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Casual Giant Robot Poll

Master Geass

I am a long time fan of anime. I especially like giant robot anime like Gundam, Zoids, Code Geass, Big O, and others. A few years back I got into making online polls and made one for giant robots. I put in a number of questions and some of the answers where things from anime like weapons (Hadron Cannons from Code Geass) and power sources (GN Drive from Gundam 00). I also got ideas from western shows and movies. I have seen even more robots since I first made this poll.

I am thinking about making a new giant robot poll and would like some feedback from my first one. Do to the problems with editing a poll once it's launched I will be starting a whole new poll. I will be changing a few things and adding more questions and answers. For example the answers for "How big is it?" will be changed to the average size of the robots from different shows. The Gundams are fair bigger then the Arm Slaves from Full Metal Panic! If someone could find a link for a chart of the robot sizes that would help me out.

I will be reusing some of the old questions and I am open to suggestions for new options for them. Like new weapons for melee and ranged attacks. I will try to avoid using specific names of weapons that are similar. For example even though there are a few unique swords used by robots in different shows like the Starsaber from Transformers and Graviton Breaker from Gravion I will just be sticking to physical sword and energy sword. That said I will call them out by name if they are different enough from any other weapon. I am also open to rewording the old questions.

One new multiple choice question would be what is the general shape of the robot? Possible answers would be humanoid, animal, and insect. I am also considering breaking animal down to sub categories like mammal, birds, etc.

In short I am looking for new questions, new answers, and rewording old questions.

Alternatively you can also talk about your favorite giant robots and why you like them.

Here is the link to the original poll.
Giant Robot
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The Destroyer
It's not THAT big, and technically it's a mech (so not sure if it counts), but there's just something so crazy about it.


Official Terrarian
Golurk. Because when I found out that hunk of clay could Fly, he never left my team in White.

Hey, whadda mean he ain't a true giant robot? Hmph.


Let it be known that I cannot name a robot, because my poll one was named "Great Metalkaiser RX-Z". I didn't even intend for the multiple Mazinger references in that name at first.

I'm pretty into my Gundams, my favorite one being the Unicorn Gundam. Especially with the Full Armor. Can never put too much stuff on a really cool design. Especially shield gatling guns that are also funnels. And I have three Unicorn Gundam gunpla on my shelf, and I still want more...
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