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Get Your Mod Banners Here!


Dungeon Spirit
Blades Banners.jpg

Status: Open for business!
Time Estimated per Banner: Probably an Hour, give or take

Looking through the many mod threads here on the Terraria Forums, I notice that a lot of mods don't get the credit they deserve! A lot of mods have some great ideas and cool items, and it's only fair that these mods get the credit they deserve! So, introducing, the (un)official Banner creation thread!
What does this thread have to offer?
So, I want to help people with mods be noticed more. How? Sticking a banner in your signature always helps :p. So, I'm taking requests for banners!
Would you like a banner? Chock full of your enemies, mobs, items, biomes? Well, you've come to the right place (probably not, because I may or may not suck :D).
There are some rules, however:
- If I'm overwhelmed with requests, I may put a few on hold!
- I may ask for armor spritesheets and whatnot, to make the Banner more dynamic
- Credit is appreciated, but if you forget or don't really want to, that's cool too :p
- Hit me up in a private conversation or here on the thread with any specifications when it comes to size, background, enemies, mobs, etc.
- I may not be able to cater to every need, so I apologize
- I don't mind getting separate requests from the same user, but know your second or third request will not have as much priority as other people's first requests.

Here's what a finished product could look like (It'll be different for everyone)
Spirit Banner.jpg

@neoselket's Better Potions Mod!
@CaptainDeezGunz's Guns Mod!
@NikIsSick's Yoyo Mod!
Zocklukas' Mods Banner!
Zock Mods.png

Krookodile's RP Banner- The War of Three Tribes!
War o' 3 Tribes.png

Elerium Mod Banner!
Elerium Banner.png

Wiki Logo for the Enderium Mod!

Fargo's Mod!
Fargo's Mod.jpg

@BenGallegos' Recipes+ Mod

@AwesomePerson159's Terrexplosion Mod!

@SkullRay's Night and Crimson mod!
N and C banner.png

FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED! I'm definitely not the best at this, and I do spend time on this, so any constructive criticism is appreciated!

Well, thanks for reading! And as it says above, I'm open for business! Leave your requests down below, and I'll get to them ASAP! Hope you all have a nice day :)
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Hey, can you make a Wkia logo? Its just the word Enderuim Remastered and these two items on it

and one of these on it


Eye of Cthulhu
Could I request one for my mod? You can just start a conversation and I will upload sprites and tell you what to do with them in there :)


Skeletron Prime
Could you make one for my RP? It's name is the war of the three tribes. Can you have a goblin with a gun, a human with a sword, and a Lihizard with a staff? Oh and a cagey background would be nice, but anything would be fine.


Duke Fishron
Hey, Phoenix. Helloooo!
Could you do a support banner for my mod? I got an images:happy:

(Here is be name of mod)​
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