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General Chaos

Official Terrarian
So, when I was maybe 5-6 years old, I started playing Minecraft. I was young, and didn't know much, so here are some things I thought were true...
1. Putting end portals on a mushroom would spawn the ender dragon
2. All the knocked down trees were Herobrine looking for me
3. Or, even worse, it was the ender dragon
I was really gullible as a kid...

Elemental Δ

The Destroyer
So, I was playing Unturned, and I had just started out. I spawned really close to a town, and snuck past all the zombies in the area. I saw a docked boat, and had picked up a load of good stuff, and was way too confident for having just started. I decided to get really close to one of them, and all of a sudden, just as I was thinking that I was basically invisible, the zombie started attacking me.


Brain of Cthulhu
Moments that proceed unfortunate events:
Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 10.37.43 AM.png


Skeletron Prime
I don’t have the photos (sadly)
1 I was playing Skyrim and I look up like you do to check for dragons and see A FLYING MAMMOTH. Listen again. A. FLYING. MAMMOTH.
2. I was at one of my houses is Skyrim and like usual, enemies appear- but wait- where are they? they spawned inside my house. If you have never played Skyrim, you would not know how normal that is
(when I say inside, I mean on the normal map with them inside your house, not inside-inside the house :/)


Brain of Cthulhu
My brother would play for honor and when the map was loading the battle ram that was already destroyed would randomly appear and be got yeeted out of the map

Cheese sticks

Brain of Cthulhu
I'm a Mario kart champion. If dare cross paths with me, you are sure to get demolished.
When My brother and I were younger, we played Mario Kart Wii together. Just when he was about to win the race, I would always quit the game right before he finished.
He has never forgiven me since.

Bonus Story! A few months ago, I played Mario Kart 8 Delux, (SNES Rainbow Road) when I got knocked over the track on the last lap. Someone passed me, laughed at me, and turned the last corner. Well, unlucky for him, I had a bomb. I threw it forward (KOBE), which hit the thwomp, blew up, and made the guy spin out. I passed him and won the race.
I was dying of laughter at the end of it. You can't write that :red: man!!
Oh really I challenge you because I'm equally and maybe even better hehe btw have you ever been on national lb for any mk games and tracks (don't have internet for it)
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Cool,we are two.
My friend:Oh,look all those dynamites like boom boom boom!
Me:Be careful...
My friend:(throws one close of the house i was in he throwed 5 of those because he wanted to rebuild that house.
Me:Im dead,stop shooting.
(coffin dance meme xd)
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