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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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Apologies for not reading all 35 pages... this has probably already been outlined, but:

Transistors (Red / Blue / Green):
Transistors would be 1x1 in size, placeable on background walls, and resemble LEDs (although they emit only enough light to be seen in darkness themselves and do not count as a light source). Their purpose is to either block (off) or allow (on) signals on the matching colour of wire as it passes through. The other two colours of wire can be used to toggle their state.

Junction Box:
Connecting two or more colours of wire to the junction box allows a signal sent on one colour to be transmitted via the other connected colours. Basically allowing you to change wiring colours partway through your machine.

These two objects would then become the building blocks of DIY logic gates, counters, etc.


This has probably been said before, but it can never be said enough; make wire cheaper. It's absurdly expensive to link two teleporters that have such a distance between them that it actually justifies using them.


I would like to recommend transmitters and receivers, how it would work is, you would right click with a wiring object in hand, then a prompt would come up and then you would choose a channel number and a password (it's optional, but it's in case you don't want people messing with your inventions), then you just place a receiver down and pick the channel, enter the password, and then bam! It would reduce the amount of wire needed for contraptions, it would make it so that you don't have to place a looooong, annoying, costly, in-the-way wire all across your world, just so you can make good use of the teleporter, and lastly, I feel it would make contraption building alot easier and make everything more compact! Hope you guys like this suggestion, it would need a little balancing out, like maybe it costs a few gold to buy or something, but it would fix alot of problems that wiring has!


I have crawled through the entire topic up to this point. Let me sort the ideas properly and give you a compiled list of (feasible) ideas and their supporters. This will take some time, though.
I dont even know if its possible or if we need it or if someone suggested it before, im just letting my imagination write.

Item pipes : pretty much like wire, but to move items from one chest to another. (i dont think this part is even possible) it could have filters like only blocks, plants, potions, etc.
Actuators with passwords : well... thats pretty much it, it could have a wrench to put the same password in an area of actuators or something. it would be mostly for multiplayer.
effects traps: you have the stone effect, freeze effect, and probably more, why not implement traps that can slow you down, turn you into a stone, freeze you, etc.? (not giving you any good effect like ironskin, regeneration, well fed or any of that kind)
Gunpowder of something alike: the dynamite blocks just explode just as you press the switch, lever, or else. you could put an item that goes burning until it gets to the dynamite
and explodes.

and i dont really know what else we could add

sorry if i didn't type something in the right way, english is not my first language.


Remote Sensors for doors / rfid-technology.
You get a rfid-card or something to carry around and if you have it in your inventory and get near a sensor, it will activate the circuit.
if you get out of range, it will get activated again.

you could use this for doors (instead of a plate in front and behind the door). Could be color coded (red keycard only activates red sensor - different accesslevels for different players ;)).

Wire-Hub that can be used to transport the signal to other wire colors
So, if you connect all colors to the hub and activate the red one, it will output to all other colors (and keep red activated) - so you can change the wire color if needed, without replacing all the wire.

More Wirecolors and/or another system instead of one wrench for each color :)
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A Wire Hammer to be able to put 2 wires of the same colour next to each other if you only have 1 or 2 wrench colours with you.
Baught at the Mechanic.
Always had that problem :mad:.
Hammer only usable for wires not for blocks because that would be just annoying for everyone.
Just hammer the wire untill it connects to the right wire and so on.. thats it..


A electric object that defines an area or structure of your world, copying and build (or paste) automatically anywhere else. Sorry for my English. :happy::happy:


Pls add to the game more mechanic machines like
-digging-mining machines
-the only way you can deliver something to surface is you, it would realy cool if u can place something on rails and click go surface, - like robot helpers etc.
-also pls make water biome, because current usage of water accessories is poor, like biome that cant have air, and you need special gear to get there.
-we need space biome
-desert biome needs more
-palace biome would be nices
-add pls smoke and air mechanics
[DOUBLEPOST=1439813845,1439813789][/DOUBLEPOST]-laser traps
-photo elements


An update for wiring things; this is amazing! Here are my ideas. Some of the things are mentioned, but I tried to add some variants and details to the overall ideas and I tried to show support to the ideas at the same time. It was nice to read all the ideas and I enjoy the enthusiasm of the community.

Shoots enemies in a 90 degree range towards east or west, depending on how it is placed (like how you place a bed in a certain direction).

The turret aims at the target which is the most close or which has the most HP.

There could be different turrets for different targets (like with different pressure plates):
- Turrets which only shoot mobs
- Turrets which shoot all players and mobs (like how a dart-trap damages everything)
- Turrets shoot all teams except a friendly team, but this is probably to complex: It would need OR an input for the friendly team, OR a special craft-able turret for each team; 'turret' + 'ruby' is turret for the red team, and so on.

It could be activated in different ways:
- After toggling it on (like what happens when toggling a light source), it shoots at a given speed. This would be the best in my opinion, because in this case it is really different from the trap, and it creates automatic defense.
- Shoots a single bullet or arrow upon a pulse from the timer or a switch/lever/plate, like the dart trap.

To reduce complexity, I would prefer infinite ammo, like a dart-trap. Maybe there could be two tiers, like the dart-trap and the super-dart-trap.

All traps are now clearly visible, but an actuator trap would be built behind/on actual blocks(like an actuator). The players sees a normal block, not expecting anything, and suddenly spikes come out of it upon a signal/pulse. This also works for spiky balls.

The name says it all, it is based on the switches found in The Legend of Zelda where they were first introduced.

This is a switch for arrows.

