Texture Pack Goblin Tinkerer Resprite


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Makes the Goblin Tinkerer look more like the Goblin Scout.

My first texture pack, hope you enjoy :)

According to the in game sprite and lore, the Goblin Tinkerer had his ears cut off. I might make a second version of this pack, without his ears.

Update: Here it is!


  • Goblin Tinkerer Resprite.zip
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  • (Earless)Goblin Tinkerer Resprite.zip
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I consider it a bit rude that you think I need changing. The mechanic doesn't think say and that's what matters.
Haven't you realised that I look different from other goblins because I think differently from them?
As if your outfit and personality weren't enough to distinguish yourself differently from other goblins.
Regardless if the mechanic cares about your differentiated appearance or not, this texture pack was still created, so here we are.
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