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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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A Round Robin.
Crafted with a 1 sec Timer, 3 sec Timer or 5 sec Timer. Changes the direction of the power at every [1,3 or 5] sec. Works with every mechanical items except Power Sources. It would also change color based on the wire that is used. (Also when there are two wires. Purple for red and blue, Orange (or brown) for red and green, Turquoise for blue and green. Would also work with new wires [if they are added].


Skeletron Prime
Alterable timers via ticks using Spectre Bars.
which would alter the 'Tile.Timer' variable inside the timers of clocks and blocks.


Duke Fishron
I'd love to see a mechanic that allows a block to move through paths. Like moveable platforms.
Beside that, I'd like to see:
  • Day/Night Checker: If it's Day or Night, the switch will count as on.
  • Bloodmoon/Eclipse Checker: Same as above, but for bloodmoons.
  • Auto Turn On: Turn on mechanics automatically upon entering a world.
  • Light Level Checker: If the Illumination around the Light Checker is lower than a value you define, the light checker will be turned on (usefull for night lights).
  • Debuff Traps: Works like the flamethrower trap, but the smoke shot by it inflicts debuff to the players inside it.
  • Billboard: When turned on, blinks a text the player have setup, right clicking the billboard with a Wrench to chance how it works or the text.
  • Alarm: When turned on, starts flashing and making sounds.
  • Boss Checker: When placed on the way of a wire, if there is a boss spawned nearby, the boss checker will not trigger what is after that boss checker until the boss is dead.
  • Spawner Block: This can only be acquired out of the game through map editor (or with end game resources includding luminite bars), for those who wants to make their own adventure map, allows the map maker to spawn a boss near the player when it is triggered through wires. Nothing is acquired when destroyed.
Well, those are all the ideas I have for the mechanics system.
In case the Auto Turn On idea is no good, maybe could implement so turned on mechanics does not turn off.


Gear Dispenser, sold by the steampunker for some amount of gold.

Hang it up somewhere, and when you activate it, it spawns a gear that acts like a 2x2 boulder. It can activate pressure plates and only despawns under certain circumstances, but it does nearly zero damage to enemies.

It sounds simple, but there's lots of possibilities if you get creative. For instance, if you wire two switches up to one dispenser and one actuated block each, you can create an AND gate, or you can create an randomizer if you spawn it on top of a pointed surface.


I want to see some Monitors added in, where anything with a function wired to the monitor can be controlled or activated through the monitor. So, for instance, if you wired three teleporters up to the same system, then installed monitors you could select your destination through the monitor. Likewise if you wired chests up to the monitor you could view and access the inventories of all chests wired to the monitor. You could add in configurable timers that can be controlled by the monitor as well.

The monitor itself should just be an extension of current systems, it shouldn't have any real power for setting timers itself, it could just detect what it was connected to and control it.


If currently placed switches were replaced with push buttons, which is really what switches currently are, then I think alot of things would work the same way, except lights if they where changed. The problem I have with different kinds of wires is how to explain that to the player
*a lot ;)

Fair enough, I was going to say that it would require all wiring-related objects to be rewritten, but not any more than they would with my suggestion, so I'd say that's fine indeed. And you're totally right about multiple kinds of wire of course.


Pretty sure its been mentioned but I have only read the first page.

Laser Tripwires

The item would be called Laser Module and you could place them anywhere like an actuator. They'd have a range of only a few blocks (like 5) so that you could zigzag them or make shapes etc. But basically when activated, they would generate a laser that acted like any other switch, activating doors, traps etc. some samples:

Laser Module A
Can be placed
Generates a laser gate
Activates when a player crosses the beam

Laser Module B
Can be placed
Generates a laser gate
Activates when anything but a player crosses the beam

So whatever these are wired to would activate when the laser is crossed.

Then you could have a deadly variant:

Laser Module C
Can be placed
Generates a laser gate
Severely damages monsters that cross the beam

To avoid insta-killing bosses with that last one you could limit the damage to say, 750. It would be enough to keep out mobs while allowing you to have an open building.

Or for a non-lethal variant:

Laser Module D
Can be placed
Generates a laser gate
Monsters cannot cross the beams

You asked for ideas, so I'm throwing it out there.
A cool idea would be levers that only turn on certain color of wire. That way if your wiring is tight spaced, you can pass a blue wire past, say, a green lever without the blue wire being activated when the green lever was switched. For the design of the certain colored levers, you can put a little green, blue, or red box within the lever just so the player knows which lever it is instead of the lever being colored all green, all blue, or all red to keep the original design of that mechanical grey color on the lever.


