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Name: Hex

Gender: Male

Age (optional): 17

Appearance (Pictures or Description):

Species: Human

Personality: Practical, strategic and typically able to deal with situations indirectly.

Equipment/Weapons and armor: Indestructible quiver and bow.

Abilities: Capable of making himself and others silent and less easy to see, he can also fall from very high heights and take no damage. Dark vision for 50 meters.

Strengths: Sharpshooter, good at dodging, pretty fast.

Flaws: Low physical strength and weak to magic attacks.

Backstory (optional): Hex is a generic RPG ranger in a video-game. Later on, he figured out that he got experience points (EP) for killing things, so he killed as many creatures as possible. He goes rogue, killing many NPCs to gain experience, until he gets zapped out of his game into [INPUT LOCATION] by the heroes.

World description (not needed if it's a side character): A generic RPG world, similar to Final Fantasy 1. There is HP, MP and EP, HP is health, MP is mana and EP is experience. To get experience you kill things, like level 1 slimes or level 5 goblins. Time is 60X faster, so every day would be 24 minutes, and every 6 minutes there is a 1/5 chance for special weather.

Hex code: #2b5229

Main character (can affect what world it is, is the preferred type of character if you don't have one already) or a Side character (doesn't affect the world changing, you can't use it as much as a main character)?: Main
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I'm not sure if I said this here before, but in case I haven't: Esther is surprisingly tall for her age. If I did already mention it here, then yay, I'm stupid. If not, here you go.
Name: Cyle
Gender: Male
Appearance: A middle-aged man wearing glasses
Species: Unknown
Personality: Seemingly friendly but is a mask for something more ... strange
Equipment: A shotgun
Abilities: Chaos Magic
Strengths: he's really good with a shotgun
Weakness: occasionally loses sanity and becomes increasingly erratic
World description: Unknown
Hex Code: (don't know what this is)
Main Charecter
Another ULTRAKILL character. This one is actually very not overpowered

Name: The Ferryman

Gender: Male
Age (optional): ancient (unknown)

Appearance (Pictures or Description):

The ferryman is a blue skeleton, he’s held together by some unseen and weak magic. He wears golden ankle and wrist cuffs, alongside a shroud which covers his head and torso, he has a golden necklace which has a protruding crescent shape. He weilds a spear of what is presumably bone and metal, it’s very long and narrow, and incredibly sharp.

Species: Unkown, deceased and reanimated


Quiet, mute (or just doesn’t want to speak?) attentive, detached, passive, stealthy, cold and rather emotionless.

Equipment/Weapons and armor:

The metal bands can serve as armor against melee attacks, but nothing much for armor besides that.

A long metal studded spear of bone and wood.


Extreme agility

Light weight

Explosive magic (bursts of energy from spear slams and charges)

The ability to channel lighting to certain points using his spear if it’s thunder storming

Complete mastery of its weapon

Insanely intelligent


Melee combat


Logical thinking





Very unskilled with anything that isn’t it’s weapon

Mute (or just quiet..?)

Frail, not really any armor

Cold, distant, not easy to make friends with really.

Kinda creepy honestly

Backstory (optional):


The ferryman’s origin is unknown to anyone but itself. Those who have crossed it in their journey deep into hell have noted that it is very logical, even without seeing a face, they can tell it was analysing them, testing them. For some, he simply jumped away, and let pass, judging them worthy, for some, he fought, for some, he killed, for some, he lost. Through all this he learned, he learned the human race was prideful and driven by desire, that they would fight for something as worthless as fame or wealth, all fleeting. Then one day he saw the machine.

This machine was different than all the humans that had gone before. It couldn’t be read, it seemed to have only one motive, survival.

The ferryman knew it was to dangerous to be left alive.

He still failed to beat it anyways.

He still guards his boat, waiting until the end of time for those who attempted to pass through the wrath layer on their journey ever deeper into hell.

World description (not needed if it's a side character): In the ultrakill universe, the Ferryman resides on a large boat in the wraith layer of hell, he’s used to storms and hasn’t seen light in as long as he can remember. His time alone has caused him to grow distant from human nature.

Hex code: 036ffc

Main character (can affect what world it is, is the preferred type of character if you don't have one already) or a Side character (doesn't affect the world changing, you can't use it as much as a main character)?: The ferryman isn’t a side character, he’s just unimportant for the most part due to his detachment

And his theme

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