Different types could be possible:
- Switch which activates upon any damage (both from players and mobs)
- Switch which activates upon darts (for interesting wire engines, because it creates delay and other possibilities)
- Switch which activates upon arrow/bullet
- Switch which activates upon magic

An actuator which, upon activation, shows the same block as if it is active, although it is inactive in 'reality'. Players and mobs fall/walk through the blocks.

Although this is not a mechanic-kind-of-thing, it fits the list, because it is PVP based; all the block are easy to mine with drills, but a certain armor for blocks, which make them 10x harder to mine, could make PVP more interesting. (Like different tier blocks in Robocraft)

- Placed like an actuator but always visible
- A craft-able block at the heavy workbench, like reinforced concrete or so.

I support all the ideas for logic-gates and stuff(although the current mechanic behind the wiring is maybe not suitable like many already mentioned).
Extra colors of wiring would be nice, but I can't see how it remains clear when a blue, red, green and yellow wire are on the same tile. At this moment, it is clear when red and blue, or green and blue, or red and green or all wires are on the same tile.

Thanks Redigit, Cenx and the other developers for your dedication towards this game and the community, you guys are amazing.
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Toa Swizguard

I think it would be awesome if there was some kind of wireless item. Maybe the mechanic sells a materal to craft it later in the game and you have to combine that with a certain amount of wire to make it. The wireless item can be attached to a teleporter for example. It is consumed on use and creates a wireless teleporter item.
Well, the first thing that comes to mind for me is:
-Buy able dart traps - 20 silver each
-Different Wrench Colors
-Background Items that can be toggled on and off (Mainly for decorations)
-Pre-Hardmode Variations of the dart trap you could possible craft
-Light Wiring( Made with 1 Hallow bar and 100 wires ---> Makes 100 Light wires ) Like Sheldon Cooper's Idea
-Light Wrench( Made with 10 Hallow Bars ---> Places light wires) Like Sheldon Cooper's Idea
-Evil Wrench( Made with 10 Demonite Bars ---> Places Evil Wires) Again like Sheldon's Idea
-Evil Wires ( Made with 1 Demonite bar and 100 Wires ---> Makes 100 Evil Wires ) Again Basically Sheldon's Idea
-Biome Specific Wrenchs that drop from enemies in that biome


Eye of Cthulhu
These have probably been suggested, but whatever:
  • Various wiring accessories, things that would allow you to place wire farther or faster for example.
  • An accessory that lets you see wires without holding a wired object.
  • Trap rotation, like if you used a hammer on a trap block it would change the direction the trap goes.
  • And i know this has been suggested a million times, but more active statues or new effects on the old ones


Skeletron Prime
Oh here is one: an activation device (like a pressure plate) that can be placed on walls, that activates when you walk past or jump in front of it, etc. Maybe called a Motion Sensor?
Teleporters that teleport whatever is Under them, OR what is to one side of them.
A tram system that can carry npcs and players alike. Kinda like a ski lift.
The ability to sit in chairs and lay in beds (not that this is wiring related)
A tutorial, like mobile has.
A complete list of key+click bindings in game so people actually know all the controls.
Laser emitters like the flourescent wiring dealio but requiring the emitters to be crafted with an ultrabright torch to see the beam.
Something that can move blocks. PLEASE! i've been wanting something like this for ages. I'm not sure if it's possible but if you could i would be thrilled. If it can't work then put it in otherworld or Terraria 2
Oh here is one: an activation device (like a pressure plate) that can be placed on walls, that activates when you walk past or jump in front of it, etc. Maybe called a Motion Sensor?
Teleporters that teleport whatever is Under them, OR what is to one side of them.
A tram system that can carry npcs and players alike. Kinda like a ski lift.
The ability to sit in chairs and lay in beds (not that this is wiring related)
A tutorial, like mobile has.
A complete list of key+click bindings in game so people actually know all the controls.
Laser emitters like the flourescent wiring dealio but requiring the emitters to be crafted with an ultrabright torch to see the beam.
Oh and i second all these ideas as well. ESPECIALLY the motion sensor


Oh here is one: an activation device (like a pressure plate) that can be placed on walls, that activates when you walk past or jump in front of it, etc. Maybe called a Motion Sensor?

Laser tripwires sound good to me. Then you could have different colours of tripwire just like you can have different colours of pressure plate. Maybe make them a a solid block, and that hammering them changes the direction they point in, and that they need a solid block at most 20 blocks away to be able to properly detect something tripping the laser.


Who is going to be the nice guy/gal/gender neutral person who goes thru and compiles every idea for the devs in one post?
Please note that most of the ideas that were posted repeatedly has some kind of "thought out" feel ("999 luminite bars to craft, should do that and that"). I am taking only pure ideas (spectre/luminite/rainbow wrench ideas ALL had the same basic points) without player-thought balancing and trim them for readability and brevity. If the idea is good enough that devs think about implementing it (decision making process is rarely done in a few seconds, it's a process) then they will either think of proper balancing or ask you for more information or your/community's view. Vast majority of player-made suggestions in all games is not adopted wholesale and has some/major changes done to it before implementing. Please remember the devs have to think about possible unbalancing, possible griefing applications, possible game-killing problems (e.g. every-frame-timers will most probably not become a thing as mechanisms would kill servers), etc.

Remember that programming is not magic and the final behaviour of all the in-game objects, their interactions, etc. has to be known and thought-through beforehand. Some of the ideas were too complex or redundant in my opinion to try to implement and thus were pruned.

