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Gravedigger's Shovel Should Be able to dig through leaves


I'd consider this a bug though it could I guess be a feature request.

According to the Gravedigger's Shovel tooltip this tool should "Only digs up soft tiles ", what is softer than leaves?

I noticed this digging underground in the jungle and being unable to dig through leaves of an underground tree. I makes sense this shovel should be able to dig all leaves including overworld big trees and underground jungle trees..


Staff member
This is not a bug, so I've moved it to the suggestions forum.
I don't think it makes sense for leaves at all, you wouldn't really use a shovel to clear leaves, and there isn't really any case where you'd need to dig through lots of leaves at once.


Ok, to you it doesn't make sense but if you've lived somewhere where in fall you get a lot of wet leaves on the ground you'd understand that shoveling them into a pile is more effective than raking them.

And gameplay wise shovels should be able to go through all soft tiles - like leaves.


I don't see the problem with not adding this, personally; it's an added convenience that kinda makes sense, even if a rake is the first thing people typically think to use outside of videos game.
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