normally even take damage)
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  2. Crimsion_Mc_Black

    Crimsion_Mc_Black Eye of Cthulhu

    In the super Mario Wiiu edition you could have someone on the game pad set up platforms for other players, I of course misused this abitlity and put on underneath a star coin, preventing him from getting it and causing him to fall into a pit. His reaction was priceless
  3. General Qi

    General Qi Terrarian

    When I was playing Earth Defense Force 2025, I selected my Fencer character with a mounted shoulder cannon, when the level had started and the troop npc's we're saying "yes sir" to the commander and moving forward, I accidentally shot them with the shoulder cannon, effectively killing off most of my unit.
  4. Super Shides

    Super Shides Skeletron Prime

    I Was Fighting A "Dragon" In Skyrim, I Got It To The Point In The Fight Where It Dives Into The Ground, Only For It To Do It... Backwards. It Turned With A Ridiculous Motion I Couldn't Even Properly Explain Unless I Watch It 1000 Times.
    Another Time Was Still A "Dragon", Different One Though, Same Point In Fight, Goes To Dive Into The Ground... And Dissapears INTO The Ground, Coming Out A Second Later Floating In Midair, Then Dying.
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  5. Snapshot03

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  6. (Garry's Mod) That moment when you've played A LOT of prop hunt in TF2 and then you see something that just tempts your old 'prop hunter instincts'.

    Seriously, if this was prop hunt then I would have had found a hiding prop as there are people who'd do this. Especially if they had a bad prop that wasn't the easiest to hide with. XD

    (Note: Was playing a custom singleplayer map when I found this in a corner of the map that was little off the beaten path.)
  7. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    Playing cube world, and i found 2 gnoll adventurers that had hilariously complementary dialogue. They are both talking about different things, but it doesn't look like it.
    u can buy liches wut.png
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  8. xHorizonSwiftx

    xHorizonSwiftx Terrarian

    I was fighting the Destroyer, when I had an EXTREMELY close call with the fight. In the clip, my nurse gets killed by the Destroyer, right after she heals me, leaving me on my own. Luckily, the Destroyer was low. I had no nurse to heal me, but I still tried. So I managed to kill the Destroyer but just milliseconds after, a probe kills me.

    (I apologise for the low quality).
    (Edit: I re-read my writing and noticed a silly mistake; fixed).
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  9. Grapeviner

    Grapeviner Terrarian

    Since I wound up playing Terraria on the 3DS, I abused heart arrows against the twins (after cheesing the fight by making retinazer disappear via the off-screen despawn cheat), and poor spazmatism just looked like he was having an external crisis.

    I didn't take a screenshot, but hey, still pretty funny.
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  10. Babygoo25

    Babygoo25 Skeletron Prime

    I was playing Terraria. I was riding in a Minecart, and passed by an abandoned cabin that was messed up because it spawned partly inside the Minecart track. The chest had contained Herme's Boots, just what I had needed. If that cabin had been 2 blocks to the right, I wouldn't have gotten those Herme's Boots.
  11. Ultimate snowman 46

    Ultimate snowman 46 Skeletron Prime

    I was trying to beat the mechanical bosses but they were too hard, so I used the nimbus rod on Destroyer in platforms in the sky where it couldn't get me (only had to kill probes till it died), then after skeletron prime I glitched out retinazer by getting far away and only had to kill spazmatism in the time limit. (skeletron prime is the only one I ever properly defeated:D)
  12. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    Me and my brother were playing Terraria expert edition on the PS4, and we were fighting the eye of chthulu. My brother used the slime mount on top of the eye, and it would have been a good strat if he didn't go to the top of the world. He died, the eye despawned, and i was one mad lad.
  13. Chips

    Chips The Destroyer

    This might just be a glitch, but during a fight with the Star Scouter (Thorium Mod), both me and my friend died. It seemed to despawn, so we killed the EoC with a spare spawner. We summoned it again, and lo and behold, near the end of the fight, the Star Scouter came back. With the same amount of health we left off at.
  14. Animus Viral

    Animus Viral The Destroyer

    Capture 2018-10-18 13_43_57.png
  15. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    xDxD WHAT IS THATT SEED?!?!?!!?
  16. Purple Cat King

    Purple Cat King Skeletron

    I once was building a bridge in the Underworld when I boxed in a demon and he flew out through the bottom but the thing is I made a floor for the box! Some how he glitched and went through it anyway
  17. Ultimate snowman 46

    Ultimate snowman 46 Skeletron Prime

    I was once building a hellevator, and in the underworld I ended up building blocks 2 down and removing the ones I was on, then just as a tiny bit of lava came through 1 block it said guide was slain, wall of flesh has awoken and of course I ran for the hills, getting nowhere and dying eventually, much later on when I had knowledge I watched that video and realised there was a stupid guide voodoo doll behind the dropped dirt blocks
  18. PancakingTerraria

    PancakingTerraria Eye of Cthulhu

    I was just casually strollig towards my Hallow but suddenly it said "The Destroyer has Awoken!'' me, even though being confused, was ready for battle. But when he appeared...


    A wyverstroyern.
  19. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    One time, I was playing Brick Bronze on ROBLOX, and was talking to someone. Then, we got onto the topic of Donald Trump xD no joke. Considering that I could talk about him on ROBLOX, go ahead and throw your opinion anywhere

    I like trump (wait is that against the rules to talk about politics I forget.)
  20. Purple Cat King

    Purple Cat King Skeletron

    as far as politics gose, I feel that you should keep your opinion to yourself to avoid haters