Please also note that I am only human and compiling this list has been both time-consuming and somewhat troublesome (what do you mean by "MORE "? And how am I supposed to know what that was supposed to mean?) and it may have mistakes or omissions. I did my best when quoting to prune totally-impossible, implausible, impractical and unimplementable ideas, but I might have skipped over a few that were actually good. If you feel like your idea was great, possible, wasn't a re-iteration of the other ideas and would have - if implemented - great potential, by all means post it again.

For more exposure they're up front.
Sprinkler block. A technological, toggleable version of a raincloud block. Yaknow, for farms and such
forges be turned off by wires
Make Water Candles and Peace Candles mechanisms. Other light sources can be toggled on and off, why not these?
a visual sign for if a line is active or not would be practical
Background Items that can be toggled on and off (Mainly for decorations)
If possible a block that has an AoE which prevents bombs, dynamite and rockets from exploding (For the people who blow their base up all the time or against griefers).
An anti-griefer. I like this idea. Could be also used to grief (imagine your rockets not exploding because of the spammed block), but should be balance-able.
system, which records how much times a circuit has been activated, either for information, or so that once it reaches a particular milestone, such as being activated 50 times, it causes a different system to activate
a tool; a flat screen that pretty much allows you to manipulate (like activate or rearrange active connections) wireless connections through an interface that borrows some features from the newly-implemented camera mode. To use the panel, one would need CCTV-like cameras that reveal an area around to where the camera is placed. When you are viewing on camera, there'll be two modes you can select in which you are to activate or rearrange connections within the said area
Martian NPC, he would be something like a mechanic 2.0 and he would sell mats for more advanced stuff like logic gates
Dash Block: when you stan on it launches you to the direction the arrow faces Like a dash
a sign that you can wire. You click it like a sign and wright down a message. When it gets a signal it would send out the message in chat
This one was proposed at least three times - sorry for getting the other two lost!
Teleporters that teleport whatever is Under them, OR what is to one side of them

Just make it so that if I click Point A with a certain Wire/Mechanic Tool, and then repeat that action with Point B, then the wire is set down automatically between the two points. Saves time and, more importantly, makes wiring fun. Anything that can be done to reduce the chore of some Terraria tasks is welcome
Point to point wire laying
a better way to wire things over a long distance
wrench that consumes 10 wire at once but places 10 wire in a straight line, be it vertical or horizontal
Add something which makes placing wire over long distances more feasible
Something for faster wire placement over long distances
A tool with which you set a point A and a point B and it automatically connects them with wire.
wire spools - needs to only work in a straight line to avoid unreasonable coding times
To be honest, I think that easier straight-line wiring should be used instead of the "wireless wiring" with a new GUI etc. Nobody likes to place wires for an hour, but wireless solution would have very profound consequences (why use wires at all if you have means to connect things wirelessly?).
I think that straight-line wiring would be a useful and non-abusable compromise.
Wireless teleporters
Remove the need to place thousands of wires by hand across the world simply to connect two teleporters
wireless teleporters
Wireless Teleporters
wireless teleporters
Wireless Teleporters
Wireless teleporters or wires
a less tedious way of wiring up two long distanced teleports
Wirless Teleporters
easy setup long range teleporters
a way to "wire" teleporters together without having to actually wire them with wires and a wrench

a wireless transmitter kind of thing
Wireless Signals
Wireless Transmitter & Receiver
Wireless transmitters
Wireless Device- Right click on one, right click on another, and its like invisible wire.
Wireless transmitters
Wireless controllers (come in different colours) and wireless receivers
a better way to wire things over a long distance
item which allows a wire current to be transferred from one end of a wire to another at distance
wireless transmission systems
The fluid transporter/ whatever it's called that's existed before 1.2 is a good idea, it just sucks to wire it
wireless connections
Wireless Transceivers
Wireless transmitter
wireless transmission system
wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver
Wireless transmitters/receivers
quick way to wire mechanisms
some form of wireless wire
Wireless wiring
Wire Transmitter
Wireless wires
Wireless connections
Wireless Transmitter/Receiver
Wireless Receiver and Transmitter
wireless transmitter
System for WireLess Wiring
a way to transmit a signal wireless
wireless wiring
transmitters and receivers
Wireless teleporters or wires
Wireless wires
wireless features
wireless transmitter
Wireless transmitters
a less tedious way of wiring up two long distanced teleports
Wirless transmitter
Wireless block
wireless transmitters
easy setup long range teleporters
a way to "wire" teleporters together without having to actually wire them with wires and a wrench
Wireless wiring
some kind of wireless item
wireless transmitters
Something wireless
wireless wires!
Wireless stuff has enormous griefer potential and I'm against it because of that.

More wiring colors
More wire colors
More Wrenches
2 more wrenches added into the game, yellow and pink to match the team colors
more colored wrenches
more colored wrenches
purple and yellow wrench
More wrenches!
More wire colors
More wire colors
more Wrench colors
More wiring colors
more wire color.
more wire color
two more wire colours
More colors of wire
more wire colours
new wire colour
More colors
wider variety of wire colors
More Wirecolors
More wrench colors.
2 or 3 new wire colors and wrenches
Extra colors of wiring
More wire colors.
More wrench types.
extra wire colors
Yellow (and/or) Pink Wrench, for the sake of team-colored wires
Different Wrench Colors
More (Colored) wrenches
Yellow and pink wrenches
yellow wrench
Yellow, Orange, and Purple wrenches
yellow and pink wires to go with the team colors
More Wrench colors
As the wires and actuators each have separate layer I think it's still possible to add more unless there is some engine restriction we're not privy to.
all-in-one superwrench
more multi-tools
Has greater range than normal wrenches much faster placing speed and can be right-clicked to scroll through wrench colors
Rainbow Wrench
add a mega wrench that you can liek switch between colors
mega wrench that you can liek switch between colors
Rainbow Wrench
a multicolored wrench
universal wrench with some hotkey or other to toggle between available colors
Rainbow Wrench! :D
A wrench that you can change the color of on the fly
an item that would allow you to switch (perhaps as a hotkey) what color of wire you are going to place
an omi-wrench (monkey wrench)? which lets you cycle through the wire colours?
a Swiss army wrench
Include a multicolor wrench that can be color-changed via right-click, and either remove the single-colored wrenches, or make them materials for crafting the multicolor wrench.
Multicolor wrench
A multi color wrench
It would be great if there were a way to carry one 'multitool' that could switch between wire colors
An End-game wrench that can change colors. I would also like this wrench to place wires nearly instantly, OR instantly
more wrenches
rainbow wrench

