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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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I would like it if there was some kind of thing that, when activated, would somehow aid in combat? Or some new traps like a laser trap/scanner (the scanner would look to see if there is a mob, or in pvp, a player, and then send a signal to some other stuff? Basically like a pressure plate that can be in the air.) Also maybe you could change the way wires work, like it takes time to send the signal, and the time would depend on the length of the wire. It could be sped up by using some other kind of wire, and maybe each wire would have a small thing that happens when it has a bit of electricity traveling through it. Like if there was a type of wire and it produced a small amount of light, so you can watch the electricity flow through.

A machine gun trap? ...Or some traps based on some special weapons, like a meowmere trap that shoots nyan cats or a rocket launcher trap... I don't know, just want to come up with a few ideas. My main thing I would like to see is another update to the traps.


I've got specific ideas for the devs that might leave them shocked:

Inverters: Special blocks that invert the output (ie. when input is on output is off and vice versa.) Bought from the mechanic for 50 silver.
Piston and Sticky Piston: Pushes most blocks. Crafted using 5 cogs, 10 wood and 5 iron/silver blocks. For the sticky piston, it is the same recipe as the piston but you need 10 gel.
Sensor: Senses players or enemies. Bought by the Mechanic for 1 gold.


Duke Fishron
This just popped into my head; we need 2 and 4 second timers, please. Or a programmable timer. 1,3, and 5 second timers always end up with some hiccup in the sequence when I chain them into certain devices... it would be easier to setup quite a few things with a way to make sure the timing is perfect.


I'm sure wireless teleporters have been mentionned at some point in the 32 pages of comments before me. I'm not saying it's the greatest thing ever or that it wouldn't come with it's fair share of issues.

But my issue right now is that whenever I play a new game (new character and new world) it's so much easier and efficient (especially now) to roll tracks left and right to make movement easier that when hardmode come in the teleporters are pretty much pointless. Too much effort to put in compared to what is to be gained. Teleporters should be one of the coolest thing in the game (I feel).

Also I want a Tardis shaped teleporter with the sound and the lights and everything.

What do you mean "copyrights"?


This just popped into my head; we need 2 and 4 second timers, please. Or a programmable timer. 1,3, and 5 second timers always end up with some hiccup in the sequence when I chain them into certain devices... it would be easier to setup quite a few things with a way to make sure the timing is perfect.
I like the idea of a programable timer


A lot of things have been mentioned before.

I'd love to see some extra wire colors, lasers(2 different types, one just used for sending signals, the other that activates when a enemy/player(again depending on the type) steps into the range), hideable statues/music boxes and maybe a way to collect dropped items, maybe something like this:

A special block type, if a item lands on it, it gets put to the chests nearby (chest itself needs to be on those blocks too), before putting it into a chest, the game would first check if one of the nearby chests already has that item and then quickstack, before putting it to the nearest non full chest.
Another feature I'd love to see is "unnerfed" traps, just make the timing for them "full" seconds, so it's either 1,2,3,4... instead of 1.33333 and stuff like that.


I would LOVE an Endless Wire Spool, crafted similarly to the Endless Quiver and Endless Musket Pouch. I don't care if it takes an entire inventory's worth of wire AND a rare item to craft; it would still be worth it for all of the crafting some of us do.

I'm also all for more varying time lengths (2 and 4 seconds, and anything over 5), and for functionality from currently decoration-only statues.


Honestly, I just want wireless connections. The fluid transporter/ whatever it's called that's existed before 1.2 is a good idea, it just sucks to wire it


my idea:

1-a remote control device to activate mechanism ( the activation button is a item you carry around and the receptor is placed in conection with your stuff) P.D: i see many are asking for this too)

2- nothing to do with wiring, but:
in the last patch the tall gates make me feel happy but i cannot use it to the inteded purpose: gate a railroad entry. please make this posible somehow so like; you are coming in your minecart super fast and then the door open for you to pass an then close behind you.
(also some mounts like the unicorn, are 5 bloks tall, so the tall gate isnt tall enougth to pass trough)
in fact ALL the dors should do this. open for you to pass and then close automatically, just like the npc do when passing trough. the door can ofer a little resistence so it dont open accidentaly,like pushing against the dorr for a sec make it open, but should be a nice addition

3- when you are creating a new world. please give us the option to choose the corruption or crimson. when you really want one , you simply keep creating new worlds to get it. this option should make it much faster to us players ( please)

4- some kind of automaticed turret to help defend you. maibe make the snoball turret or the canons automatic or actvated by a plate

5- more minecarts! please. actually you can only make 2 , one a the beggining and one af the very end. maibe one more to mid game ( meteorite or infernal maibe)

6- rail swiths that can change the direccion a intersection is gona go



So i think some more traps are in order,but i'd assume thats already considered! wireless connections like many have said, and maybe a multicolored wrench,just like others have said

dammit i came too late :p


Official Terrarian
Star Wars style force fields would be nice...

They would be solid blocks that let light through.
They would 'appear' between two force field emiting blocks.
For them to do so, the emiting blocks would have to be in a straight line and connected with a wire.
Any switches wired-up with them would turn force field on and off.
The field could be limited to length of 6 blocks. (7 blocks long field wouldn't appear)
Force field blocks could not be mined or blowed-up.
Breaking any of the emiters would disable the field.
Breaking wire connection would disable the field. (switches could be still placed and removed at will)

Hope you understand my idea and that you understand what i wrote :)
Sorry for any spelling errors, grammar is not my best friend...


Duke Fishron
My idea is an item that if you place on a wire then that wire is not going to work for that specific block, so it can make your wiring a whole lot easier and if you want to connect like 2 teleporters from the spawn point to the ocean then all of the light sources and doors wont gonna open with these blocks! (These of course can be only seen when you hold wire realted stuff and you can go through it)
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