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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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Didn't read everything, but what I read sounds amazing.

My Idea:
  1. A block that you can put on two sides when it's powered it stuns the enemy/player in between, like tesla coils (with a cooldown maybe). Made with gold and copper.
  2. A cage, you can capture and release enemys (a way to transport them (maybe something in this thread can help...)). Diffrent sizes (small, medium, large)
  3. A remote controller - a remote lever. Made with wire and a ruby and some iron/lead.
  4. A fan (or something like that) so you can push enemys away. Bought at the mechanic after the worm is defeated. And a stronger version after the steampunker arrives.
I think that's all. At least all I can think of now. :p
(Hope I could help and I believe this update will be awesome. :joy:)


IDK if anyone has put this yet, but it would be really cool to be able to connect chests with wires, then go to a single place (a terminal) in order to see all of the items in all of the chest. Kinda like the applied energistcs mod in minecraft, but for terraria.
I like this a lot, but I'd then want the interface improved so we can search/filter through items in the virtual "megachest".

And I'd want the virtual megachest to work with the quick deposit button and automatically put stuff in the right chest (or a right chest if there are multiple). As well as with the crafting interface of course.

Pencil Frog

((Expert?) Drop from Lunatic Cultist) Ancient Wrench - Places actual wire, hence the 'ancient' because all everyone wants is wireless wire... which makes total sense .-.
Oh, and maybe as an extra bonus, maybe it could be the mythical wrench that changes wire color upon right clicking in inventory...


Im not sure if this has been proposed yet, but a nice idea would be to add a wrench that places a set amount of wire in the direction you are pointing the mouse at (Eg 50 or 100 wires).
I like the way you think :)
First. A way to dye lights and liquids (as you can see in my post here and in my signature).

Second. Improvements to Minecarts and new things like Magnetic Tracks, in which you can place tracks vertically and also upside down (makin' roller coasters will become a lot of times funnier). (a post to the idea here, with some other improvements).

Third. Upside down furniture and mechanic triggers, giving people freedom to create adventure maps that uses the gravity globe.

Fourth. Improvements to the Portal Gun, making you able to teleport even on a mount or in minecart.

Fifth. A way to place two blocks on the same block space (50% of each), to make sloping and block transition a lot of times more natural. Mining the block will drop both blocks, first one then the other, or both at the same time.

Sixth. Target dummies activating wiring system when attacked.

Seventh. Improvement to Timers, make them remember if it was turned on when the player logged off, so it can still be on when the player logs in again. (Also, more timers please... 1/2 second timer, 10 seconds timer)

That's all for now.


*** A power source who's on/off state is saved with the world. ***
Laser transmitters.
Laser receivers.
Solar panels (would activate wiring only during the day).
Hygrometer (would activate during rain).

Atomic Fail Hawk

Official Terrarian
Hello Terrarians and possibly game developers, I hope you read all of this long sucky comment and consider this to be in Terraria 1.3.1!

Teleporters should be connected by keycodes, so we don't have to drag along wires throughout the entire map. Another way to accomplish this is using the same wiring method, except creating a new item that would use a similar keycode in order to transfer wire signals to other components of the same item on the map, this is the preferred method.

- = wire (according to color) Yellow = Universal e.g. any color can be used
() = teleporter
[] = new item
_ = button
In between brackets are the keycode used

Teleporter keycode idea:
New: (these connect)
_-(pancakes) -(pancakes)-
(these don't connect)
_-(pancakes) -(happysac)-
New item idea:
_---[pancakes] will transfer wire signal to [pancakes]---
In use:
_-()---[A1] [A1]-----()
Extra function:
_-[A1] _-[A2] [A1]-[A2]----------()--[A3] [A3]--() "(the wire color used before wire transfer (red) must be present at other device in order to work)"
_-()-[A] [A]-()-_ "(portal works in both directions)"
[C]-()-_-[A] [A]-()-_--- --()-_--[C] "(teles with two/three different colored wires connected to them and a power source will teleport along the specific colored wire connected to said power source activated. For example: " [H]--()--_--[J] " any power from a tele going through H will teleport you to this teleporter, stepping on the button to the right of the tele will not be able to teleport back through H because they are not connected (different colored wires), stepping on the button will instead use the same tele, except teleport you to whichever tele is connected to J on the other side.)"

