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    Howdy, folks. Been playing Terraria since before Hardmode was added. Got about 146 hours on Steam, finally got around to getting a melee build up to endgear equipment recently (although 4 solar eclipses and only 2 broken hero swords, so no Terra Blade yet). Haven't gone up against the Pumpkin or Frost moon events yet but that should come soon after I farm Fishron a little longer. Love the game.

    Aside from that, I've been studying games programming over the last couple of years, just finished my degree. Only really got into that to do audio for games, which is my main passion (I've got more qualifications in audio technology and production and I'm planning on studying for a Masters in Audio for Video Games next year). Can't start that until next September, though, so I've got plenty of free time to play and do other projects, at least until I get a job. If there's any modders out there who want any custom audio, though; hit me up, I could use the practice.