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Gravity Core

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The underground can get quite dull, just continuously being the same collection of stone. So I'm back at it again to propose something to spice it up: The gravity core! The core in question appears randomly underground as a 2 blocks by 2 blocks glowing circle, looking similar to the projectile that comes out of a nebula arcanum, usually a few blocks above the ground. It functions as a background tile, and cannot be destroyed with anything less than a pickaxe axe.

This is where the fun begins. Right clicking this object will buff the player with flippable for 3 minutes. This buff allows them to flip gravity while touching blocks, like a gravity globe. However, the player also takes 50% more damage from enimies. This is a buff, so it can be canceled at any time. This would allow players to easily ascend or grab ores on the roof without having to block up all the time.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
Well, how does this compare with a normal Gravity Potion? Same duration, but you don't take more damage and you can get it before Hardmode. Honestly, I'd have the potions.
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