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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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More wire colours sounds awesome! Some more / new types of statues would be awesome as well, and the one thing that I want more than anything else would have to be wireless...wires. Like, if you're setting up two teleporters across the map, from the dungeon to the jungle for example, not having to place wires every single block in between.

Edit: Also, logic gates, like OR/Xor/AND gates, etc.

Maybe a statue that can 'drop' any item put on it, but only when activated by wires, for adventure maps and stuff.


  • Proximity sensors (maybe you need to buy something from the Cyborg and combine it with wire and Martian Conduit Plating to craft it)
  • Ability for timer state saved with the world file so if you shut down the world while a timer is on and bring it back up again, the timer stays on - this would be useful for home bases with fireworks displays. The reason I say ability is because maybe you wouldn't want some timers to stay on permanently, so maybe you could just have a recipe where you combine a timer with some gel to make a "sticky" timer that stays on when the world shuts down or something.
  • "Light" sensors like in Minecraft so you can have light sources turn on automatically at night
  • The ability to combine timers to make more than just 1/3/5 delays


More (Colored) wrenches and Colored Wrench Changes:
Wrench (Material)
Black Wrench
White Wrench
Yellow wrench
CHANGES: (I hope this is not already implemented, I don't think it is)
Mechanic now only sells blank wrench for the price of a Red Wrench. You craft any colored wrench by hand with a Wrench.
Old "Wrench" is now "Red Wrench." (Wrench doesn't feel like a word anymore...)

More (Non-colored) wrenches
Antlion Wrench:
Crafted with 5 Antlion Mandibles, 50 sand, and 1 Wrench.
Reaches 8 additional tiles, 25% faster placement speed. Uses up Sand Wire.
Shadow/Bloody Wrench:
Crafted with 12 Corrupt/Crimson bars, and a Wrench
Reaches 12 additional tiles, and 12% faster placement speed. Uses Evil Wire.
Holy Wrench:
Crafted with 12 Hallowed Bars and a Wrench
Reaches to the edge of the screen, and has 25% faster placement speed. Uses Holy Wire.
Lunar Wrench:
Crafted with 14 Luminite bars and 1 wrench.
Reaches to the edge of the screen and has a 30% faster movement speed. Uses holy/regular wire.
Ultimate Wrench:
Crafted with every wrench, colored and uncolored, and the material Wrench (Wrench)
Reaches to the edge of the screen and has a 75% faster placement speed. Uses any wire, and you can change it by right clicking it (It changes through the sprites, if that's possible)

More wires:
Sand wire: 40 sand, 200 wire - 200 Sand Wire - Used by Antlion Wrench and sends connections 10% faster
Evil Wire - Crafted with 1 crimson/corrupt bar, 100 wire - 100 Evil Wire - Used by Corrupt/Bloody Wrench - Used to make Evil Connections
Holy Wire - Crafted with 1 Hallow bar, 100 wire - 100 Holy Wire - Used by Holy Wrench - Used to make Holy Connections

More actuators:
Transporter - Crafted with 50 Actuators - Makes solid walls, but still actuated (They appear solid, but you can go through them)
One-way glass - Crafted with 50 actuators - Makes non-solid non-actuated walls (They appear nonsolid, but you can't go through them)

Evil Connections:
Evil switch - Works like regular switch, but gives you Shadow Dodge for 20 seconds. Works every 15 minutes (You can use it as much as you want, but you only get the buff every 15 minutes) - Crafted with 20 switches and 1 Crimson/corrupt bar - Makes 20.
Evil lever - Same as evil switch, but a lever. - Crafted with 20 levers and 1 crimson/corrupt bar - makes 20

Holy Connections:
Holy switch - Same as evil switch, but buffs you with lifeforce for 5 minutes and you can only use every 20 minutes - Crafted with 20 switches and 1 hallow bar - makes 20
Holy lever - Same as holy switch, but with levers - Crafted with 20 levers and 1 hallowed bar - Makes 20

Wireless Stamp
'Stamps in wireless transmitters'
Uses wire
When placed, a textbox (Similar to that of a sign, but smaller) that has 9 spaces. You then copy that into another one and they're connected.

Mechanic's Workbench
Sold from Mechanic for 2 gold.
Crafts all mechanical items except color wrenches.

You can now craft wire at a Mechanic's Workshop for 1 tin/copper - Makes 50.

...That's all I got. I'll copy this into my first post.


An alternative to wireless wiring: Increase the use time of the Wrenches so we can place wire faster!

Also, please undo the "fix" made to the statue activation points. It was such a cool, fun little technicality and it made me very sad to see it go.


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wireless teleporter would be nice, right click on it to see all wireless teleporters in your world.


Aw damn I forgot something. I'll edit this into my post

Mechanic's Workbench
Sold from Mechanic for 2 gold.
Crafts all mechanical items except color wrenches.

You can now craft wire at a Mechanic's Workshop for 1 tin/copper - Makes 50.


Oh, another idea. What if there was a silver wrench, and instead of consuming wires, it consumed silver coins instead? It would be convenient so you don't have to go to the mechanic if you need more wires, and it could work as a fourth wire color. (The silver wires would still be cut with a wire cutter, and each wire would drop the same amount of money used to place it)


How about a new fluid, since we missed out on getting a fourth one in 1.3? Pink-colored "Capacitance Gel" (made partly from Pink Gel, with other more late-game ingredients, Conductive Alien Goo from Martians perhaps) which can act as a conductor if wired. For instance, a switch with a wire extending into a pool of it, and on the other side of the pool, a wire extending out. Flipping the switch would allow the signal to travel through the gel to any other wires overlapping connected fluid. A good signal multiplier without loads of complicated wire networks.

