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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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1 It would be cool if you could make a big bird terrarium and keep all of the available birds.

2 There could be a low chance to get an egg drops
from enemies that could be hatched in the incubator
. Egg hatchings would be random in every tier.
3 For wirings the master block would be a good item
. It could be as developer item. Master block would have 4 inputs and could execute commands like spawn monsters, change blocks, give/remove items from players so that more adventure maps could be created.


I'd like to see some a piipe system put into play, like sorting pipes that can hook up between chests. An maybe some kind of power generator's like a steam engine!


My Thoughts:

> Someone has already mentioned some sort of wireless extender, to activate the same-colored wire, from a far distance- helpful for teleporters, I like this Idea ~:D
> I love the idea of conveyor belts :dryadgrin:, however I'm not sure as to the purpose of these, except for moving NPCs/enemies (except for farming)
> Note Blocks! Has the ability to change tone on a typical scale. (For making music/tunes/amazing doorbells) [these would have to be actuated to save space, though- dimensions/size similar to a timer]
> I'd really like to see something like a 'colony deed' from the game Starbound implemented into Terraria. Would make the game significantly more enjoyable (despite already being an amazing game :passionate: )

I'll provide a link to the community-made wiki page from Starbound, titled "Colony Deed" Below:


^^ Something like this in Terraria would be amazing, have a read :nursegrin:

(Sorry for going off-topic :merchantsigh: )


Too many pages to read here, so I'm just going to post ideas. Apologies if someone else has already suggested these.

I loved this in Mirai's mod from before. So, for devices:
1) Wireless Tower -- Base range of 300 when on or very close to the surface. But drop below that and you are "underground" so the single range is cut in half to 150. In the hell layer, the signal is dropped to 50. Consider this as a router. It grabs wireless signals within it's range. Then sends the information out via a wire to another device.

2) Solar Panel -- sends out a pulse while on the surface and the sun is out. Inoperative when underground or surrounded by blocks and walls (unless glass is used to allow light in)
3) Lunar Panel -- sends out a pulse while the moon is out. Works only at night.
4) Light Sensor -- this one, you can configure it to work in the day or night, could be crafted by combining the previous two.

5) Orbital Tower -- this one only functions way up high, when placed on the floating islands, or higher up. But it's range is a massive 2000, to simulate an orbiting satellite.

6) Receiver -- receives a pulse wirelessly, and sends it out via wire to whatever you want to attach it to.
7) Transmitter -- sends out a pulse whenever it receives one via wire.

8) Turrets -- auto-firing turrets that either pull ammo from a special chest that is wired to the turret, or from one very close to it. This way you have to craft the ammo to use, instead of getting free ammo like the dart traps. Or else make it a slow rate of fire, etc. I prefer the first, since you can craft your favorite ammo to use, and only one turret is needed. Versus a dozen different ammo version ones.

9) Signal Amplifier - this could be used in conjunction with the wireless stuff, in order to boost the signal. Adding a variant amount, based on location. Or simply double the range. So an Amp hooked to an Orbital Tower could double it to 4000. Or one hooked up in the hell layer would double it to 100.

The towers could handle ALL signals, while the transmitter and receiver could get port numbers. So the transmitter operating on port 50 would only send a pulse to the receiver using port 50. A receiver nearby with port 100 would ignore the transmitter.


What about being able to dye your weapons and fighting pets like armor and accessories? Also a way to make dropped items in a certain place (like on a new block or item) go straight into a chest would be really useful for automated farms. And maybe a new tool that can change the position of walls like you can do with blocks with the hammer. Thanks for reading :)


A boss statue

A boss statue can be a statue that rarely drops from common bosses (or any boss) And will spawn a boss every 5 minutes of activation (Or 10)

New boss

Spider Queen (My boss idea) Could be a spider-related boss that is spawned by Spiders Eye (Or what you wish to call it) That has a 1/500 chance of spawning from spiders. The boss can poisen the user by shooting spider fangs at the user. This boss shoot green beams from its eyes or one of its eyes, that will do a medium amount of damage. Spider Queen could also stomp on the users with its legs. (Users, feel free to lets me know what moves I could add for this suggestion)

Spider Queen drops

Spider queen could have a high chance (1/10 - 1/3) to drop Queen Spider Staff. It could also spawn many Spider Fangs with a 100% chance of doing so. It could aswell have a 1/6- 1/2 chance to drop Spider Staff.

OR if the developers are going for a specific wiring/mechanical theme, this could be another mechanical boss to be added, or if its just random items and it doesnt matter about the theme then you could stop reading and save your time.

New Mechanical Boss: Mechanical moonlord

Mechanical moonlord is a harder version of Moon Lord. All thats needed is a reskin, and optinialy extra moves. Or if this is too much of a challenge due to the size of Moon Lord and the needed detail, there is a second boss suggestion.

New Mechanical Boss(2): Mechanical Slime King

A reskin and harder version of King Slime. A new move could be added where it summons a variety of slimes (Including pinky, rarely as always). It could also have a 2% (Instead of 0.01 from a normal slime and 1% from pinky) chance of dropping Slime Staff. Mechanical Slime King could also use its crown to shoot a beam from its crown gem at the player. To spawn Mechanical Slime King it would require a Slimey Battery, a new item, obtained by killing slimes with a 1/300 chance.

