Give whips and summons a secondary attack.


Not really satisfied with how whips turned out. So here are some showerthoughts improvements I thought of. Probably won't happen but what the heck.

Whip secondary attack

by using right click (left click remains for standard attack)

What it does:
it commands the minions to use their second attack

Cooldown: 30sec?

Range: full screen

Minion secondary attack

Activation: by using whip (secondary attack)

What it does:
Every minion will stop what it's doing and perform their secondary attack. Different minion will have different effects.

Sanguine Bats all attack the target (right clicked on) damaging it and healing the player - more bats = more damage done to target and more healing for the player.
Spiders will web up the target preventing movement - more spiders longer immoblization.
Enchanted Daggers reduce target's defense by 25 for each blade that hits for 6 sec - each blade will inflict it's own 6 sec debuff and their effects will stack.
Pirates will all raid the target causing it to drop a treasure chest - more pirates the better quality of the chest (and its loot)
... etc.

If a specific minion can't do the attack for whatever reason it ignores the command and continue doing what it was doing.

And if the devs can't think of anything for a specific minion ... just have the minions all do a coordinated attack on the target.

Cooldown: same as whip's secondary since it activated by the whip

Range: Depends on minion.
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I personally think the whips turned out just fine, they have a nice variety of effects and give summoners something else to do other than dodge and pray their minions hit the target.

Now, the special attack ideas themselves seem pretty cool... But I think it would be way too much to stuff into one class. A big improvement would just be to make minions have more variety than "some minions shoot, others ram enemies, some do both".
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