Q/A for possible problems with this system:
Q:What if there are three+ [new item]s with the same code and same colored wires connected to them?
A:The signal will travel through to every [new item] with the same keycode and wire color besides itself, giving opportunities for more efficient machines.

Q:What if the color of wire connected to a [new item] is different than another [new item] with the same keycode?
A:The signal would travel to the other [new item] and stop at any wires of different colors. If there are more than one color of wire traveling through a single[new item] with the same key code, then all signals from the different colors will travel through the [new item], and leaving in the correct wire colors matching those that went in.

Q:If there are many different [new items] with the same keycode all with power sources going through them, where would the power go?
A:There would be a maximum of 4-10 (if this is actually put in the game, I won't decide for you) [new items] with the same keycode to work at any given time. The power going through to another wire will simply continue to travel through it, there wouldn't be any real problem to this system.

Q:How will we be able to acquire this new item?
A:That's mostly up to the devs, but I suggest having to buy it from the mechanic for 2-5 gold (only in hardmode after beating Plantera), leveraging out the price of the extra wire that would normally be used to connect teleporters and long distance components of machinery.

Q:Why would this be an item that would be needed in the game? Why are you suggesting it?
A:Mostly because it would be cooler than doing what we do now, boring normal wires being super expensive and time consuming to set up. Also because it would open the doors to a gigantic list of new possibilities for creations we wouldn't be able to carry out until now because of space limitations and over-all laziness. Also, Gaben told me to. Shhh....

Q:What would you call the new item?
A:I personally would call it the Signal Transfer, or Wireless Receiver

Q: Do you think this will be added?
Q:Why not?
A:It's a complicated idea to carry out, and this comment is on the 41st page of comments... Not likely. It would be cool, though c:

Thanks for reading all of this extensively long and overly complicated list of ideas for Terraria. I hope these ideas will be added, at the very least considered in the 1.3.1 update. Anyway, I have to go to bed now, so bye c:

Insanely Default

Isn't it taken from Minecraft?
guessing a mod
Target dummies activating wiring system when attacked.
sounds like should people should add buttons to a dummy to make a electric target dummy
Wireless transmitters
They transmit 40 blocks in a circle around them.

Wireless receivers
They receive wireless signals
they should have frequencies


I like a number of those ideas, but they all seem off topic.
Well, general ideas are allowable yes? Ideas could use fine tuning of course. Stuff like a missile mount seems thematically appropriate with the whole machine thing. Other suggestions were basically ideas to use up various ores and beef up the mid-game. Mostly just throwing these out and seeing if anything sticks.

Deceitful Echo

Wiring is one of my favorite things in any sandbox game. Whether it be Garry's Mod, Terraria, Starbound or other games, it is the apex of creativity and complexity. That being said, I feel that the current method of wiring is a bit clumsy and makes complicated machinery hard or impossible. A half measure seemed to have been added with the multi color wires to allow for more complexity, but I think it more of highlighted the flaws of the current method for me.

I would like to see a more direct wiring system where devices can be connected to each other rather than physical wires being placed (think Garry's Mod or Starbound). This allows for some unique options such as several input/output channels on each device (so say a lightbulb just has an in channel that can turn it on or off, while something like a GPS just has an output channel outputting the coordinates). Several channels allows for more complex items and devices to be created, while also reducing the strain of having to try to physically place wire down in ways such that they dont overlap. It also allows for multiple TYPES of information to be passed, rather than just binary on/off. (for example the GPS could output ints/doubles/floats in a vector or tuple). I think this is where garry's mod exels, you can really see creativity when you look at its wiring system and the crazy machinery people make with it.

