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*Generic Introduction Topic Title*


'Sup everyone! I've joined here about a day ago and since it seems like activity here takes up an increasing amout of my free time, I figured I'd quickly introduce myself.

Some of you might have heard of me from the old terraria forums where I barely ever posted, the SMBX forums or maybe mfgg, but chances are you won't have heard of me as I'm not super-popular.
Playing video games, drawing things and watching anime are my most dominant hobbies, but I also enjoy playing board games and games like The Dark Eye (roleplaying game) with my friends.
Music-wise I'm very into Savant and Vocaloid (especially Gumi in the Vocaloid department) and currently popular music is entirely foreign to me.
From watching anime I've developed a goal to learn the japanese language, but I can only read Hiragana and Katakana at this point. I've only touched a small amount of Kanji so far.

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell. Nice to meet you!


Empress of Light
Nice to meet you Emral,and I've also had most of my time taken up by the forums lately,its fun to talk in the different posts a lot. Anyways welcome to the forums~!


Welcome! I'm new to forums in general and I'm just trying to make friends and learn more on game mechanics such as what stats are good, op, or normal, so yeah may you enjoy your time!
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