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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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Brain of Cthulhu
How about unmanned mincarts? They could possibly transport items (which is the real purpose minecarts after all), but mostly I imagine why would be used for either smashing enemies, or implementing complicated logic using tracks and pressure plates (having them activate these is a must).

And while I'm on the subject, how about a break track? Automatically stops and min cart that hits it. Can by toggles off by wire.


My list so far:

  • Sensors - I want to start here, because input is a huge way to open up great builds.
    • Light Sensor - Detects when light hits a certain threshhold.
    • Time Sensor - Detects when it changes from night and day (Day on, Night off);
    • Water Sensor - Detects if it is underwater.
  • Non-Sensor Inputs
    • On/Off switch - Makes levers and switches have an on off state, while on gives constant signal (but no pulse)
    • Targets/Projectile plates - Pressure plates that projectiles can trigger (could be great for adventure maps).
    • Wireless transmitter/receiver - This will help clean up a lot of projects.
    • Active Nodes - instead of any live wire that overlays a wiring object, have nodes that are the active "output" of the wire. This helps in many tight builds where you maynot want a wire to activate something. Allow these to be placed with wrenches (not sure how to swing it) so you can stack them like wire colors.
  • Gates / Signal inverters
    • Signal Inverter - emits a signal if its input is off, does not if its input is on.
    • OR, NOR, AND, NAND, XOR, XAND, TFlipFLop - Gates that can help combine signals (each having 2-3 input points and 1 exit.)
  • Outputs / Trap changes
    • Trap Changes - Allow traps to be rotated (not sure how fundamentally hard this would be);
    • More Statues / Vanity - These are tons of fun
    • Door Locks - Be able to lock a door with a constant on signal (great for NPC control)
Transmitter Device = Crafted with 300 Wire and 2 Souls of Flight
Receiver Device - Crafted with 300 Wire
Placing the devices on an object and right clicking it will change the color of the transmitter/receiver devices, thus making teleporters easier to use. The souls of flight represent the fact that the wires fly to get to the receiver.


Some ideas that have crossed my mind (might be some repeats and/or similar concepts):
  • Diodes: Prevents a wire signal from going down a path you'd rather not have it go. This could be useful for a situation where you want a timer for automation, but might want a single trigger instance on occasion (like a dart trap while farming). Place with left click, rotate direction with right click. Probably tons of other uses I'm not thinking of yet.
  • Make Water Candles and Peace Candles mechanisms. Other light sources can be toggled on and off, why not these?
  • Item movers: A conveyor belt item that can move items and NPCs. Hoiks are great but don't always work in certain situations.
  • Persistent signaling: Current wiring is pulse based, so odd things happen -- turn a torch off with a switch, remove the switch, torch retains state. I'm not sure how this would play with current mechanisms, but this could open the door for some entirely new things, like logic gates and not yet thought of always on devices. Both persistent and pulse signaling should be able to coexist; the pulse state certainly has its uses. "Hot" wire should emit a soft glow.
  • Pulse converter: An inline mechanism similar to a timer that converts a persistent signal to a pulse and blocks the persistent signal. Available in 1- 3- and 5-second versions.
  • Wireless transmitters: I know this has been suggested tons of times, and I'm just going to ninety-seventh it (I'd second it but it's apparently a really long line). I like the channel frequency idea.
  • Tripwire: Placed like an actuator, but walking, flying, or falling through it sends a signal. For example, my hellevator is crossed by platforms in several places. I'd like to be able to fall from above, send a signal that actuates the platform, fall all the way down, then send another signal that de-actuates the platforms without needing to fiddle with switches.


A wiring accessory that shows all wire on screen would be neat, could be tinkered (with Jellyfish Necklace..?) to light up the wire to see it easier. Would help with caving, you'll see traps without having to hold a wrench.

Also, some sort of delay you could put in wires could be neat.


The God-Killer
Make is so that we can connect stuff over long distances without having to do it in these itty bitty increments. I'd love to use portals to make travelling across my world easier, but I am not going to spend god knows how long laying down each piece of wire, one after the other, from now until the end of time, amen.