Activated Sunflower Statue could give Sunflower buff.
If a statue does have a wired function, it should be hinted at or stated outright in the item description
Most statues should be craftable, including Heart and Mana Potion statues
sunflower statue gives the sunflower buff when activated.

Make other statues do stuff
More statues
more active statues
New mob statues with wiring functionality
More functional statues
more spawners
new statue variants, like a zombie statue
every monster needs a functional statue, both for mapmakers and consistency's sake
more statues that spawns mob
More, and Better-Explained Statues
more statues
More Enemy statues, and maybe some more statues that do things, like the Bomb Statue drops Bombs
Statue Expansion

more active statues or new effects on the old ones
It would just be neat if all the statues could be wired
The letter statues could just glow depending on the wire color used to activate the statue.
Make more statues do stuff
more functional statues that get activated with wires
More functional statues
more spawners
more statues dat can be active
All statues should have some kind of effect when wired
give power to practically all the statue
turn on Sunflower Statue and Tree Statue for decorative light like Mushroom Statue
More working statues
Additional Wired Statues
more statues that interact with wiring
statues spawn the object depicted
more active statues
More statue abilies
functionality from currently decoration-only statues
More statue functions
Most or all statues should have some sort of wired function
more statues that do things
Statue Expansion

An actual useful Angel Statue
the ANGEL statue to do something

Wire Spools
Bag of wire
an endless wire spool
Bottomless wire bag
Bottomless wire bag
item similar to the Endless Quiver, but with endless wires
Endless wire coil - Crafted from 3996 wire, just like endless quiver and musket pouch
Infinite Spool - Accessory crafted with 3996 wire. When equipped you will have infinite wire. It could also destroy any wire you pick up to help keep your inventory clear.
Like the endless quiver but wire
Endless Wire Bag: Has an endless supply of wires!
Endless Bag of Wire
Endless bag of wire. Similar to the Endless Quiver and Musket Balls
Spool of Wire
Endless Wire Spool, crafted similarly to the Endless Quiver and Endless Musket Pouch
Endless Wire Supply: Crafted with 4 stacks of wire at a crystal ball. Works like the endless quiver and the endless musket pouch, but it contains wire.

a black wire cutter that cuts all the colors of wire
Please note that this idea is different (and synergises differently) with every other proposed wire-related tool and accessory.
Having colored wire cutters alongside one that can cut every kind of wire would be nice
omnicutters that cycle through wire colors (and actuators) with right click
wire cutter, greater range and very very fast wire removing speed
This toggle would be very useful for wire cutters as well to snip specific colors
a wire cutter for all colors

Different colored wire cutters to remove only a certain type of wire (yellow one to remove actuators).
Color-specific wire cutters
colored wire cutters
A specific color wire cutter
specific color wire cutter
will we be getting different coloured wire cutters so that you don't have to cut through an actuator, green wire, blue wire and any new wire colours to get at the red wire at the bottom of the tile?
Having colored wire cutters alongside one that can cut every kind of wire would be nice
actuator cutters

A transport belt that can take items or deliver items from/to chest
item transportation blocks - Being able to drop off items and send them back to your spawn would make it more viable to hang out away from your spawn for longer periods of time.
Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belts
conveyor belts
A conveyor system for moving drops
A fan statue which pushes players to a direction
Conveyor Belts
Fans! How about something that could move Items/Mobs/NPCs/Players around (no, not hoiks)
Conveyor belts
Fan: a block that pushes items/mobs the direction it's facing
Conveyor Belt

tube! It transports items
Item pipes
Teleporters for blocks
I know that I struggle with chest organization, and it's a pain to put everything in its respectable chest, even with the handy quick stack nearby chest option.

Actuators with passwords
make actuators have +20 range like wires! It's really inconsistent how they currently are, and annoying
Faster placement of actuators
1, 3 and 5-second Actuators - What these actuators do is disable blocks for that period of time: 1, 3, or 5 seconds, before returning to their default state. Please bear in mind, the default state doesn't have to be "on"
Possible with actuators, timers and logic gates once they are in. Not sure if compressing them to 1 block would be that useful.

