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PC Good. Bad. I'm the Guy with the YoYo: The Terraria 1.3 Official Trailer

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The Warlocke

Skeletron Prime
Well,it's kinda quiet here now `:cry:
I guess there's only so many times a person can shout the word 'hype' before they realize they have nothing more to say... :nymph:

I'm really looking forward to all of the upgrades to the interface: Being able to sort your stuff into nearby chests; setting 'favorite' items so you don't accidentally click "deposit all" and dump your equipment; no fetching ingredients out of chests to make something, then ferrying the leftovers back to the chests...

Basically, I'm excited about this because it will mean I can spend a whole lot more time playing Terraria and less time managing Terraria. That's no small thing for the OCD peeps out there, I'm sure.
Now if only I could bind those other mouse buttons... fingers crossed.

Of course, the new monsters, NPC functions, events, and 800 or so items don't hurt, either (Meteorite Brick looks awesome).
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Interesting. Do either of you have anything backing it up? I'd be interested in seeing it. That alien creature on the right at 1:03 just looks so out of place in a desert.
Not really. I was watching Pedguin (and Hero, a little) stream their early access to 1.3 and Pedguin spent a fair amount in the Underground biome and it is VERY similar looking.

Lone Fighter

i watched HERO in his underground dessert biome and the similarity is uncanny between it and "hallow dessert" but yea... speculation.

Leonardo Turtle

Take a better look at 1:05 on the video...That is not the hallow, but there are souls of light. So as far as I can tell, yes, there is an alternate hallow.
There isn't. I can tell that from watching the 4 streams.
Besides, there is no reason to do it. People didn't show very positive feedback on alternate Corruption. Personally I would love both in my world. So I will do a something-something after release of 1.3
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