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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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I Dunno if this Even fits the "Mechanical" Theme but i'll give it a Shot:

Modifiable Turrets

Why turrets you Ask? Because its atrocious to defend the NPC's if they always get attack by Pixies and Unicorns (Dont get me started on the Solar Eclipse....)

Early Game Metals
Iron/Lead Turret = Shoots 2 Bullets/Arrows every 5 Seconds / Ammo: Bullets and Arrows

Gold/Platin Turret = Shoots 3 Bullets/Arrows every 2 Seconds / Ammo: Bullets and Arrows

Hardmode Turrets

Cobalt / Palladium = Shoot a Cluster of Bullets/Arrows at the Same time (Just like a Shotgun)/ Ammo: Bullets and Arrows
Mithril/Orchicalum = Shoots 3 Arrows/Bullets in Bursts (Like the CWAR)/ Ammo: Bullets and Arrows
Adamantite/Titanium = Shoots Bullets/Arrows rapidly / Ammo: Bullets and Arrows

Jungle = Shoots Poisenous Stingers that will Do damage over Time

Corruption = Shoots rapidly Cursed Flames (Flamethrower in a Nutshell)/ Ammo: Cursed Flames Canister

Crimson = Shoots a rapid stream of Ichor / Ammo: Ichor Canister

Hell/Underworld = Shoots a Giant Lava Boulder that on Impact splits into smaller ones / Ammo: Lava-Infused Boulders

Dungeon = Arrows fired from this Turret will gain Very High velocity ( Near instant Velocity) / Ammo: Bone Arrows

= The ocean turret will Shoot Coral do "Not-so-great-damage" but have a Chance to Stun an Enemie

Lizhard Temple = This Turret would shoot Heatrays that would apply the "On Fire!" Debuff / Ammo: Heatcells

Hallowed = This Turret would shoot Crystal Shards that would split in 4-6 Shards that would also do damage / Ammo: Crystal Bullets or Crystal Shards

Snow = Shoots Snowballs rapidly , with a Chance to apply "Chilled" Debuff, but with Lower Damage / Ammo: Snowballs

Sniper Turret = a Turret that would deal High Damage at the cost of Speed. / Ammo: Bullets

Tesla Turret = This turret would shoot a Constant beam of Electricity at Enemies / Ammo: Energy Cell

Boulder Turret = Self Explanatory, This turret would shoot a Boulder that would do Massive damage but as a Trait-off, would have a 10 Seconds-Cooldown

Rocket Turret = This Baby shoots Homing rockets that would do Massive damage but would Travel with a slow velocity / Ammo:Rockets

Machinegun Turret = This Beast would Shoot Bullets VERY RAPIDLY but as a Trait off- very inaccurate / Ammo: Bullets

Solar Turret = Shoots explosive Solar Charge's that Apply the "Solar Flame" Debuff / Ammo: Solar Charge

Vortex Turret = Shoots a Big Charge of Pure Energy that needs atleast 3 seconds to fully-Charge itself/ Ammo: Vortex Powercell

Nebula Turret = Sends out Cosmic Rays that Travel with a Slow Velocity and home on Enemies/ Ammo: Nebula Generator

Stardust Turret = Shoots out a big Star that would pierce infinitly but with no Knockback/ Ammo: Fusionstars

Thats about it
Hope you like it!

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A "Martian Cannon" block, something that fires horizontally and scales (not sure if this is possible) with ones placed above and below it, I mainly suggest this just because my builds are usually spaceships that have a big cannon on them, and it's slightly disappointing I can't just fire the cannon and wipe the martians off the top of my ship


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Yellow, Orange, and Purple wrenches, and a wire cutter for all colors, plus a black wire cutter that cuts all the colors of wire.