Just make it so that if I click Point A with a certain Wire/Mechanic Tool, and then repeat that action with Point B, then the wire is set down automatically between the two points. Saves time and, more importantly, makes wiring fun. Anything that can be done to reduce the chore of some Terraria tasks is welcome (and to be fair, 1.3 has done a lot to make things operate so smoothly, so thanks for that).


The way wires work now, the game only has to "think about it" when a switch, pressure plare, etc is activated. If wires stayed "on" it would probably have to think about them all the time. So my idea was to have switches that send "ON" and "OFF" signals to everything connected, but it would still only be a single event.
The game would only have to "think about it" when the state of a wire changed, i.e. when a switch, pressure plate, etc is activated, or deactivated


How about an accesory that will automaticly place wires from point A to point B in the shortest way? This would not only solve a problem of "wireless wires" but would also make placing wires in long distances MUCH easier and faster.
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I havent read through the comments completely so forgive me if im repeating, but I have 2 main ideas seem good to me.

1. Ive a few people on reddit talking about auto connecting two spots with wire, but it doesnt feel like it fits flavorwise to me. I would early game items like bows that could be used to place wire, and late game bots that can be crafted with wire to cause them to place it as they move. Different bots would move in different ways (fly in a straight line, dig in a straight line, follow the ground/wall) and maybe could be crafted with other items (block placement, seed planting, liquid placement??, other????)

2. Something that would be useful for adventure map making is a system using wiring or working similiar to wiring that makes blocks immune to pick/hammer.

a. This would make it so map makers wouldnt have to worry about what type of tools the players have access to. It would also free them to build out of whatever material is most asthetically pleasing to them.

b. People who run online server games could have parts of the map unalterable and still allow normal excavation/exploration.


If enhancing wiring, we need more reasons to USE wiring. Teleporter chest, more and better traps, wire up the cannon and snowball launcher through a chest with its ammo to fire it, make the rest of the animal statues do stuff, what of paint wires to toggle the color of an object?
WIRE that only responds if the switch's input comes from an enemy or a player so you can wire multiple effects to the same all-purpose switch depending on what hit it, variant doors, craft benches, etc designed to cling to deactuated blocks, what else

Also I want the mechanic's boomerench and a melee weapon wrench

OH here's an idea, GEARS as separate from cogs, like wires you can stand on and place by hand to make sprawling clockwork contraptions


Could you give me a detailed example of how wires with on/off states (i.e. if a switch connected to a wire was on, the wire would be on) would make currently simple things more complicated? Maybe you don't understand what I mean, or maybe I just haven't though hard enough :)
Alright, how about a light switch, where you have a room with multiple switches and they are all wired together with torches that light up the room. Right now since wires don't have an on-off state, you could use any switch in the room to turn the lights on or off. If that was changed though, the setup would change into a big OR logic gate where the lights stay on if any switches are active. The only way to change it to work how it did before would be to bring all the inputs into another logic gate that changes it's state when any of the switches are used and then connect that to the lights.


Dungeon Spirit
I doubt the general originality of these ideas, but here they are!

  • A wire hub where any colors can connect.
  • A wireless signal transporter for teleporters and pumps

Luke Smith

You could add cars and for example, 35 iron and 20 wire makes a car body. 10 iron and 15 wire makes an engine, 5 iron and 5 rubber could make 2 tires. Rubber could be harvested from trees, maybe a rare drop, maybe not, depending on which one works better. Then a gasoline can, 4 tires, a car body, and an engine makes a car, with 10 paint determining the color of the car. A gasoline can would be make with 10 gasoline, found underground, and an empty gasoline can, made with 3 iron.

Tyrax Lightning

I've long thought Dungeon Spike's lack of willingness to attack Monsters + a lack of Crafting use for them = Negated Moment of Awesome...

How about a ability to craft Blocks (Block + Wire + Dungeon Spike = "Spike-Trapped <Insert name of Block here>"?) that hook up to Wire that when activated toggles between Spikes out vs Spikes retracted? & it needs to be able to hurt Monsters, or the point of it is defeated. Some of us don't play Terraria PvP. When the Spike is retracted, the block would look exactly like the normal version of the Block.

Edit: Oops, forgot to mention the first time that when crafting the Trap, we need some kinda way to choose the spike's direction to pop out even if that meant making separate IDs for it, unless choosing the direction for the Spike to pop out some other way could be thought of.

