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Working as Designed Game won't register Temple Raider achievement


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 8/8.1
Terraria Version
Controls Used
After I got the new Benched achievement, the game recommended that I go for the Temple Raider achievement. Thing is, I already got that achievement in a previous version of the game. As you can see in the attachments below, Steam thinks I have the achievement, but the game itself doesn't, even when I tried mining more Lihzahrd Bricks in the current version. Can this be fixed before I go crazy and end up mining out the whole Lihzahrd temple?
20200517135210_1.jpg20200517135227_1.jpgTemple Raider cheevo on Steam.PNG


Staff member
The way to unlock the Temple Raider achievement has changed. You just need to unlock the Lihzahrd Temple Door with the Temple Key. That's likely why it has reset in-game and not on Steam since Steam doesn't reset achievements.

Another achievement I think was impacted was the Slayer of Worlds because this update has added 2 new bosses.

A quick way to get the achievement can be to make/use a different world you have, kill Plantera again and use the key on a new Jungle Temple Door.
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