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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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I dont know if it's already suggested but make some block that can push or pull a block in front on him . max 3 tiles. If hit mob or player inflict the debuff "broken leg" that can be like bleeding but with 1 minute or something like that or the mob/player jump at 50% of their normal jump.

Sry about my english. :v


Well, lets talk about a trap.

The bouncy trap:
-Lets you bounce walking enemies, and/or enemy players which could be on other teams.
-Launches enemies into the air which could make for some pretty cool traps, like launching enemies into lava, or spiky traps
-The trap would look like the piston from minecraft, but larger. Probably something like 2-3 tiles wide, and 2 tiles tall.
-It activates whenever its walked across, or activated with a switch.

The trap would make for some really interesting custom maps and house designs, like elevators. (<---WHICH WOULD BE AMAZING TOO)
Idk if this gets in the game, I'm gonna be suprised.

Also, nice going Loki. I'm excited to see what is gonna happen in the future of Terraria.


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If you ever fix the hoiks, you should add "fans" to move enemies/player/NPCs, and some block/item that can teleport droped items.

Thats all i have.

Dusty Sinclair

Headless Horseman
  • Big red buttons for launching nuclear Luminite missiles
  • Devices that spawn more kinds of monsters than statues
  • Portal-related devices
  • Remote controls
  • Computers for both decorative and utility purposes; can activate one connected wire color at a time instead of all at once
  • Actual elevators with variable speed; can be used by NPCs to move to different floors
  • More traps: spinning saw blades that follow active wires like tracks, guillotines, crushers, giant chomping metal teeth, etc.
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I've made some of these suggestions before but time has passed so I'll mention them again here.

Level-based logic. I can't think how logic gates could be made to work in a signal milieu where edges — trigger pulses / transitions rather than logic levels — are the carriers of information. To me it looks like a nightmare of propagation delay conflicts, race conditions, and the like. Given the extraordinary creations of hoiktronics masters the limitation here could well be one of my engineering imagination, not of the system itself.

Still, if level-based wiring were to be introduced, along with at least NAND gates (from which all other gates can be constructed) but ideally a variety of pre-built gates, I'd be quite pleased. Naturally this couldn't replace the existing system. It would have to be an additional layer along with it. Feasible? I've no idea, haven't read the source code.

Programmable timers. Something you could tell to emit a pulse at a given clock time instead of after a certain interval. I'm thinking dusk-to-dawn streetlamps, automatic Daybloom/Moonglow harvesters, and the like.

Obstruction sensors. Pretty straightforward. If visible pixels are in the block being sensed, the sensor produces one output state; otherwise you get the other state.

Oscilloscopes. For repairing plumbing, of course! :dryadsmile:

[eta] Oh, yes:

NPC attractors. When actuated these would attract one or more specified NPCs. You could make everyone head to your bar/restaurant in the evening, for instance, or up to the rooftop garden at sunrise.


- Wireless transmitters to convey wire signals over difficult to wire locations, or long range (And for wireless teleporters, please!)
This update sounds pretty great, but I don't really have any ideas right now. If I get any, I'll post them here.
I like what I see here and I'm excited to see where this goes! Here's what I'm thinking:

Logic gates, counters, timers, delays, and variables are all features we are able to use to make better works of machinery. Actions will be able to be triggered upon activation, while activated, upon end of activation, and while deactivated. Considerations for preventing infinite loops that will crash the game are required.

Use a system similar to Linking & Triggering in Landmark. Players may create as many connections as they like between as many valid objects as they like, and the connections are per-object rather than wires in a layer of the world. The distance and needing to wrap around obstructions will still be there, and the expense of wire as a resource will still be used, but these connections do not attach to or obstruct other connections (even for the same objects).

This pretty much makes everything possible. :)


It's great to see the devs looking to the community for wiring ideas! Here is a suggestion:

An accessory that will consume paint to automatically paint wire when placed, making a massive amount of wire colors to choose from.
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