A tool or accessory that places or toggles Actuated blocks
A tool for actuating
A tool that easily switches a block's actuated state
An actuator tool
an actuator tool
Sonic Screwdriver - When equipped as an accessory it would allow you to toggle switches, levers, timers, and even presser plates from anywhere on the screen. When used as a tool it can also be used to activate the actuators without needed to wire them.
A tool that could easily change blocks to their inactive states
actuating wand(toggle this block i clicked into its actuated/deactuated state)

I am definitely a fan of the idea of an item or accessory that allows the immediate placement of actuated blocks.
an accessory that could let the player place inactive blocks
an accessory that can make all placed blocks inactive

A block that can push other blocks
A block that can push/pull other blocks
Piston and Sticky Piston
Something that can move blocks

I understand the sentiment and thus I'm leaving those here, but I actually cannot see any really useful things build with pistons in totally 2D world.

a wire thing that would delay the signal
blocks that briefly delay signals
some sort of delay you could put in wires could be neat.
Delayers (Just to make rapid fire traps easier to make)
delay to traps and other circuits
Delay Timer
Resistors - Delays a pulse for various amounts of time
A mechanism that gives a timed delay to a current
delay timers
something that could delay signals
Delayed signal
some kind of delay timer that relays a single signal a few seconds after receiving an input
Delayer blocks
way to delay signal
a block that delays wire signal for a set amount of time

something which can port a Red Wire flow to a Green one
a wire connector that can connect different colored wires
Wire-Hub that can be used to transport the signal to other wire colors
a converter item/wiring-tile. Basically, when 2 (or more) different colored wires intersect on the converter tile, the power from one transfer to the other
block that can connect 2 wires together for example red and blue
Cable Splice - Allows different colored wires to be connected
Junction Box
Junction Box
a block that connects signals from separate colour wires

Crossover - Allows same colored wire to pass over itself
At least one more person wanted this, but I have lost their name in the tangle. Sorry, mate/lass!

Logic gates
Inverters(invert power
logic gates
Logic gates
Logic gates
I'd really like to see logic gates in game.
logic gates
Logic Gates
Logic gates
Logic Gates
Logic gates could be very useful.
logic gates
Logic gates
Logic Gates
Logic gates
logic gates
Logic gates
Logical gates
Logic Gate
Logic gates
Logic gates!
Logic Gates
logic gates
logic gates
Prebuilt/item based logic gates.
logic gates
logic gates
Logic Gates
logic gates
Logic gates
wire signal reversing block (off turns to on and visa versa)
Logic gates

Flip-Flop - Alternates between 2 outputs after each pulse
a T flip flop

someting like a Hopper
Maybe a statue that can 'drop' any item put on it, but only when activated by wires, for adventure maps and stuff.
Item Dispenser
A Dispensary of some sort
some automation? Like item collectors and pipes for chests
iteam collector
Pipes to send items through
Item movement tubes and similar items (similar to the Buildcraft mod for Minecraft).
maybe a way to collect dropped items
Item tubes

Craftable Floor and Wall Spikes
Hammering traps makes them fire diagonally and the half-slope block thing makes them fire downwards or upwards depending on the default firing direction of the trap
Trap rotation, like if you used a hammer on a trap block it would change the direction the trap goes.
Trap that projects UPWARD
traps, etc. are now craft-able
More traps please, and the ability to have up/down versions as well
"unnerfed" traps, just make the timing for them "full" seconds, so it's either 1,2,3,4... instead of 1.33333 and stuff like that
Craftable Traps: Make more uses out of them darn hardmode boss souls, make old and new traps craftable
More Rotations for Trap Items
traps that fire upwards

automated defense systems, like turrets
automaticed turret
Turret trap
Sentry Guns
automated turret
a form of turret that uses gel for ammo
Sentry Turrets
Personally, I don't think Re-Logic will want to implement turrets/sentries with the new Terraria game on the horizon that's actually about those.
I also don't think they would like us to have a super-easily built fully-automated mob-grinders (you have to work for it!) or base defense. That actually makes the game dullish, if not outright boring at one point.
remember active/inactive timers the way the game remembers fountain and torch activation

Wiring objects that only allow a signal from one direction
Exit only Teleporter
Diode - One way wiring direction
directional wiring item
A method of making a 1-way teleporter/wire

Also pressure plates that trigger only when stepped on by NPCs
Pressure plates that trigger only when stepped on by Mobs not NPCs (tired of my house defense killing my NPCs)
Gender-sensitive pressure plates

trigger for wiring that is activated when you kill a certain boss
A cool idea would be levers that only turn on certain color of wire.

a pressure plate/detector on the wall
Pressure plates can be placed on walls and ceilings.
pressure plates can perhaps be attached to walls and ceilings
switched and levers upside down

Compare with below: Player/NPC/mob Sensors. Those could be done by pressure plates on the walls.

some kind of actuator-like object should be implemented that can be placed on plants (and possibly other blocks) so they can send a signal when certain things happen, i.e. plants blooming. This would answer everyone's requests for daytime/nighttime/blood moon/rain detectors while keeping the not immediately obvious function and 'novelty' that some of the wring devices we currently have
I think this one is the most clever solution to most of the detection requests. Lot of potential.
Sensors that send a signal under certain conditions
Detector which reacts to events: Day, night, player, enemy, ...
More signal sources
Sensors. (Player, mob, etc.)
Pressure Switches

daylight sensor
gives signal when sunlight hits it
time detector
Sensors, like daytime/nighttime
time sensor or light sensor
daylight sensor
Light Sensor
Switches that activate at very specific time of day, like setting it to 4:21 AM
light/time detectors
how about a day/night detector?
timer that activates during the day/night
lunar detector
solar detector
light-dependent switch
Day Sensor
Day/Night sensor
Sundial switch that triggers at sunrise/sunset.
Day/Night Checker
Day-light sensor
light sensor
Daylight sensor
Time activation
daylight sensor
Solar Switches

Tripwire: Placed like an actuator, but walking, flying, or falling through it sends a signal. For example, my hellevator is crossed by platforms in several places. I'd like to be able to fall from above, send a signal that actuates the platform, fall all the way down, then send another signal that de-actuates the platforms without needing to fiddle with switches.
proximity sensor
Enemy sensor, displays enemy count on screen
npc detector
Sensor: Senses players or enemies.
Remote Sensors for doors / rfid-technology
Laser sensors which react on moving
motion sensor
Player/NPC/Mob/Block Proximity Detectors
touch sensors
Player Detectors
Proximity detectors
Proximity Switches
Motion Sensor

boulder trigger
Pretty sure at least one more person wanted this. Sorry again for getting your name lost!