Nate McCloud

Many of my suggestions have already been suggested, but I'll go ahead and list them anyway since it's a pain to search through 10+ pages to make sure it hasn't already been suggested.

  • Include a multicolor wrench that can be color-changed via right-click, and either remove the single-colored wrenches, or make them materials for crafting the multicolor wrench.
  • More wire colors.
  • Certain wiring items get a configuration interface that can be opened with a Screwdriver.
    • Use to change connection of rails at 3- and 4-way intersections--3-way to choose which two rails connect, and 4-way to which rail connects to which other rail. Also usable to change a rail into a rail stop.
    • Use to change Wireless Transceiver's network code.
    • Use to change interval of configurable timers.
    • Use to change light level threshhold for Light Level Detector.
  • Rails that can be used for moving blocks along a path. Blocks must have a Frame on it to be moved along the rails. The rails will be visible only when a wiring item is held. If a block's path is obstructed, it stops. If another signal is given, and it cannot continue in the original direction because its path is still obstructed, it will return the way it came. Can be configured with the Screwdriver, since a hammer would not be usable with it.
  • Colored frames to link blocks together and allow them to be moved together along rails.
  • Wireless transceivers with enterable network codes, to wirelessly transmit signals.
  • Configurable timers (constructed with all the other timers--it would probably be too much trouble to add a separate recipe for every combination of alternate ore watches.
  • Liquid level detector sends a signal when either going from liquid to no liquid, or no liquid to liquid.
  • Light level detector sends a signal when crossing a configurable light level threshhold going either way.
  • Piston trap, upon receiving a signal, launches any entity (not blocks) touching it in a direction depending on the direction it is facing. Hammer to change piston's direction. Can even be used to launch characters in minecarts!
  • Hook trap, upon receiving a signal, launches a hook straight out. Upon touching an entity, it pulls that entity toward it until either it is touching the trap, or it hits a block and can move no further. The hook itself deals no damage, but can be used to pull entities into damage-dealing traps. Also works on players in minecarts.
  • Logic gates! However, these would require that the way the signal system works be changed...
That's all I can think of for now. Will edit when I think of more.


I'm afraid I'm too obsessed with some form of automated defense buildings, like turrets, to think of anything else that everyone else had suggested.

but I would like turrets, as well as a small or reasonably big handful of new gadgets, blocks and buildings to piece together with wiring to make some complex and visually pleasing constructions.

I can suggest something like a block that works like a magnetic force, like when a block is alternated between two polarities will push or pull the closes thing to it, or either in front or behind it.

Otherwise, I'm still waiting for turrets to happen, even if Red stated they won't happen. I think it's possible, people are too busy trying to predict how the dev's want it and try to botch any turret ideas ASAP, rather than find a way to make it work. Like make it have pitiful damage capabilities, limit to how many can be on one wire network, have the multi-directional aiming capabilities and give it some ability to lead it shots towards enemies. To top it off, it always aims for the closest thing to it; even if its got one enemy to work on, it'll break away to fire at anything that got recently close, overwhelming it. (and yes, Terraria:Otherworld will have it; It's not out, I don't have the cash yet to buy it, and the argument gets as old as a loaded question.)


Bag of wire
Different colored wire cutters to remove only a certain type of wire (yellow one to remove actuators).
Signal Transmitters
More early game traps


How about unmanned mincarts? They could possibly transport items (which is the real purpose minecarts after all), but mostly I imagine why would be used for either smashing enemies, or implementing complicated logic using tracks and pressure plates (having them activate these is a must).

And while I'm on the subject, how about a break track? Automatically stops and min cart that hits it. Can by toggles off by wire.
This sounds like a very good idea and I'd have to agree with it totally.

As for my idea...how about a day/night detector? That could lead to some pretty clever contraptions. Activates depending on if it's day or night.

And while it may not happen, what about a detector for Blood Moons/Solar Eclipses/Slime Rains? I'd love to use a Blood Moon Detector to warp all my NPCs away into a bunker so they would be safe. Or a Solar Eclipse Detector to start an AFK farm (gotta watch out for Mothron though).
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