Some awesome devices you could add with this new method of wiring:
  • A wiring tool: when you click on a wirable device, two channels pop up (input/output) that you can select and then go to the other device you want it to connect to (Left click on a channel links, right click clears any existing link)
  • GPS: outputs coordinates
  • Liquid Sensor: Outputs if the Tile is wet or not (you can make liquid specific versions of this i.e. lava sensor)
  • Clocks: outputs current time
  • Biome Sensor: outputs what biome it is in (could be in an int or string output)
  • Motion Detector: Outputs if motion is detected across the path it senses (could have specialized versions for projectiles, players, Town NPC's, vehicles, and monsters)
  • Signs: Input contains the string it will display, outputs the string
  • Traps, Lights, Doors, etc: Inputs on/off
  • Constants: Outputs a constant of any type
  • Anti Griefing Shield: a device that can be turned on/off and has inputs for the size of the box around it in which all tiles cannot be modified
  • Gates: now this is where you can put some spice in!
    • Logic Gates (if-else, or, and, not, nor, etc)
    • Math Gates (+, -, /, *, ^, log)
    • Conversion Gates (decompose vectors, compose vectors, char->int, etc)
    • Comparison Gates (>, <, <=, >=, ==)
    • Lots of stuff can be made here to make things convenient, It is possible to make many gates with more simple binary gates, but it takes forever
I love wiring in Terraria, dont get me wrong, but it can be hard to make things fit and makes some things impossible as it limits the amount of things it can be connected to (in different systems) due to the size of the object. It would be really interesting if moving pieces were in Terraria, but that seems like a far off dream. You could also add in machinery that digs down over time, or builds up blocks around itself, but that is also less a tool and more a specific item.

Master Geass

Sixth. Target dummies activating wiring system when attacked.
I love the idea. Maybe now all the dummies, but you could craft a that version by adding a wire or plate to the recipe or by using the dummy itself as a material with the extra item. There should also be a cool down for when it can trigger again as some weapons to multiple hits with one attack.

You should add robots.
Crafted from 12 hallowed bars and 1 statue.
Deals damage and protects creator.
When powered it blows up and/or gets a buff.
I love this. Still there should be a limit to how many robots you can have at once.


The Destroyer
As for other stuff, I would like to see a hardmode version of Arkhalis; a sword that's slower than the pre-hardmode Arkhalis but has a larger range, and more DPS. To fit the Castlevania theme/reference, it would be droped off by a Giant Cursed Skull. Oh, I also have an idea for a unique drops from the celestial towers: Diana's sword from LoL that allows you to dash and pass through an enemy, damaging them in the process. To fit with the magical theme of the Nebula pillar, it would be the only sword that deals magic damage so Godly would be the best modifier. Then a gauss rifle or a rail gun from the vortex pillar that uses a fair amount of mana for its high base damage and penetration. Next would be Leona's sword from LoL :p that dropped by the solar pillar. It doesn't have any other effects but a unique flame debuff. For the stardust tower, I would like a staff that allows you to summon a stardust soldier that attacks enemies with a spear. The soldier functions like a turret so if you want to reposition him just left click on the next place where you want him to be. Kind of similar to Azir's sand soldiers, right?
Yeah, maybe add a magic ball that you throw at enemies and deal some magic damage, when it comes back it ignores enemy's armor. Sounds familiar?


Bit of a stretch because it's more a potion than much related to the mechanic, but dang it you have to buy the resources from her~! xD

Electrician Potion | Allows the sight of wire without needing a wire-triggered object or tool in hand. Pretty straightforward, illuminates wire similar to Spelunker Potions. I figure the recipe could be something like:

1x Blinkroot + 1x Daybloom + 1x Moonglow + 3x Wire + 1x Bottled Water

Neutral Effect

Bit of a stretch because it's more a potion than much related to the mechanic, but dang it you have to buy the resources from her~! xD

Electrician Potion | Allows the sight of wire without needing a wire-triggered object or tool in hand. Pretty straightforward, illuminates wire similar to Spelunker Potions. I figure the recipe could be something like:

1x Blinkroot + 1x Daybloom + 1x Moonglow + 3x Wire + 1x Bottled Water
I like this idea. Moonglow and Daybloom, though? A bit too expensive for thing that I'd use 24/7 :D
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