Projectile activated switches
a switch that activates when you hit it
training dummy that sends pulse every hit received
projectile-activated switches
dummies or targets that signal when attacked/shot
Projectile Switch
Switch which activates upon any damage
damage switch
targets that send a pulse upon taking damage
pressure plate that can perhaps be triggered by bullets, snowballs, beach balls, and other such entities, maybe
Pressing Plate (punch it with something: arrow, bullet, sword projectile...)

what about a detector for Blood Moons/Solar Eclipses/Slime Rains?
Bloodmoon/Eclipse Checker
Boss Checker
Blood moon sensor

item sensor
Item activated pressure plates
item pressure plates
object-activated pressure plates

Wire-Tester: It's a tool (like the Wire-Cutter and Wrenches). Selecting it lets you see all the wires (like any other mechanism-type item). What it lets you do is activate a mechanism/wire without needing to attach a switch/activator of some sort first. Just left-click on the wire/mechanism with the Tester selected/equipped. It's basically a portable, handheld switch. Useful for testing out sub-sections of large creations for troubleshooting or something. It's less running around to test a circuit since you don't always have to run back to a placed switch. (For overlapping wire colors, the simple solution would be to just trigger all wires in a single block location.)
Wire / Cable tester - Checks for breaks in wire and gives distance.
a remote control device to activate mechanism
New tool: The Debugger. Clicking a wire placed in the world will highlight any disconnection or problem. Helpful for, well, debugging stuff like teleporters without laying down three times as much wire trying to fix it.
New tool: The Debugger. Clicking a wire placed in the world will highlight any disconnection or problem. Helpful for, well, debugging stuff like teleporters without laying down three times as much wire trying to fix it.
A toggle state wrench, it would give the selected block a wire pulse
A tool which will be used on wire or any device to act as a portable switch.
Could highlight wires that are not connected to any mechanism (thus showing broken connections) by being held and/or activate anything on the screen you can click. Easy, useful and feasible.
Remote Detonator- Right click on a placed explosive, and the two are synced. Click to detonate.
Remote control/Receiver
receiver and remote controller. when you use remote, receiver activates
Remote control
Remote control - a button that can be activated anywhere by using an item

More clocks
Custom Timer
2 and 4 second timers, please. Or a programmable timer
Input Timers
a new timer that allow player to set the time by hammering
long-time timer like 1 min
more timers
Additional Timers
more timers
Objects that produce a wire signal each in-game minute and each in-game hour.
Timer tweaks
more varying time lengths (2 and 4 seconds, and anything over 5)
Timers that are not 1, 3, and 5
more timers

Add a timer that ticks on random intervals
RNG block, that connected to multiple wire colors, activates random one
Random Gates

actual working elevators
tech rope that is faster to go up and down than any other rope
a real elevator

My own suggestion: make rope elevators automatic by double-tapping the direction.

I know that I struggle with chest organization, and it's a pain to put everything in its respectable chest, even with the handy quick stack nearby chest option.
a) trigger various chest functions such as quick stack, sort and rename.
b) move all contents to the next chest in it's sequence of wired chests.

These could go a long way towards adding some atmosphere and overall coolness to builds. Potential sound effects could include:
  • Wooden ratcheting noise.
  • Metallic cranking noise.
  • Stone grinding noise.
  • Large stone object settling into place (i.e., a large stone gate or trapdoor opening/closing.)
  • Metallic creak.
  • Wooden creak.
  • Metallic clank.
  • Explosion.
  • Radio static, with and without Morse code bleeps
  • Various monster grunts and attack sfx

Blocks that make a sound when activated
wire activated note blocks
most grandfather clocks in real life make a loud chime after midnight. So,why don't we do that for Terraria Grandfather clocks to indicate the strike of midnight
Placeable Bell (creating sounds while activated)
The bell item sold by (IIRC) the Wizard could just get placement sprite and rules.

accessory that lets you see wires without holding a wired object
an accessory that must be equipped in an accessory slot that displays all wiring, even without having a tool equipped
Perhaps a specific color wire glasses too.
specific color wire glasses
Accessory. When equipped the wires are always visible
Wire glasses
The ability to highlight one wire colour (or hide the others)
A toggleable version would be nice. Imagine filtering only red/blue/green/new colour and being able to use the black wire-cutter to cut only the visible layer.
new armor set for mechanics that increases the placement range of wrenches, wire cutters, etc. that has to do with mechanic stuff, the full set will allow you to see where wires are even if you aren't holding a wire tool

Wire Actuators
RESISTOR FINISH - when a block that can be activated by wire is painted by this, it will not be activated by any kind of wire

programmable projectile spawner, so we can make portal maps like the ones with portal spawners
Emancipation Grills
A block type that removes Portals when walked through, can be toggled via wire.
Portal guns can be placed on weapon mounts.
A way to remove portals after being shot from a portal gun
a block that can be moved through but doing so removes the players portals
some way to customize multiplayer portal gun colours would be cool

