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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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I have a feeling that the yellow wrench will make it in. However, there are a few other colours that people have been discussing about, and I have an idea that can fix that and another common suggestion. There should be a little button to the right of your hotbar, clicking it will reveal another row above it for dyes. So that means you can dye weapons, and If you remove all coloured wrenches, dying the wrenches will have the same effect as what we have now. That would enable a lot of dye combinations, as there are is a huge collection of dyes available. Plus a rainbow pulse bow would be nice...


Wireless wiring (Using map, like screenshots)
and (this doesn't really count as wiring but) Time Changer, Weather changer and a teleporter (right click to change places - Jungle, Underground jungle, Corruption/Crimson (and Underground variant) Spawn point, Cavern, Snow (with Underground variant) Hell, ocean and Desert (with Underground variant))
And these would use 200 mana and give you a debuff that disables mana to regen (potions will not work)
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Hie the Badger

The Destroyer
I think there should be a thing that's like. A wrench that you can change the color of on the fly instead of having to switch wrenches.


I domt know if this was suggested before but teleporters should have a 4 digit menu and teleport you to the teleporter of the same number. To counter this they should cost like 50 gold or something ridiculous.
Also I know this isnt the place but you should (IMO) redesign the painting mechanic, it feels kinda lackluster.Maybe add random rare paint that provides buffs to nearby players, buffs that increase in power (or distance) with the ammount of blocks painted.


I'd love to see a mechanic that allows a block to move through paths. Like moveable platforms.
Beside that, I'd like to see:
  • Day/Night Checker: If it's Day or Night, the switch will count as on.
  • Bloodmoon/Eclipse Checker: Same as above, but for bloodmoons.
  • Auto Turn On: Turn on mechanics automatically upon entering a world.
  • Light Level Checker: If the Illumination around the Light Checker is lower than a value you define, the light checker will be turned on (usefull for night lights).
  • Debuff Traps: Works like the flamethrower trap, but the smoke shot by it inflicts debuff to the players inside it.
  • Billboard: When turned on, blinks a text the player have setup, right clicking the billboard with a Wrench to chance how it works or the text.
  • Alarm: When turned on, starts flashing and making sounds.
  • Boss Checker: When placed on the way of a wire, if there is a boss spawned nearby, the boss checker will not trigger what is after that boss checker until the boss is dead.
  • Spawner Block: This can only be acquired out of the game through map editor (or with end game resources includding luminite bars), for those who wants to make their own adventure map, allows the map maker to spawn a boss near the player when it is triggered through wires. Nothing is acquired when destroyed.
Well, those are all the ideas I have for the mechanics system.
In case the Auto Turn On idea is no good, maybe could implement so turned on mechanics does not turn off.
For most of these to work, there has to be an on or off. RIght now there isn't, only a single pulse down the wire when triggered. I'm hoping they revamp wires to be on/off.
I think there should be a thing that's like. A wrench that you can change the color of on the fly instead of having to switch wrenches.
Wrenching an already placed wire with a new colour should just colour the wire.


Heck yeah T-MEC!

Here's what I'd love to see:
Color-specific wire cutters / omnicutters that cycle through wire colors (and actuators) with right click
More wire colors
Insulated wire
Bottomless wire bag
Logic gates
More types of switches (even just aesthetically)
More types of traps
Wireless transmitters
Sensors (eg, daylight sensor, liquid sensor, block sensor, item sensor, proximity sensor, biome sensor)

...so basically a lot of the same stuff that's already been mentioned.


Skeletron Prime
Thing similar to repeaters in minecraft. They delay wiring signal for 1-3 seconds - it'll make easier to create "waving" spear traps.

And moar stuff and interactions for more puzzles!


Seperator Block - Wire of the same color for example Red, when passed through this block, they aren't connected. for example: Horizontal wire won't interfere with vertical wire of the same color if that block is present. It's a wire-only block like the Actuator.

If that doesn't make it though,
Orange Wrench.


I'm no game developer so I have no idea how to balance this, but some sort of "copy paste" machine/item would be awesome. Also, some sort of item transport and sorting to and from chests would be amazing!


Inactive (insert colour here) wire: will only send out signals if activated by another colour of wire beforehand.
Broken (insert colour here) wire: will connect to the wire of the same colour and allow normal wire of the same colour to activate things, but will not activate anything on the tile it is placed on.


Since wiring and stuff are usually used for farming and the monster that spawns depends on the blocks it will spawn on, then how about something like mimic blocks. There are 2 items/parts for this to work. The first works in the same layer you would place an actuator and it is placed over the type of block you wish to be copied, and the wiring leads to the actual mimic blocks themselves that "transforms" into the blocks desired. With the right wiring and logic gates, you can use one single farming area and switch it into different types of desired biomes instantly as desired with the flick of aa switch or pressure plate. If it's possible, we can have mimic walls too in order to make an artificial dungeon.

Also, how about making it so that teleporters can be used / activated by just standing on it and pressing down. Makes it faster and easier to use than having to press the switch/lever. Pressure plates kind of work in making this possible already, but it also uses up space.

Other than that, a timer that works at a random range (like 1-5 secs) could be useful for some fun builds.
Jumpin' right in:
- More interactable(?) blocks! Gemspark Blocks and some other furniture are only tiles we can actually interact with and the only thing we can do with 'em is turn them off/on. Shaaame ;(
- Fans! How about something that could move Items/Mobs/NPCs/Players around (no, not hoiks)?
Note: As there's no real ON/OFF setting in wiring (only simple impulses), fans could activate for a certain amount of time.
- Yellow (and/or) Pink Wrench, for the sake of team-colored wires!
- Player/NPC/Mob/Block Proximity Detectors(?) - if a Player/NPC/Mob/Block comes nearby, send an impulse.
Note: More complicated Detectors: If a specified Player/NPC/Mob/Block comes nearby, send an impulse.
Note #2: 3 variations, like with Timers? 3/5/10 Blocks?

