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Official Get Wired For Terraria 1.3.1: Calling All Terrarian Mechanics!

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Oh my God. post this in the suggestions thread RIGHT NOW. WE NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111
LOL :dryadgrin: Okay, because some people have been begging for it and the thread has a few likes. I will add this to the suggestions. Where and under what part of the suggestions should this go? Player Suggestions > Blocks & Decorations maybe?

Gabe Puratekuta

Okay, I have refined my Rail idea for 1.3.1

Here are the parts.

Rails: Can be placed like an Actuator and allows Rail Wheels to move along them. (Horizontal, Vertical, Corner, Intersecting, and End piece of Rails)

Rail Wheel: Can be placed like an Actuator and is moved by Rail Motors. When a Rail Wheel is on an active Rail Motor it is pushed along the rail and takes any object with it that it is placed on. It will keep it's same speed until it hits another Rail Motor or reaches the end of the rail.

Rail Frames: Can be placed like an Actuator and it does not move by Rail Motors. When placed next to a Rail Wheel or other Frames, Rail Frames will connect to them and will be pulled with Rail Wheels that are moving. Also moves objects they are placed on.

(Connected Rail Frames)

Rail Motors: Can be placed like an Actuator and pushes Rail Wheels along Rails. Left-click with a Screw Driver to change directions.

Rail Motors set at different speeds. Right-click with a Screw Driver to change speeds. (The black one on the right is an inactive Motor.)

This system will let players make all crazy kinds of moving devices.

Here is an example of a basic moving platform that moves horizontally. (Wire View)


Simply place Rail Motors on the ends of the rails to move Rail Wheels back and forth from end to end. (I used Living Fire in place of Lava just because it's easier to place and remove)

For custom maps you can make things more interesting by starting the Motors turned off and placing a switch players must hit to turn the Motors on. (Wire View)


Or if you want to make it harder, don't use blocks or a platform. Make a moving rope they have to climb on. (Normal View)


(Wire View)

(Note that Frames move with the Wheel they are connected too and pull objects they are placed on.)

With this Rail system custom maps can also have new kinds of hazards. Like these "smashers" in the picture below. (Normal View)


(Wire View)

Place a Motor set on a slow speed at the bottom aimed up to make the blocks go up slowly, and place a Motor set at a fast speed aimed down to make the blocks drop down fast to smash players unfortunate to be caught under them. XD

They really need some kind of button that only activates things for 1 tick so we can make some cool elevators.

Press the button to activate the Motor at the bottom just for a sec to send the platform up. With it off after the platform is sent up, it will stop when you go back down and it hits the off Motor. (I just made a red dot on Light Switches to make a button.)

These are just some of the basics of what can be done with Rails. I know we will see custom maps with all crazy kinds of platforming puzzles and hazards.

(Normal View)


(Wire View)

Any questions? :dryadsmile:
You had me at "elevators"


And when I was a kid, I wished Santa Claus was real. I grew out of my kid dreams though.
Alright, I have no idea what I was thinking saying that they should be items. But I do think Terraria could do with something akin to Minecraft's creative mode. Probably a character type that's locked to single player or something. Also, there really should be SOME form of vanilla server moderation without the need of plugins. I'm really surprised that this hasn't ever been added to the base game. I mean, even something as simple as the ability to ban people hasn't made its way in as far as I know. Both of these things have effectively been done with mods and plugins respectively, so I don't see why they they couldn't be added to the game. But yeah, suggesting the "admin-only items..." The hell was I thinking? Honestly, that was... Not smart, to say the least.


Maybe you should addsome more trars underground and some different coloured wrenches!
[DOUBLEPOST=1441045123,1441044621][/DOUBLEPOST]Make mechanic's stuff a little bit cheaper...


Official Terrarian
About the last suggestion, light sensors. If they were to implement something like this, it would not work how you say. Terraria doesn't work with things "on" or "off". It works by things sending signals that flip the state of an object. So, if a day/night sensor was added, it would only flip the state once at dusk and one at dawn. If you wanted it to work the other way, you would just have to place the block with the object being activated in the opposite state.

Good point, I wasn't correctly applying Terraria wiring logic there. You're right, only one day/night sensor would be necessary regardless of whether you wanted to keep things on at night or on during the day.
Wired Doors
-Cannot be opened, and will only open when a signal is received
-Crafting Receipe is 1 Door of any kind, 4 Actuators, and 4 wires.
*Produces 1 Wired Door

Nothing against the rest, but I particularly like this part. Finally, secure doors without having to add ugly actuated blocks in front that throw off base designs and aesthetics. And since you can already make completely secure doors with actuated blocks anyway, it's by no means game-breaking.


I think we need a Mechanics Tab, like the Equipment tab. It should have a spot for each type of wrench (or how wrenches work could be redone), wire slots, clippers, etc. Then we should get a hotkey for mechanics mode where you can place and remove wires as well as blocks/items. Possibly this could just be a dedicated "build mode" and have spots for all sorts of building-related items/accs.
Just had a few great ideas.
1) Better lights. Lights that are bought from the mechanic (white or blank) and work like gemspark to change color. Crafted in a mechanic's workbench as I've seen in here.
Walls also light up and both count as a light source.
2) Better mining things. Automated Digger: made of 50 wire, a picksaw and a teleporter. Mines all blocks underneath, can be changed to dig specific blocks.
3) Other Things:
Infinite purse. Crafted with 3996 Silver Coins and a crystal ball. Infinite coin gun ammo.
Water collector. Made with 5 buckets and both inlet and outlet pumps IN WATER with a mechanic's workbench . Collects water infinitely when powered.
Mechanic also sell Electronic Bomb. Does 200 damage (doubled underwater), has a 9 square radius and doesn't break blocks UNLESS they are wire-y (My England longuge is grate :)). Good for Lizhard temples and multiplayer.
4) Hardmode Wrench/Wire Cutter. Made with a red Wrench/Wire Cutter, 20 pearlstone, 20 ebonstone and 10 souls of might. Places glowing wire (wire is luminous) and places twice as fast to the edge of the screen.
Thanks devs cannot wait :3 `:happy:


Hmm, this would help mechanics but also a lot of other stuff. Suppose an "alternate mode" button was added (or a forward/backward set), then you could have items with multiple functions that let you pick to just use one and the interface setup would be consistent. So a multicolor wrench or wrench/wirecutter is possible. Hammaxes that let you choose between just using the hammer or the ax too. Drills that mine multiple blocks at once (or let you go down to just one block), etc.


Yeah, I hope they make it so you can just right-click with a wrench to switch colors instead of making us carry around 4 wrenches. Also they should make wire cutters able to switch colors and it will only cut the color it is switched too, and switch to all colors if you want to remove everything.:dryadsmile:

Also That Man In The Corner the dye I had on my wisp in the screen shots was Red Acid Dye.
I'm sure any acid dye would look about the same. But if you were asking because you want your wisp to be barely visible so it doesn't block your view of anything. I tried out a few other dyes I had in my dye chest and Shadow Dye
works even better for hiding your wisp. You get both of them from Strange Plants.
Also That Man In The Corner the dye I had on my wisp in the screen shots was Red Acid Dye.
I'm sure any acid dye would look about the same. But if you were asking because you want your wisp to be barely visible so it doesn't block your view of anything. I tried out a few other dyes I had in my dye chest and Shadow Dye
works even better for hiding your wisp. You get both of them from Strange Plants.
Oh okay
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