I myself would like to see a mountable and wire-able portal guns like in Portal 2. Portal ex machina.
More blinking lights
The letter statues could just glow depending on the wire color used to activate the statue.
a lighting mechanism that makes it so the closer you get to your light source the brighter it gets
block that lights up when you step on it could be a fun way to detect mobs
Like a light-block with a pressure plate on it?
Light blocks and walls that turn on/off when recieveing a signal (I don't want to use torches or actuators)
a block that gives of light
let us craft brighter lighting
This would be great if would be possible to wire-activate it. I'd love to see better light sources than hand-held ultrabright torches.
certain lights to help plants grow! Like Daybloom during the night because of a certain light!
Seems not-too-OP to be out of the question. For devs' consideration.
Neon Lights
More buyable lights
Larger doors that can be opened and closed with wiring. Trap doors that open and close(I realize that activators can do this, but having an item that looks like a trap door, that people know may open up if they step on something or press the wrong switch.)
Automatic Doors
Like wired doors? Seems... a bit redundant.
some mounts like the unicorn, are 5 bloks tall, so the tall gate isnt tall enougth to pass trough
flood gates
Bigger sized doors/gates. 1x3 doors are sometimes ttoo small for great builds.
There are hatches already, I guess you want them wired, right?

Vault Doors - Large bomb proof doors that can only be opened/closed with wire. Cannot be broken down by mobs.
Doors and a version of Tall Gates that are completely immune to enemies (and preferably can only be opened with wire)
large wire based mob proof doors
Invincible doors sound OP, but it is possible to have actuated side of the house that works basically the same way.

They REALLY need to expand on the Mincart System
more minecarts
Minecart chests
more minecarts! Stuff related to minecarts
The suggestion link post gives a ridiculous amount of minecarts, but a couple more than now would be nice.
teleporting rail road for mine carts

a box that can use the boss summon item placed in it when triggered
Again, at least two other people proposed that. Sorry for misplacing names!

Blocks that bounce the player upward when activated
Blocks that generate a strong gravitational field that pulls players towards them when activated
Attractor: Draw in all objects/creature x blocks before it (4-5?) when activated
Repulsor: Opposite of Attractor, pushing everything x blocks before it away from the area

Geyser. Can spit a large fountain of water if triggered by something
Geysers that can push players up in a water/honey/magma stream

new armor set for mechanics that increases the placement range of wrenches, wire cutters, etc. that has to do with mechanic stuff, the full set will allow you to see where wires are even if you aren't holding a wire tool
A mechanic vanity set
We have Wood, we have Cactus, we have Beetle; why not Wire? It cool be a cool tight-looking armor where you look like you're covered with rows of wire across your arms, legs and torso with some sort of center piece armor at your chest(the transistor). Pre-hardmode armor; about as much defense as Fossil armor. Set Bonus: Emits a small, low voltage electrical field around you that damages enemies that get close; generates low light.

Passive Biome Preservers / Spreaders
Sunflower statue purifies wide area if activated and holds back corruption if wire stays on.
a device, and it slowly spreads the biome
I myself want to support any wire-related means to control purity/crimson/corruption/hallow. I'd love to see some kind of a system (purity statue? Purity field generator?) which would prevent my house from getting corrupted/crimsoned/hallowed. Clentaminator is good, fair enough, but it's an active solution and I'd love (usually playing with GF, who is into building stuff and pretty much nothing else) to see a systemic/passive solution to that.

add surprise
1 or 2 more early game summoner items
Can the Dryad or the witch doctor sell some plant seeds like dayblooms or deathweeds? One time i cleared the world of corruption and i removed every trace of it even the items in my invertory and chests and i didn't have 1 single deathweed
a hardmode version of Arkhalis
devs probably forgot to add Aaron's wings on the 1.3 update
desert biome needs more
water biome, because current usage of water accessories is poor, like biome that cant have air, and you need special gear to get there
Craftable Lava. Superheat your thousands of dirt blocks into lava using the Advanced Lava-Maker 2000 you just bought
sinks and bathtubs operational (well, they can be turned on and off, not actually usable) and toilets flushable. These are cosmetic and stupid, but they make the environment seem more alive.
NPCs use light switches.
asphalt platforms
fishing pole modifiers and modifiers made for summoner weapons instead of using magic modifiers
jungle mimic
Pillar Fountains - All of the water changed by these fountains glows in the pillar's respective color.
make wrench and wire cutter possible to hang on a weapon rack
combining the Frostpark boots/lightning boots with the Lava Waders/Obsidian Water Walking Boots would be perfect
something to place 9 blocks in 3x3 square
Stationary Portals - Like the portal gun portals, but placed as blocks, connected by wires and able to transport projectiles,item drops,mobs, etc.
banners from the crimson blood moon mobs such as goldfish, penguins, and bunnies. I was kind of disappointed by that when I tried to get the banners
granite and marble bosses
Equipment slot for the Wrench
put wings on mannequins
Rifle Scope and Sniper Scope doesnt work with Dart rifle and Dart pistol
it would be cool to have many existing decorative features have little custom animations when they're powered by wire. For example, jellyfish would jump out of their jellyfish jars, creatures would jump out of terrariums, sofa cushions would do little flips, dresser drawers would open.
Give the existing red, green and blue wires / wrenches a pattern so they can be distinguished
Support for colour-blind people
marble blocks drop from marble mobs
worlds should now spawn with both corruption and crimson chests in the dungeon
Fishing Pole and Summoner modifiers, because I saw in the 1.3 updates spoilers that it would be updated yet it wasn't
Wrench needs to be named Red Wrench
Cosmetic and/or Functional Changes to Furniture when Active. Steam rising from bathtubs, pendulums swinging for clocks, fairy dust twinkling around pearlwood furniture, blood dripping from shadewood, and so on.
An endgame equivalent to the Arkhalis
endgame additions for throwing weapons and bombs
Make wings appear on char selection <3 (flying mode)
ability to sit in chairs and lay in beds
A complete list of key+click bindings in game so people actually know all the controls

Team Blocks: basically are blocks that just a respective team can pass trough.
Team Platforms: Only the respective team can stand on it
Both would require team-locking mechanism for servers.

the throwing "class" gets completely useless in hardmode
I read the suggestion/idea as "The throwing class should get a few more mid- and end-game weapons and armours"

An upgrade to the rod of discord that doesn't have the debuff. Server owners should be able to disable it/ make it use the chaos state debuff (or something similar) so as to nerf it in PvP
Maybe give it stronger chaos debuff when used by a player with PvP enabled?

