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Humorous Funny gaming stories and screenshots

Meta Knight_but_Terraria

Brain of Cthulhu
I believe you mean hell, unless for some reason you think it's a "bad word", in which case you are wrong. If this is true, take Krugs: Grow the Hell Up edition.
In the entirety of my time on terraria, I have never caught the zephyr fish. Then today I went onto my other character in a splitscreen playthrough and at some point me and my friend went fishing. After getting the quest item I went back to my base and they went to the ocean. They have never been fishing before now and the ocean was only the 3rd place they had ever fished. I just glanced down at their screen and they were just opening crates and stuff and getting stuff out the ocean... then I just spotted some words amidst the other writing. Now thinking this wasn't true and thinking my eyes were tricking me, I asked them to open their inventory, and inside they scrolled along and passed the zephyr fish. This was literally the 3rd place they've ever fished at, they're fairly new to the game and I don't think they realised just quite what they had in their inventory.
Me: " How much for the fish?"

Bubby Aurora

The Destroyer
Got instakilled with a green SMG in Fortnite. Because my HP was full and my shields were half, I reported the user for hack/cheat


Official Terrarian

OH yeah I was playing Terraria and found a half demon altar half corruption pot. I broke the pot with a sword, and somehow the altar broke as well and blessed my world with a Hardmode ore.
[doublepost=1556302515,1556302498][/doublepost]wat is that seed?


In Terraria, I was planning on making a new character for a new vanilla world. I randomized my character, and named him Luke, as he looked like a Luke. After that, I made the world and went in. I realized my character was named Lukr, and guess what? My Guide was/is named Luke. Just oof.


So it's just an average day, I traded a strange plant and got 3 blue acid dye, so then I swapped my 3 red dye for the new dye on my armour slots to see what it looked like. A short while later, I discovered my character just turned into sonic


I was playing competitive Pokémon out of boredom, specifically Gen 1. I made this super bad random team, the only one you need to know about is Gengar. So I finally was able to join in on a match, the opposing player had started with a Tauros, and I started with Gengar. My first choice of attack was thunderbolt, however apparently he had no idea about how Pokémon worked because he used hyperbeam as the first choice of attack... Then followed up with a body slam. He ended up being so confused he had actually started to complain how much of a coward I was for using ''hacks''.

Meta Knight_but_Terraria

Brain of Cthulhu
Hold up, to play first gen pokemon competitively you need to have a link cable and somebody else to play with. It seems like you were playing with a random person. How exactly does this work?


I was actually playing on Pokémon Showdown, a built in website created by the Smogon community. It's mainly made for competitive Pokémon battling though. I strongly consider to not enter said website if you're easily offended.

Meta Knight_but_Terraria

Brain of Cthulhu
In SSBU, my :red: was kicked by an AI Meta Knight when I tried to unlock him, in my defense I wasn't playing as my main at the time (yoshi) and wasn't used to the move set.
[doublepost=1566732716,1566732628][/doublepost]Follow up story time, when challenger's approach came up, it ended at the character right before Meta Knight, so I have to wait for another CA.
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