Also emits light when a current passes through it, which lingers but slowly fades. (1-second timer should be able to keep it lit up permanently, 5-second would fade completely before cycling.) Players and mobs inside the fluid when a current passes through would be damaged. This would allow for safer and more controlled "lava moat" type constructions.

Not as viscous as honey, perhaps the same as lava. Wouldn't be pumpable I guess, since the conductive mechanics of the fluid would probably mess with the pumps, but being craftable to start with means you can always get more if you want it. (Recipe should be fairly generous in output.) Also, the first craftable fluid! Able to be picked back up via buckets, and for easy clean-up, should be able to be removed by the Super Absorbent Sponge.

No idea how it would interact with the other fluids. I'm assuming that the game isn't designed to allow fluids to actually touch long-term, which is why all fluid interactions form solid blocks? Maybe some aesthetically interesting or useful blocks could be formed from the interaction of Capacitance Gel with the other three.

Also of course, you should be able to fish in the gel. Maybe some crazy fish you can catch for crafting an Engineer Potion for faster/longer reach while laying wire or activating inputs, and maybe an Electric Eel which could be a new weapon as well as a tool that could signal wire directly, without a placed input like a switch or lever.

(Demolition Man reference too, and I know how much you guys love those. :p)
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Stereophonic Supah System- craft & wire up speakers, amplifyers, radio, and various other set pieces, and find random cassette tapes (yes, tapes, damn-it, old-school!) that are rare drops from mobs that would kinda replace music boxes, or at least enhance them. I'd roll a total disco-set up with that sweet system!


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Hmmm, I'm guessing if you guys are adding all that wiring and traps, then why not add a disruptor/EMP (Electro Magnet Pulse) to the wiring transmission to stop the mechanisms from working for a limited time? Even better, lets make it look funny:


This fella would disrupt enemy wire signals and prevents the mechanism from working for a limited time. He would explode into an electro ball that would do what I just said.

The way to get it is yours to choose:D.

This would add more competition when the enemy is using the new wires and traps.

May want to ask the creators of PVZ2 though.

P.S: Wiring and traps do need a weakness:p

Also a possible trap named "Undergorund Telsa" which shoots when a player/enemy is near.
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My wishlist, from the perspective of a level designer rather than a player. I don't mind seeing some of the more abuseable ones completely unavailable without an inventory editor, so long as level designers can make use of them.

  • Another vote for logic gates.
  • Related to the above, switches that have a specific on/off state, rather than simply toggling the state of whatever it's attached to.
  • Anything that condenses the existing "engines" (bird, falling boulders, etc) into something more user-friendly.
  • A feature that would be great for adventure/RPG style maps would be a mechanism trigger that activates according to something happening in the environment. Examples include the nearby death of a certain monster or boss, reaching a certain time of day, a certain NPC spawning, or depositing X amount of money into the trigger. Obviously some sort of interface would need to be built for these more complex mechanisms.
  • More statues! In particular I'd like to see some more Hardmode enemy statues. In an ideal world I'd like to be able to craft any mob statue out of stone blocks and the corresponding banner. Obviously all drops and event progression should be disabled for statue-spawned mobs.
  • More traps, and loosening the restriction on activation quantity/frequency. (I can see this getting shot down, since people would just abuse anything new for boss arenas.)
  • Not precisely related to wiring, but give the ability to craft/place walls that are legal for monster spawning, or apply the "monsters can spawn here" property to existing walls.
  • Endgame advanced tools for laying large amounts of wires- for example, a tool that when used once places a single wire, when used a second time places another wire and automatically draws a line of wires between the two points. (A two-dimensional version for painting would also be great!)
  • Special actuators that can disable/enable the special properties of blocks they're placed on- meteorites' burning, honey blocks' slowing, ice blocks' slipperiness, sand blocks' obeying gravity, water's impeding of movement, etc.
  • Give the ability to place pressure plates, teleporters, etc. on walls and ceilings.
- Many new traps to play with. Myself and others have given many suggestions on what to add.
- Bottomless wire bag
- An activator switch that works for a few seconds when triggered, and then turns back off.
- An accessory that sets blocks in the inactive state exactly as if Actuators had been used on them
- Allow traps like the Dart Trap and Flame Trap to face in vertical directions. Similarly, the Spear Trap to work horizontally.
- Tripwires which activate devices based on movement through them.
- Alternatively, wall-mounted pressure plates.
- New mob statues with wiring functionality. (Pixie Statue, Derpling Statue, Paladin Statue, etc), crafted using stone and mob banners at the Heavy Workbench.
- Allow statues to be placed upside down on the ceiling. That way things like hostile mobs would be able to be dropped on the player for things like arenas and adventure maps.
- A water wheel, which functions with the >on< input when liquids flow through it and an >off< input when idle.
- Solar panels with similar functionality based on light
- One of them plasma globes. Doesn't have anything to do with wiring, but they look neat.

> One more idea.
- Explosive grid
The way this one would work is you set two points in opposing corners of a box shape. Wire them together and activate them using your switch of choice. Everything within the parameters gets exploded.
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Hmmmm, wiring...

I can think of a couple things...

I would say that NPC's shouldn't be able to set off pressure plates, there's really no point in them being able to... They just set off traps and mess with active/inactive blocks.

Also, with active/inactive blocks it would be nice if, when inactive, the house would remain suitable, because my NPC's like to leave when the blocks are left inactive. It would be to a degree of course, such as a 20 block limit of inactive blocks for the house to remain suitable for NPC's to occupy.

Thank you


I believe adding item sorting will greatly expand the possibilities of mechanisms, as in the ability to move around items between different areas using mechanisms. Things like conveyor belts/item pipes, item collectors, a mechanism that pulls items out of chests, etc. Usually items are the first step in automation, and automation is usually the basis of complex systems and always fun.
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