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Music General music sharing thread


I'm actually surprised this thread hasn't been created by anyone yet.
Should i just wait for a mod to tell me there actually is one in some well hidden place?
Anyway, i'd like you guys to suggest new bands and artists or just songs to each other when you feel someone else might enjoy them.
Or just post something you really like, as it isn't 100% known by anyone.
Or at least try not to do that too often.
Whatever, just share.

edit: I'll start with this

Super edit 2.0: ok, this needs to be moved to the media section.
Luckily, there is no thread like this one at the time
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Official Terrarian
♪You are bra-ave!
Even if they say you'll never go far
'cause you're dumb, skinny or scarred
You're perfect the way you are.♪


Been getting into post rock lately.

You might not think this is much but stick it with it, the 3 minute mark makes me..



listening to old BT, at last play: "Smartbomb" from "Movement In Still Life". It's quite a bit of big beat, breaky feel that is echoed in "Knowledge of Self" from "Emotional Technology" years later. All in all, good stuff.

I'm revisitng some missed material before 2000, in case you're wondering -- "Movement In Still Life" was introduced to the UK in 1999, the same year as (you guessed it) Darude's "Sandstorm" -- though BT's "Movement In Still Life" was before it. (The album was released in the US in 2000.)


It's a rare song (You can't find it on youtube 'cause copyrights)
but if you manage to find 使徒奏デシ破滅ノ竪琴 by the band Yousei Teikoku...
Although I love all of their music, this is a rather new release and it's a nice example of some of the harder "metal-ly" stuff they make.
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