#1: Increase the placement speed of wires by almost double the current speed AND allow Building Potions and Brick Layer to affect wire placement speed.
It takes forever to place wire as it is.

#2: An accessory that increases the pickup range of wires, similar to how the Celestial Magnet works.
I don't know how many pieces of wire I've left embedded in a wall because screw it, I'm not digging the wall out to get them.

#3: A tool or accessory that places or toggles Actuated blocks.
Especially handy if you accidentally break a couple actuated blocks and said blocks aren't connected to a wire system.

#4: Make placed wires appear at their maximum brightness, no matter what what the current light level is.
Would make it A LOT easier placing wires in a dark area.

#5: Make an accessory that must be equipped in an accessory slot that displays all wiring, even without having a tool equipped.
Need I explain more?


Add a gosh dang yellow and pink wrench.

Also add treadmills or conveyorbelts.
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Stahn Aileron

Wire-Tester: It's a tool (like the Wire-Cutter and Wrenches). Selecting it lets you see all the wires (like any other mechanism-type item). What it lets you do is activate a mechanism/wire without needing to attach a switch/activator of some sort first. Just left-click on the wire/mechanism with the Tester selected/equipped. It's basically a portable, handheld switch. Useful for testing out sub-sections of large creations for troubleshooting or something. It's less running around to test a circuit since you don't always have to run back to a placed switch. (For overlapping wire colors, the simple solution would be to just trigger all wires in a single block location.)

I wish we could have large lengths of wire (Wire Spools) like Rope has Rope Coils, but that works for rope because it goes in one direction only naturally, so I'm not sure how that would work. (I'm taking classes for an associate's in Network Systems Administration, so wiring up a physical network is fresh in my head.)

Junction Board (or Wire Splice): Place-able item. Lets you directly connect two wires of different colors so they can carry a common signal (because sometimes you forget which wire colors you used for what and don't wanna re-wire an entire contraption just to integrate it with another one.) Just overlap some wire colors and place this on the overlap point. (Merges any and all wires at the junction point.)

Soldering Iron: A tool, wiring's equivalent of a "hammer". Lets you (selectively) diagonally connect wires.


Sorry if there are any duplicate ideas here.

-Sundial switch that triggers at sunrise/sunset.
-Weather-based or event-based switches (rain, blood moon, etc).
-Gender-sensitive pressure plates.
-More background-changers (like the craftable lunar event towers).
-Amplifiers (for increasing music box ranges or light intensity).
-Agitator (increases enemy difficulty and frequency in AoE).
-Geysers that can push players up in a water/honey/magma stream.


New Items:

Radio Antenna: Sold by the Cyborg for 5g.
Radio Unit A through Z: (5x Wire + 2x Gold/Platinum Bar + 1x Radio Antenna)
Function: Signals are sent to and from the same letter (Radio Unit A to Radio Unit A) units as if they were wired together (useful for pumps and teleporters!) If you have three of them, it is like having all 3 wired together, etc.

We could also do things like AND/OR gates, Memory chips that can store 0s and 1s, etc.


MORE 1.3(.1) HYPUU!!

Anyways, my idea.
-Wire Transmitter: Something used to teleport wire a distance without having to hook up wires all round the world.
-Yellow Wrench. Pretty self explanatory.
-Slightly buff the placement speed of wires.

That's all I have.


Hmm I haven't the time to read all 14 pages unfortunately to see if this has already been suggested but I would like the ability to combine wrenches and wire-cutters so that we could use both the right-click and left-click options to add and remove wire without having to switch between tools. I suppose there isn't precedent for that though as I can't immediately think of any other items that have a both a right and left click function.

I'd also enjoy the ability to electrify water so that it harms enemies and players who enter it by connecting wire to some sort of generator object you could sneakily hide in a small body of water.


(Too lazy to read anyone elses suggestions... so...)
Sensors. (Player, mob, etc.)
Tripwires. (Activated by walking over/through.)
Spike traps. (Extendable and retractable blocks with spikes... kinda like spear traps but can go any direction.)
Decorative smoke/fire blocks. (Like the flame trap, but... without the whole... killing you... part.)
Aaaaaaaaaand... Screens/Cameras. (Dunno if this is physically possible or not, but that would be really cool in multiplayer and singleplayer.)


More traps and more varied traps
add a 4th purple wire type
Can you make it so players can dye vanity items on manekins and womanekins
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