When you're on this level (post-plantera) you have A LOT of coins so buying so much paint shouldn't be problem. BUT if we haven't got enough paint, we have to come back to the dye trader and it could be slightly frustrating. Also if you need more than 1 stack of paint (for huge builds) it takes more place in your inventory. so I think it should use paint like weapons use Endless Quiver/Endless Musket Pouch - infinitely. I mean you will paint blocks/walls, but paint will not be deleted from your inventory. And usage for Spectre Paint Roller and Spectre Paint Scrapper - you can right click on the wall to paint/delete paint from all walls in a room. Painting walls is stopped by blocks, doors, platforms, etc. even when walls are under them - to not let paint to go through walls. Also this funcionallity doesn't work on naturally generated walls (including Dungeon and Jungle Temple). And, of course - the limit of painting is player's screen, not +3 range (except right click of the Spectre Paint Roller and Spectre Paint Scrapper).
Either make the Timers recipes simpler, or have them as an item bought from the Mechanic, like in Mobile
make wire cheaper
timers easier to obtain
The mechanic should sell timers. Making anything advanced is a pain
ability to craft wires
Will become non-issue if the Wire bag gets implemented.
An accessory that increases the pickup range of wires, similar to how the Celestial Magnet works
A wire magnet
allow Building Potions and Brick Layer to affect wire placement speed. It takes forever to place wire as it is.
buff the placement speed of wires
Earlier Access to the Mechanic
Planter boxes give a slight boost to speed for the plant they were named after
An item that can block certain items from being picked up, like acorns, gel, shackles, spiky balls and other such useless stuff
Accessory that combines ruler and toolbox and toolbelt ( then can be combined with Architect Gizmo pack to create ultimate builder's gear)
a mechanist toolset (combination of every accesories that help with meassurement)
allow Water Candles to be toggled on/off
Buy able dart traps
command block
Would need a clever balancing mechanism to prevent cheating. Only spawnable by server command for one player, non-mineable and impossible to pick up?
I think it would be nice to see a creative mode.
Would need a clever balancing mechanism to prevent cheating. Purely-creative worlds from which nothing can be taken or brought into?
  • Make wires persist on/off states like in real life and Minecraft
    The decision about having the wires behave as they do in Terraria has been taken by Redigit a long time ago. A lot has been build upon foundations of that decision. Timers, mechanisms. Complex user-made stuff as well.

    I guess there was a reason to do it "the other way" than in Minecraft and than in real life, but nevertheless, it's totally unfeasible and impractical to change it now. Changing it now would either:

    a) require an unhuman amount of work-hours to make compatible with the old systems and is therefore not viable to do
    b) break everything we already know to do what we can see in real life and Minecraft and probably other games
  • How about an accesory that will automaticly place wires from point A to point B in the shortest way? This would not only solve a problem of "wireless wires" but would also make placing wires in long distances MUCH easier and faster.
    This would either need a "north-west" rule like in Minecraft (horrible "solution") or would be super-complicated to implement. Imagine a grid, how do you tell what is the shortest route between two points? If they're both on the same grid line, that's easy, but what if you have to connect, say "A1" to "B5". Do you go A1-A5, B5 or do you go A1, B1-B5? Would get even messier if the automated placing would have to avoid other wire of the same colour.
    Simpler and more feasible solutions (straight-line endpoints click-placing of wire) have been proposed.
  • "continuous" timer that sends a pulse every frame versus a timed interval
    New Pressure plates: So far a pressure plate activates or deactivates something, I think we should get one that only activates as long as somebody stands on it.
    switchback pressure plates which activate when stepped on and deactivate when stepped off of.
    change the switch and lever so that the switch operates as on/off and the lever is a pulse
    pressure plate that is active as long as it is being held down
    Pressure Plate which activates things like torches and doors just as long as you stand on it
    pressure plates that send sustained signals rather than toggled ones
    Most probably would make the game/servers super unstable and/or griefable. Imagine pumping lava from underworld to the top of the world with two pumps, some wire and one 1/60 timer.
  • A button that sends electricity for a short time
    An activator switch that works for a few seconds when triggered, and then turns back off.
    Look above for the previous answer. Remember that timers are a thing and there is no unique placeable block ("one per server" type). Thus, given some thought, a bunch of those in combination with some timers could be used for super griefing.
  • Pressure plate that works only when you stand on it
    That is how pressure plates work now (one pulse per touch). Unless you meant continuous pulse, then look above for the previous answer.
  • Death Block: When you touch this blocks means instant death:
    Griefer heaven.
  • Button. Like a switch, but only activates wires for a second or so.
    The wires work by pulses, as of 1.3? Buttons, pressure plates, levers, switches and timers all send a one-time "ON" pulse through the wires (timers repeat that signal).
  • Boulder generator
    I'm not sure this would be rejected outright, so I have included it here for the sake of completeness. Balancing such thing would be a nightmare, either would be useless or OP griefer/boss arena thing. Subject to devs' opinion.
  • digging-mining machines
    Gamebreaker. IMHO this would ruin the game.
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