Mobile Game crash under rather unusual circumstances.

Discussion in 'Mobile Bug Reports' started by versusVSversus, Apr 5, 2019.

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    Hello, recently bought the mobile version, loving it so far.

    But to the point :).

    Mining the coin pile placed closer to the character seems to crash Terraria. Tried 3 times to be sure ;).

    Not something a player would often see, I am assuming, ha ha. Still a thing

    Have a good one :).

  2. Unit One

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    Hi there @versusVSversus, thanks for sharing this info as well as providing a screenshot. It looks to me that your world may have experienced some wacky world generation and put a Life Crystal on top of a coin pile (instead of on top of blocks). So it's glitching out if you try to mine the coin pile. Are you able to mine up the Life Crystal first? That may glitch it as well.

    That's my take of what's happening here, can't be 100% sure. So in this instance you may have to forgo the coin pile and Life Crystal and just continue on in the game.
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  3. versusVSversus

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    Thank you for answering. Fortunatelly yes - didn't look Terraria had any problems if I started with the life crystal.

    Meaning I was able to collect coins as well.

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