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Other Art Geometry Dash Icon Art



Hello and welcome to the Geometry Dash Icon Art thread! As a few of you may have noticed, I recently made a couple of icons related to my own icons, and decided to share it with you.

I am accepting requests, so ask away!

Note: There are some cube/ship/ufo/ball icons I cannot do simply because I don't have the glows or outlines for them.

Note 2: Some icons have transparencies because they are where the secondary colour is placed. Please disregard them.



player_01_001.png player_02_001.png player_03_001.png player_04_001.png player_05_001.png player_06_001.png player_07_001.png player_08_001.png player_09_001.png player_10_001.png player_11_001.png player_12_001.png player_13_001.png player_14_001.png player_15_001.png player_16_001.png player_17_001.png player_18_001.png player_19_001.png player_20_001.png player_21_001.png player_22_001.png player_23_001.png player_24_001.png player_25_001.png player_26_001.png player_27_001.png player_28_001.png player_29_001.png player_30_001.png player_31_001.png player_32_001.png player_33_001.png player_34_001.png player_35_001.png player_36_001.png player_37_001.png player_38_001.png player_39_001.png player_40_001.png player_41_001.png player_42_001.png
ship_01_001.png ship_02_001.png ship_03_001.png ship_04_001.png ship_05_001.png ship_06_001.png ship_07_001.png ship_08_001.png ship_09_001.png ship_10_001.png ship_11_001.png ship_12_001.png ship_13_001.png ship_14_001.png ship_15_001.png ship_16_001.png
player_ball_01_001.png player_ball_02_001.png player_ball_03_001.png player_ball_04_001.png player_ball_05_001.png player_ball_06_001.png player_ball_07_001.png player_ball_08_001.png
ufo_01_001.png ufo_02_001.png ufo_03_001.png ufo_04_001.png ufo_05_001.png ufo_06_001.png ufo_07_001.png ufo_08_001.png
bg_01.png bg_02.png bg_03.png bg_04.png bg_05.png game_bg_06_001-hd.png game_bg_07_001-hd.png
All colours are available.

Currently empty!
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I find these... quite awesome!
I liked the styled! :joy:

Could you perhaps make this
in your style please? :)
Uhm, I would, but unfortunately that's not how it works. You can choose from the available things, but creating them I can't do. Keep in mind that these are taken straight from the game itself. Sorry.



I'd like to say, Last Ship and fifth background, colored black and red. (Lighter areas red, darker black.)
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