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Greatest acheivements in terraria!


Not sure if this is an achievement but one time i decided i was going to hollow out ny world. I got a third done before i lost interest. It was a large world just so you know


My greatest achievement would have to be being able to endlessly fight the Pumpkin Moon, even to the point where there is over 5 Pumpkings, just by using Beetle armor, All Warding accessories, a Mythical Rainbow Gun, and Legendary Vampire Knives.

If only I could pause the night to fight endlessly for massive amounts of loot...
Getting to Wave 15 on the Pumpkin Moon. Now, if only I could get to Wave 20 on the Frost Moon. Refuse to do that event as it killed all my NPCs... and they were at a depth of 0 pretty much on my map. I built there so they wouldn't get killed and that damn even killed most of them. Why do the presents that the Santank shoot persist even when the projectiles descend way past the point in which hostile NPCs despawn?


Duke Fishron
Finding a slime staff right after starting a new world, back then i diden`t even know how rare it was :joy: ( but now i really hate the 0.01% drop rate.... )


Staff member
Making an Ankh Shield and only trading for like two of the 9 ankh charm ingrediants.
My friend and I were farming for hours trying to get the nazar and bezoar. I irony is that I rarely even use the ankh shield now. :)

Other accomplishments:
- Getting back-to-back hallowed key molds.
- Getting the "corrupt 50%" achievement (I still need the hallow one)
- Getting the enchanted sword.
- Causing a chain reaction that got about 10-15 people to buy Terraria, all because I boasted about how awesome it was.

Mage Master

Skeletron Prime
My greatest achievement is getting all the items in the game up to 1.2 except the enchanted sword and some of the harder to get armors (so hard to find that enchanted sword). Killing all the bosses and getting to wave 15 in the pumpkin moon. I even have two rods of discords and the ankh charm without cheating. although I gave one rod of discord to my brother.


uhh... building the cast of Chrono Trigger is the only thing that comes to mind. Took me 2 weeks! Still haven't "beaten" Pumpkin Moon, but I've gotten to Wave 14? I think? With other people. It always lags out so bad the messages fail to load so who knows what happens after a certain point? It just becomes complete utter madness LOL
[DOUBLEPOST=1416965469][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh, before 1.2 came out I beat Eye of Cthulhu, Destroyer, The Twins, Skeletron Prime and Ocram all in one game-night! That felt bragworthy?
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