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Humorous Funny gaming stories and screenshots


Empire Earth. I was playing Island Skirmish. Turns out the yellow AI just had stopped at Stone Age for eternity (Yeah - I revealed it with the Library) and had mostly rock throwers. I was surprised myself why Yellow doesn't attack. But I guess it made my defence easier.

This ain't Pokemon where you can evolve with no effort, Byzantines!

The same stuff happens on Age of Empires too. And hilarity ensues because of that.

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
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Ive seen people spawn on floating islands in YouTube videos (it was a compilation of cool seeds by Tea), and in person, witnessed a player spawn in a comepletely corrupted world. To make it even funnier, the world was supposed to be crimtane.
I was just casually strollig towards my Hallow but suddenly it said "The Destroyer has Awoken!'' me, even though being confused, was ready for battle. But when he appeared...

A wyverstroyern.
That's the most majestic cyborg I've ever seen. Also, a wyverstroyern would actually be easier, as the wyvern's body is weaker, deals less damage, and doesn't summon probes. That was a pretty lucky enemy spawn if I do say so myself.

Ordinary Orange

The Destroyer
No footage, but I was once fighting the Eow, and it somehow dropped a pwnhammer. My friend that I was fighting it with got the pwnhammer and tried to destroy a Demon alter with it (in their pre-Hardmode world). Surprisingly, the alter broke. It didn’t do anything, though.

Foraging Slime

on Hitman i killed this person and his body started spazing, i was on the 3rd floor and while he was spazing he started to glitch like half way through the floor. he was also making noise. he could be seen on the 2nd floor but it wasn't until the body got just a bit further that he actually was seen by the guards and they went on alert. eventually he just fell through but it was still priceless.


I was playing terraria with my friends, and I found a golden chest. On of my friends said "Your not gonna get anything good from that chest." Guess what I got. Gravitation potions AND cloud in a bottle. I was very happy cuz I could get the Horshoe balloon as soon as goblin showed up, and my friend's reaction was priceless. He was like "OMG YOU HACKER GIVE ME THAT RIGHT NOW ILL GIVE YOU ANYTHING PLZ PLZ PLZ" OF course, I said if i find another, Ill trade 5 gold coins for it.

Meta Knight_but_Terraria

Brain of Cthulhu
One time I was playing ACO and I hit an enemy. Since there is blood in the game, blood spurted out. And more blood spurted out. And it kept spurting out. Even when I killed him, it was still just spraying blood. Since I'm a serial killer, I found this amusing.

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
Once, in Gears of War 3, we were playing Horde with the mutator "Flower Blood" and I was just so mesmerized by the flowers that I wasted every single bullet in my Lancer Assualt Rifle shooting dead bodies just to see the pretty flowers. If I was still an ammo waster, I'd do that for normal blood as well XD the special effects are very satisfying in that game (if you blast someone to bits with a shotgun, blood will go everywhere. I find that amusing).

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
Whenever I go to the Hallowed Cavern (Undergound Hallow) I never seem to get very many Souls of Light. I usually only get enough to make two Mechanical Eyes and have a single soul left over.

Any advice though? I keep wanting to farm the Twins because I have so much lead that I could make an arena out of lead bars.

Meta Knight_but_Terraria

Brain of Cthulhu
So, I'm trying to play Bioshock Infinite, right? Well, I was in the middle of a firefight (I was at the part where Elizibeth is to kill Daisy Fitzroy) and I fell under the world. When I was teleported back up, my feet clipped a little under the ground again. This happened for a while until I turned my cam to a freight hook and managed to jump to it.


Like playing City Destroyer at Mantigames. Its sound is funny. And destroying objects brings me a good laugh. I can forget about the stress I am feeling. Here, I build my city, and then destroy it using all means. oh yeahhhhhh

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
I was playing Geometry Dash when I was called, and paused just before dying. I un-paused to watch myself die just for fun, and how it made my day. Oh yeah.
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