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Tool Game Launcher

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Ninja Tuna

I very much hope that this downgrade feature comes back from the dead, because I don't want to risk thy self in legal, and virus issues just because I want to play old Exxo Avalon.
It's unfortunate that Steam won't allow downgrades, but what am I to bicker about it, they have all the space, and keeping every past version, of every game, would be too much for one system to hold. I guess I come out of my Nuclear Shelter when anything, relating to Downgrading to, comes out. I hope this time that this stay isn't as long as the last...


Duke Fishron
Can you please add to the Downgrade Patches Menu?
[DOUBLEPOST=1457285047,1457284933][/DOUBLEPOST]Yes, I want to do the same thing Ninja Tuna wants to
[DOUBLEPOST=1457285144][/DOUBLEPOST]Also I can't load the gamelauncher... which means no Terraria for me... at all.


Hi! I have a question, how do I download this into Terraria (where do i place the GameLancher files)? Any help is appreciated!


Hi! I have a question, how do I download this into Terraria (where do i place the GameLancher files)? Any help is appreciated!
Go into your Steam folder Steam/Steamapps/common/Terraria and there you post your things.
BUT make sure that you have renamed your Main Terraria into something else or backuped your Terraria folder before.


New question, on a Mac, where can i find the Terraria Assemble, i go through Steam until i get to the Terraria.exe but then it syas its unvalid for a Assembly.

This is the route to goes through: Z:\Users\CFletch\Library\Application Support\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria\Terraria.app\Contents\MacOS\Terraria.exe

If there is anything wrong with it please tell me, i really want to get the game launcher working if possible.


Empress of Light
Can someone help me please? Im launching GL from Steam but when I try to launch game it says to run game from Steam. What should I do?
I have a problem, when I try to install this, and when I choose Terraria.exe during install, it says:

What do I do?


Pixel Pirate
Just for anyone searching for a version to play the ol' nostalgia mods, just search everywhere for a download somewhere on the deep ends on the internet.

I already found one while searching, I've did a few TaPI playthroughs before, but:

Alot of the mods are R16 now.

Alot of the mods are Tmodloader too.
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