Completely New Mechanical Boss: Wired Snake

You know how children like to pretend play sometimes with plugs and pretend they are snaked or enemys of some sort? Or how we did that in our past? Well this boss is inspired by that. Wired Snake is a Snake-Related boss having wires flailing around it. These wires are used to hit and kill the player, with each hit it does a medium amount of damage and makes the player lose health by shock. It could also (Yea I know more beams) Shoot a beam out of its mouth that will greatly harm the player. Wired Snake could be summoned by getting a Suspicious Plug which could be bought by the Robot NPC. Or if that idea if not wanted could have a 1/550 chance from dropping from a enemy from the Martain Invasion.

Please take this into consideration for atleast 10 seconds because I have worked hard to sketch these things out and come up with ideas and to put all this in. Thanks! And I would appricate CONSTRUCTIVE Critisim from Users, or suggestions on what to add on one of the bosses. Thanks for reading all of this!
Us players need an easier way to deposit and organize... Let's get maybe some organization things like pipe systems and item organization machines that you can program to organize certain blacks or items into cheats or even into trash compactors and all... I'm salty about how my cheats are never clean :,(


Skeletron Prime
3 For wirings the master block would be a good item View attachment 102929 . It could be as developer item. Master block would have 4 inputs and could execute commands like spawn monsters, change blocks, give/remove items from players so that more adventure maps could be created.
I like the idea, it would be really cool for the wiring update.
And noteblocks or soundblocks were cool for making doorbells or alarms or playing custom sounds. that would be awsome

The Nexus Mind

Greetings Terrarians, from the other side of the 1.3 update!

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic response to the update thus far - as well as your assistance and patience in catching and squashing so many nasty bugs. With Mac/Linux launching this week, Mobile/Console update news in the air, and the exciting announcement around the new Nintendo versions, it is safe to say that it is a fantastic time to be a Terrarian!

With all that in mind, the team sat down and started to lay out some ideas around what we may want to explore for future updates. We have a handful of ideas and a general vision for where we would like to take things coming out of that - and that begins today with our announcing that Terraria 1.3.1 will be focused around upgrading the wiring & mechanics systems in Terraria!

View attachment 69102
(Image courtesy of @ajidot)​

Though simple on the surface, the capabilities of Terraria's mechanic system are deceptively complex - as evidenced by many of the amazing creations our fans have developed over time. From the Fountain in the 1.2 Trailer to the more-recent computers (and blackjack machines! ;) ) of 2015, you never cease to amaze us. That got the team thinking - what if we expanded upon that toolbox of capabilities? Even better, what if we asked you guys for your ideas in doing so?

Well, that is exactly what we are going to do in this thread. You get a sense for what we are trying to do with 1.3.1 - now we need your ideas for how wiring and mechanics can be taken to the next level. To submit your idea:
  • Simply post your idea in this thread which as much detail as you can provide.
  • Anything is fair game: new items, new switches, more wire colors, etc.
  • The team will read through all of your ideas along the path to development for 1.3.1, and incorporate any new ideas that seem really cool
  • Of course, we already have our own internal list of "stuff", but we will keep that a secret for now.

Ok, we will let you get right to it - we look forward to hearing all of your amazing ideas.

Can you make an addition to make things activate during events?


Wish I had found this thread earlier. Oh well, if it's not to late, I'd like to see:
-Pine trees and oak trees with sprawling branches, to give the surface some variation.
-Ability to rotate traps
-Quicksand (desert)
-Giant crystals underground, in the background like mushrooms but can be mined
-Dust devils in the desert because <3 tornadoes
-Different colorful flags you can place that wave in the wind
-Bonfires in addition to campfires because bigger fires= bigger fun!
-Wheat, carrots, potatoes and such to plant and make food. Cook advanced food at a hearth (pot + fireplace). Cows for milking. Terraria has fishing, why not farming? Let's go Runescape level grinding ;-)
-Horse mounts you can tie up so you can have a stable, or park at a hitchin' post.
And finally, if you're in the business of adding biomes, I think it would be nice if a corrupt jungle became a Swamp Biome so it's at least somewhat useful if you don't work to un-corrupt it. And I have some monster suggestions for that, so come talk to me haha.


OK here r meh ideas

1) add cthulhu (last pre-hardmode boss)
2) add turtles pls add turtle$. PLS 4 TEH LUV OF GOD (if you believe in god) ADD TURTLE$. also spell 'turtle$' with teh '$'
3) I is also a firm believer dat everyone need more dargons. Something happened in teh cold war or something like that that turned america on dargons, and now there aren't enough dargons in teh world. dont tell me dargons arent real because i hav seen them with my own 3 eyes they r just as real as unicorns so add dargons. #dargonlivesmatter
4)Alzo add giraffes, otters..elephants... o and koalas 2 pls
5) and finally make a biome named after meh

Now take a look at this MEME pls


Mr Esmen

Hello all I have an idea for the game in General why not add you game special book in which will unlock monsters as I find them and it would be nice if they had a not great description and: the level of danger, damage, Defense, special abilities such as the javelin throw well short of detailed information about monsters and their in the game a lot it would be interesting to assemble a collection in the book what do you think?


Quality Assurance
Staff member
129 pages of ideas . . . very impressive!

Thanks to everyone for all the brainstorming, but as recent news posts have indicated, 1.3.1 is drawing ever closer, and it looks like its time to close this thread.

For the most recent news on 1.3.1, please check out this thread:

And as always, forum members are more than welcome to post their suggestions in the forum suggestion section, found here:
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