So first of all, my first post! :happy: But this one will be a short one. This is just a little tip for newer terrarians. It only works with a grappling hook, any type. the land will need to be at least 7 blocks of flat-land (unless your really good at this). To do this you shoot the grappling hook in front of you about seven blocks ahead while your running/jumping (jumping works better). when the hook starts pulling you in wait until it's almost pulled you all the way. When it's almost completely pulled, detach the grapple. You should get a large but short surge of speed. This works MUCH better with Hermes boots, cloud boots, and lightning boots. Maybe more that i can't remember) This is useful when trying to rush and or run from a boss or hard enemy. When you do this with speed boots on, you will instantly get max speed on your boots, if you keep running.

That's it! I hope you liked my first post!:happy:


I used to do this all the time and now it's just become a habit. I also double jump before using the grappling hook so it throws me further.
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