EDIT: and a martian madness summon item.


you do k
More types of boulders style items that do more damage or have different effects like:
Molten boulders that leave a thin trail of lava behind them and can be upgraded to any of the different fires. Made using 5 hellstone and 5 stone,
Crystal boulders shattering on impact similar to the bullets. Made with 10 crystals,
Bomb barrels that have a fuse and after rolling a certain length of time or making contact with 5 enemies explode for massive damage. Made with 1 Explosive and 10 wood,
Slime boulders that bounce off enemies and ricochet off blocks but deal low damage. Made with 10 slime blocks,
Honey boulders that stick up to 3 enemies to them and continue rolling but deal no damage. Made with 10 honey blocks,
Sandworm Pile, a mass of rolling sandworms that gets bigger and deals more damage as it kills and devours enemies in its path. Made with 10 sand and 1 Vile/Vicious powder,
Logs, basically a cheap boulder alternative, would deal lower damage than stone boulders. Made with 10 wood,
Burning hay bails, would give hay another use, even weaker than logs but leaves a trail of fire. Made with 10 hay and a torch,
Firework barrels, the barrel deals low damage but it shoots out fireworks in random directions as it rolls. Made with 10 wood and 1 firework rocket,

These could all be crafted with a new crafting station used specifically for making different kinds of boulders.
Maybe a boulder cannon could be implemented too, able to be wired to levers and timers etc
I made a suggestion about this awhile back...
crafted at sawmill (8 wood)
20 damage

the classic

Ice boulder
crafted at tinkers workshop (4 ice)
60 damage

Giant Snowball
crafted at tinkers workshop (10 snow)
10 damage
damage and size increase when rolling on snow.
the longer it rolls, the bigger and more effective it is, capping at 200 damage.
breaks when hitting an enemy

ebon boulder
crafted at tinkers workshop (4 ebonstone)
70 damage
spreads corruption upon breaking

crimstone boulder
crafted at tinkers workshop (4 crimstone)
70 damage
spreads crimson upon breaking

sold by witch doctor
30 damage
inflicts poison
shoots out 3-5 stingers upon breaking

ball o' web
crafted at loom (20 web)
20 damage
breaks on hit
traps enemy in sticky web for 5 seconds

hellstone boulder
crafted at tinkers workshop (4 obsidian, 1 hellstone bar)
80 damage
inflicts on fire!
leaves lava when breaking

crafted at tinkers workshop (4 pearlstone)
70 damage
spreads hallow upon breaking

cursed boulder
crafted at tinkers workshop (1 ebon boulder, 1 cursed flame)
90 damage
inflicts cursed flames, spreads corruption on breaking

ichorous boulder
crafted at tinkers workshop(1 crimstone boulder, 1 ichor)
90 damage
inflicts ichor, spreads crimson on breaking

holy boulder
crafted at tinkers workshop (1 pearl, 1 crystal shard)
90 damage
sends out 4-7 crystal shards for 20 damage each on breaking and spreads hallow on breaking

[the long awaited] lihzard boulder
crafted at tinkers workshop (4 lihzard brick)
120 damage

sold by party girl
explodes into confetti on breaking

giant spiky ball
sold by goblin tinker after plantera is defeated
140 damage
explodes into 15 normal spiky balls

explosive boulder
crafted at tinkers workshop(1 boulder, 1 explosive powder)
60 damage
explodes upon breaking, damages tiles in a radius similar to bombs

Dungeone boulder(s)
crafted at tinkers workshop(4 pink/blue/green dungeon brick, 1 spike)
80 damage
found in traps in dungeon
leaves behind a spike on breaking

fireball boulder
crafted with 4 living fire at tinkers workshop
60 damage
inflicts on fire!
leaves a trail of flames similar to the molotov
explodes into firballs on breaking

quest reward in stacks of 5-10 from angler
damage: 10-60 (random)
upon breaking, turns into gore of random water enemies. can drop any kind of fish, even rarely quest fish. will also spawn hostile fish when breaking underwater

giant boulder (4X4 instad of 2X2)
crafted with 100 stone and 1 soul of might at tinkers workshop
500 damage
rolls about as fast as a player runs.
its like that one movie


speaking of boulders and since people seem to consider turrets as wiring, i wanted a catapult
also boulders should roll away from where they were triggered when hit with a pickaxe rather than to the left


speaking of boulders and since people seem to consider turrets as wiring, i wanted a catapult
also boulders should roll away from where they were triggered when hit with a pickaxe rather than to the left
Mechanical Stuff...Kinda
More Options to defend your House....Yes
More Options to defend yourself are always good...