- Item Dispenser (yeah, yeah I know...) - something to support Fans in what they do.
- Launchers - stronger version of Fans, launches you into the space somewhere! (yes I know, Portal 2, I know)

More ideas to come, but I guess nobody will read this post again (like if anyone ever did), even if I edit it, so welp.

//Off-Topic: I wish Pink Slime Blocks would actually keep your height, instead of slowly decreasing it.
//Off-Topic2: Some types of blocks Portal-proof? Glass?

The problem with Impulse VS ON/OFF Wiring is that with ON/OFF you'd have to press a Switch 2 times VS 1 if you want to summon a Mob/Item with Statues.
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My suggestion is but one and a simple one at that. Being able to place switched and levers upside down on the underside of blocks. :]

Flux Pavilion

I think, that there should be something like 10 frames timer and some RNG block, that connected to multiple wire colors, activates random one


Random things, not sure if they are mentioned already
Wireless Transmitter & Receiver -
These can be hammered into different generic shapes (and will display a color related to the colors of wire connected to it). They will send/receive signal to other objects within a fairly modest distance, as in a triangle shaped transmitter signal will only be "accepted" by a triangle shaped receiver. The transmitters will only emit signal based on color of wire connected to them, and the receivers will only accept signals for the colors of wire connected to them.

Perhaps 2-3 tiers of them, with the highest tier covering a huge range on the map.

Repeater Switch/Pressure Plate/Lever -
This object will continuously (every few ticks) send signal across connected wire as long as it is toggled on (switch & lever), or as long as it has an entity standing atop it (pressure plate). This particularly to save time/space for builders that use elaborate Bird Trap designs to accomplish something similar.

Macro Recorder -
This handy little block, when activated by a Red wire, will record the next single interface action. Then, when activated by a Green wire, it will repeat that interface action. Any other color of wire will clear the stored interface action. And by interface action, I mean along the lines of "quick stack to nearby chests" or "un/assign NPC from house".
Mostly because this kind of block would save a lot of mass-clicking that I do running through my chest storage room - or you could set up a convenience for these by building a house in the jungle, and upon pressing the plate/switch, it would automatically move the Witch Doctor into it (and if done from far enough away you could save yourself a minute or so doing it manually at night to move him there quicker).

Any interface actions recorded by this that would place something in the trash will also record what type of block/item was trashed and attempt to trash just matching blocks, for instance.

Turtle (?) -
From the Minecraft FTB/mods, primarily a lite command-line API for them (eg: dig 5 10, digs a pit 5 tiles wide and 10 tiles deep; tunnel 3 30, digs a horizontal tunnel 3 tiles high and 30 tiles wide). Turtles themselves would have a small 3x3 inventory with which to place/build things somewhat autonomously using whatever blocks it has in it's inventory (eg: build rect 30 30 fill , builds and fills a 30 by 30 square, build circ 30 60 nofill, builds a circle within the rectangle of 30x60 and doesn't fill it).

Distribution Chest -
When activated, it will distribute it's contents to other chests connected to it by wire. Sort of like the Macro Recorder but perhaps a little more balanced as a on-stop-drop off point to dump your junk, push a button, and let it sort itself out.

Requester Chest -
The opposite of Autosorting Chest, would have an input for you to type (or place?) a block for it to retrieve from chests connected by wire. The retrieving activated, of course, by signal.

** The above two to allow for distant/hidden treasure caches that you could still deposit into and retrieve from.


Heres my big list of fanciful things, ether already said or not here I go:

More Wrenches: Yellow and pink wrenches would be nice. Maybe a stretch for black, white, purple, and brown wrenches as well.

Craftable Traps: Make more uses out of them darn hardmode boss souls, make old and new traps craftable. (Though prehardmode dart trap perhaps could use mechanic items to craft or could just be sold by her, as hardmode boss drops being used would make it pointless)

More Rotations for Trap Items: Dart/lizhard/etc. could have more positions for more possibilities. Hammer, of course, would be used to rotate.

Logic Gates: Been said quite frequently and already mentioned but I felt like maybe I should mention it again. Things such as XNOR or AND gates would be a very nice addition and bring the mechanism level to rival (or maybe even surpass) minecraft or starbound.

Mob Minecarts: A minecart that would trap mobs that are not worm type, boss type, or flying type. Such a cart could be used for cart powered mechanisms.

Hopper: Funnel device that collects goods from mobs in traps, once placed over a chest it will funnel goods into it. The hopper then can be toggled by mechanisms.

Unrelated: Please make marble blocks drop from marble mobs, I cannot stress that enough as I feel like the granite biome has an unfair advantage over marble's decorative use. (Other than her head I think that ol' gorgon should drop marble, also hoplite could be made into a marble soldier or just generally drop marble)


Duke Fishron
The only thing I really want is a wireless transmission system, so that my teleporters can just run on xx frequency and receive that certain transmission. That would be a much easier way to connect teleporters together, possibly end-game stuff. For the rest, I'd love more advanced stuff like logic gates (AND,OR,XOR etc.) What about a feature so you can 'hire' the mechanic to do work for you? Let's say you've built a house with several objects that give light such as chandeliers and lamps. You could 'hire' the mechanic to let her wire those chandeliers and lamps to switches. Wouldn't that be cool? :O


I haven't read the previous 21 pages of discussion, so I don't know if it's already been suggested (or if it's already implemented).
I think a visual sign for if a line is active or not would be practical. So if wire is not active, it would be black except for the coloured stripes, and when active, it would look normal. Or it could sparkle when active (only visible when holding a wire-related object).
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