Brain of Cthulhu
Simply, a boulder trigger, when boulders roll over it, it activates a wire signal.
FYI, Red, Green and Yellow pressure plates already do this.


On an unrelated note, I was thinking about the very popular suggestion of more wire colors. It seems almost seems inevitable given how many people want this, but I don't think they should all be available immediately. Both because the Mechanic selling 5 or 6 wrenches would be kind of overwhelming for newbies, and because a sense of progression is always nice.

So it could be something like this:
Steampunker sells the Brass Wrench (places yellow wire)
Cyborg sells the Cyber Wrench (places cyan wire)
Martian NPC who totally needs to be in the game sells the Alien Wrench (places magenta wire)

Or if wiring remains the exclusive specialty of the Mechanic, she could start selling more wrenches as you beat various bosses.
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iam just a guys who is exited for updates and aint good at wiring but here you go
- FLUID PIPES its so aanoying the whole water thing
- And a wire thing that would delay the signal
yeah i dont know if it was already said but yeah ;)


Different Wire Quality:

Copper/Tin Wire: Transmits instantly, crafted with 1 copper/tin ore and 1 silk.
Iron/Lead Wire: Transmits with a 1 second delay, crafted with 1 iron/lead ore and 1 silk.
Silver/Tungsten Wire: Transmits with a 3 second delay, crafted with 1 silver/tungsten ore and 1 silk.
Gold/Platinum Wire: Transmits with a 5 second delay, crafted with 1 gold/platinum ore and 1 silk.
This helps to ensure that there's still some demand for early-game ore, by allowing players to harvest pre-hardmore items for creative use. Next up...

1, 3 and 5-second Actuators. These actuators can be made by combining 20 (or 50) actuators with a 1, 3, or 5 second timer. What these actuators do is disable blocks for that period of time: 1, 3, or 5 seconds, before returning to their default state. Please bear in mind, the default state doesn't have to be "on"- this allows the creation of "timed" doors without having to worry about timers continually switching actuated blocks on/off.

Finally, the Wrench needs to be simplified- having to go through 3 wrenches and wire cutters is simply not okay. We need some way to alter the effect of a single wrench, allowing for multiple states for different tasks- a simple right-clicking to change its functionality from red/green/blue wiring, and so forth.


maybe a build controller to make cars and stuff
[DOUBLEPOST=1439673401,1439673340][/DOUBLEPOST]and something when powered turns things off would be cool
a train maker so you can make your builds go on rails​
[DOUBLEPOST=1439673562][/DOUBLEPOST]a flexibility tweaker, a layering mechanic system
[DOUBLEPOST=1439673596][/DOUBLEPOST]so the game can be part 3d in adventure maps with secret doors


I think it would be nice to see a creative mode. This would allow us to experiment as much as we can without needing to spend all of the time hoping to find the materials. This would be especially helpful for mechanisms that cannot currently be crafted, such as statues and traps. This would even be more helpful with the upcoming update if as much is added as I hope will be. :)


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Get a pet and vanity,about sheep! :happy:
Oh,also be nice that put wall of sheep as well to give a touch more beautiful rooms where they have a bed! :dryadgrin:
Would also be a great idea to make pots with clay, as they occur naturally in the forest :merchantgrin:,and put more decorations for the green environment :dryadhappy:
I want to put those on the sheep,they are my favorite animals :dryadpassionate::red:
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